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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Life is full of surprises...

Ocean City, New Jersey
Photography by Janice Everett
Vintage photo-edit by Amanda Austin

Sometimes things in life appear larger than they actually are (and sometimes they are large).  So when you have that feeling of not knowing whether to take two steps back, or stay frozen in your tracks - it's in those moments, that you need to give thanks for the little things in life, for your family and friends, and those people that you know can be counted on - these are the things that will help you get back on track and moving in a forward direction.     

Life is definitely full of roads with twists and turns...some of which are harder to maneuver than others.  Whether you are dealing with personal, work, or health challenges...experiences that leave you shaking your head in confusion and disbelief...or the community wide challenges that call to your heart and have you praying for better days ahead - the important thing is to maintain a positive outlook and keep on living life.

When moving forward seems an impossible feat...take a moment to
Stop...Pause and BREATHE...

You know...just a little over a week ago - I was sitting in the 2nd story of a library in New Jersey - working from my Laptop on photos, submissions and deadlines, when the earthquake hit.  With the Chandeliers swinging, and books falling off shelves...and the Library employees shouting "everyone out" - we were only too happy to oblige.  I have to say I was shaking a lot longer than the ground was though!  Evidently the East Coast is still a very large connected plate deep in the earth, so experts say that's why many felt it as far away as New England/Canada and down through Georgia.  But what made this week even more unusual...is that the very next day after visiting a local Bead Store (part of a planned bead buying trip)...we were evacuated off the Barrier Islands.  We made it home in time to prepare for Irene and although we had some clean-up here in Maryland - we consider ourselves extremely fortunate - but many weren't.  So please keep all those still dealing with the aftermath of Irene and personal destruction in your prayers...they have many months and even a year or more with their rebuilding efforts.

Despite the setbacks though...life does carry on.  But often we need a little something to bring a smile to our face - chocolate, coffee, color & creativity are some of my favorites ;)!  And of course - Beads...for me, there is nothing like beautiful gemstones and beads to create jewelry to make me feel a little more secure and grounded.  Although I would have loved to spend more time shopping for "said" beads before we were evacuated off the Island...I felt lucky to have had a couple hours at Potomac Beads. 
If you didn't catch my first time visit to this particular store in Ocean City, NJ back in June...take a peek at our former posts!  They've been open for a little over a year and have an awesome selection of luscious gemstones, findings, Swarovski Crystals, unique beads and premium Czech glass beads.
This is the beautiful selection that came home with me

This trip was about purchasing the beads that called to me...the ones that I had to touch and hold.  It was not about matching up colors, referring to my design sketches or following a set shopping list generated after researching the upcoming fashion and colors trends (which by the way...see the beautiful Pantone Color Palette for Fall below)...

This was about - as I said - purchasing based on my emotional attachments.  Ironically - if you look close through the clear protective bags of beads...you'll see many of these Pantone Fall colors competing for my attention!  And double ironically, by my shopping from the heart...the designs I create will just happen to be "in fashion"

With that last thought...I'm heading back to the design table to finish up a batch of special orders for jewelry and tiles/charms.  NEXT week...I'll begin sharing some Teasers for the new Fall Collection and sneak peeks for the Winter!  For now - if you're in the States - enjoy your long holiday weekend and have a safe and happy Labor Day tomorrow!


  1. I really liked reading that. Thank you.

  2. Very nice, Janice.
    Love your heart, love your photos...and love you!!

  3. Dedicated to all those going through some difficult times <3 - keep plugging a long and stay focused on the positive things...

    Glad you enjoyed the read Andria :)

    Julie - love your heart, photos and YOU too <3

  4. Ahhhh, Janice, your posts are always beautiful and full of wisdom that feeds the soul. Thank you!


  5. Awww thanks so much for letting me know with your touching words Jennifer - much appreciate <3

  6. Janice that is a beautiful blog post. It is so true that life can come up and change our plans, our dreams and sometimes our lives forever.
    I am just about to post a new blog and stumbled upon yours and wanted to tell you it means a lot to me. I am glad you are safe and all the happenings of this summer didn't ruin your wonderful trip with your family.

  7. Amen to that! Although we didn't have power for five days we escaped relatively scott free as we had no damage to the house or ourselves. My heart goes out to those that did esp all the devastation in Vermont! XOXO


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