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Friday, January 27, 2012


"Snowflake Fantasy" Batik Resist Watercolor by JLynn

Word is right!  Between the weather...and a variety of other things that I will refrain from mentioning here - the word, "WORD" comes to mind.  This phrase was a very popular one back in the 80s...and seems to have survived a number of decades ~ you can even find it in Urban Dictionary with the definition of "well said", "I agree", an exclamation of surprise as in "That is unbelievable but I believe you", or even a simple greeting replacement for "What's Up"...
  • So if I were to say..."Today it's January 27th here in Maryland.  It is almost 60 degrees and we are having a Thunderstorm" - you would go "WORD Janice!"
  • And if I were to say "Hey all my fantastic, friends, customers, and fans...how are you all today?"  You might say "WORD up J"
  • Or...if I said "Kindess and Love go a long way...but if you don't have anything positive or nice to say, then silence and keyless is best" - you would hopefully say "WORD!!!"

Well - I'm a fanatic about words, phrases, kindness, inspiration, colors, music, quotes and more.  And I'm driven to spread the positive parts about being what my friend Jenn J./Souls Fire Designs would call...a "Pollyanna" at heart...because I love sharing positive thoughts through a variety of art mediums and social places (like here, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.) and expressing the good things through creativity in my Art (Watercolor, Acrylics, Altered Art, Digital) and my Jewelry and Designer Components.  So this year - every few weeks or so...I will be highlighting a WORD here on my Blog - a real word that is.  One that will hopefully make you think, and inspire you in good ways.  

"Chickadee Frost" ~ Acrylic Painting by JLynn

"Woodland Beauty" - Watercolor & Pen/Ink

"Seeing Red" - Watercolor by JLynn

In case you couldn't guess...my theme for this post - the "Beauty of Winter in Nature".  SO...therefore since the beauty of snow and winter inspire me - I had to conjure up and create some things that reminded me of all the beauty of those special winter days...because they never fail to inspire by simply taking moments to "watch" the little things...a Cardinal, the bare tree limbs, the frozen water, a snowflake...it just refreshes me and allows that sense of peace and happiness to invade my heart, body, and mind - AND subsequently brought to mind a special WORD.  You see during the month of January, like a good number of other people I know...it's a time to regroup...a time to organize...a time to get a grip on life and maybe come up with some good intentions.  For me - this year is about finding a better balance between my to-do's in both aspects of my life....personal/family and business.  So the word I've chosen for however long you want to think about it, is: 
"Serenity Falls" - Watercolor & Pen/Ink

"Balance" aside from the feeling of equilibrium that keeps us upright...
Balance is also a state in which two forces of equal strength/importance cancel each other out to maintain stability.  In "harmony" terms...Balance is a state in which various part form a whole and nothing is out of proporation, or unduly emphasized at the expense of the rest (compliments of Bing Dictionary)

In simple terms...
and these are my WORDs...

You need BALANCE in your life in order to be happy...
and in my opinion, the three most important things in life are:
Love, Health & Wisdom
without which, it would be hard to function and be successful...

That means...maintaining a healthy BALANCE between your:
Relationships, Activities, and Work
It's not easy...but it's worth the effort to be healthy and not stressed...
(ummm...this would also apply to the common sense guidelines for posting and time spent on those social networks such as Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest...)

So remember...
as always...
my wish for you to...

Hope you enjoyed this moment...and continue to Believe, Hope & Dream in your little corner of the world.  Check in over the weekend to hear my funny story of my Designer Highlight with Bead Trends...and how I got from there to here ;)
Happy Friday!

P.S.  If you haven't joined me on PINTEREST...here's your personal invite - we have lots of fun things planned and even have a couple group boards to share some of our Customer's designs they have made with our ART tiles


  1. WORD to my Pollyanna sister! <3 Fantastic post, leaving me very contemplative. I definitely struggle to find balance in my life. But the last week or so I've been taking more time away from the screen and more time working on other things... it has been a bit odd, but definitely a good thing!

  2. Great post Janice! Beautiful paintings - especially love "Seeing Red". Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful weekend :)

  3. Hey my Pollyanna Sister Jenn :) - thanks for the kudos! Contemplative and definitely a battle of wills limiting your computer time some days...but I have to say when I do limit the social aspects, I seem to have a much more productive and well rounded day and it usually brightens the spirits to find that balance again <3

  4. Hi Karen - Thanks for those compliments! I've been painting for a long time - but Watercolor is probably my favorite medium...it's so smooth and soothing. Hope you have a wonderful weekend too!


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