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Saturday, March 24, 2012

JLynn News! Challenges & more...

Crocus from my Front Garden - such sweetness...

March here in Maryland never came in as a Lion...and I think we skipped the Lamb part too - because with 82 degree temperatures in March - wool is definitely not necessary!  This pretty photo is a picture of my Crocus blooms in the front yard....if you've been following me you'll know these were somewhat of a surprise because we totally tore out our old garden and relandscaped the front - these had been removed but somehow - a few must have survived and grace us with the beauty of their delicate presence. 

This weekend, I'm in the middle of several projects...submission designs, Challenge designs, learning PhotoShop, and finally catching up on my hundreds of items to list (I mean that in the literal sense...over 300 tiles and probably 100 or so of jewelry pieces).  Yesterday and the day before were productive!  I counted ~80 new listings added to the store (some of which have already sold this weekend).  If you are a Facebook fan and a Blog Follower - feel free to use my unadvertised coupon code of SPRING10 to receive 10% off your entire order.

I have some exciting new to share with regard to my tiles...actually several things - but the first is that a group of my little lovelies have been highlighted in the Artisan Showcase in the Spring edition (April/May) of Step by Step Wire!  We are excited and honored to have been chosen for one of the first times this national magazine is doing this!  It's a lot of fun because most of the time you see JLynnJewels tiles published it is either with my own jewelry designs or one of our loyal customers - so to have them as a "stand-alone" highlight was a big surprise for such little things ;) - look for this fun publication on your newstand (you'll find us on pages 13 and 56)...

Have you been wondering when the next JLynnJewels ART Tile Challenge is...well all I can say is our last one was a HUGE success and we had a fabulous mix of designers from our starting newbies/hobbyists to our "oldies" this past summer 2011 - it was a lot of fun seeing what everyone came up with utilizing similar tiles.  We were hoping to host another one in the Fall - however, I lost my Sister in early November and simply needed a little healing time... 

The best part about this challenge is that so many of my participants from this became close friends - and I take such great pleasure in being able to see all their lovely designs as they create them throughout the year (regardless of whether they have my tiles or not lol). 

Anywhoo - all I can say is STAY TUNED...
Our SPRING 2012 Designer ART Tile Challenge is-a-coming (details SOON)!  But WAIT!  I could use your opinions as I finalize a few things...so would love to hear what you would want to play with in terms of themes, colors, tiles styles and shapes...who knows...if you're persuasive enough - you may just inspire me to change my mind on the entire set-up!  I'm kind of torn between a few "designer sets"...

These are actually embossed with many different
pyrographic tools in my own Kaleidoscope Patterns


The MIX-UP!!
A selection of coordinating images on a variety of tile shapes


The latest...our new "MINI" Wood ART Tile Links!
1/2" x 3/4" in size - these are super for
Earrings or Bracelet/Necklace "Links"


For those of you that like to have just a little fun every couple of weeks...you can take part in my PHOTO & COLOR Designer Inspirational challenges - these are very informal and really just an exercise in playing with colors, textures and design details.  You can vote on our current one...PINK BLUSH in our Facebook Fan page (just read the details on voting - it's really easy!  CLICK on the picture to be taken to our Facebook PHOTO album for our entries for this one).

AND....if you'd like to have a little fun for our next informal SANDBOX CREATIVITY Challenge - click on the picture below for the "GROOVY GREENS" Event board.  This is where you can leave comments and upload your photos - and I will take care of getting them all in the Facebook Album for Voting :)

Also...I am pleased to announce that I am part of Sally Russick's Colors of Spring Blog Hop coming up on March 31st...look below to see what I'm currently playing with for the Blog Hop :)

It's "Cabaret" Time!
This is my lovely mix I get to play with...
Beautiful ceramic beads - three of which are "crackled"
I can't wait to share what I create :)

Well - that's all for now...need to get back to "stuff" - but please (pretty please) share your opinions and thoughts on our SPRING 2012 Designer ART Tile Challenge!

Have a great rest of the night...!


  1. You are busy! Super Duper congrats on your magazine Highlight!! I love your new embossed tiles, especially those teal ones up above! Amazing how much you accomplish!

  2. Congratulations on being highlighted in the magazine. All of your tiles are so pretty it is hard to choose, but I will try. Umm I choose The Mix-Up I like that there are different shapes and that you can make several items with the pieces. I am also taking part in the Colors of Spring Blog Hop, so I will see you at the Hop!

  3. I saw your beautiful tiles in the Wire Magazine!! That's fantastic!!
    Thank you for posting about the Colors of Spring Hop!!! I'm so excited about it and can't wait to see what you make!


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