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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Call me an ARTful Progressionist!

Romance & Roses...
 from ~JLynnPictureART~
So what exactly is an Artful Progressionist? 
Well let's start with the definition for "Progressive" which means
 "Happening or developing gradually in stages.  Proceeding step by step"
And the word Artful?
That means "performed with or showing art or skill"
So an Artful Progressionist is someone that...
~ Believes in sharing their art, skills and talents
~ Believes in making connections with people and projects
~ Believes in encouraging the art of Kindness and Love
~ Believes that these three things will make a huge difference
 in how we positively progress in life
Yes...this is me...
With that said, I'd like to formally introduce you to our newest progressive ART medium...
JLynnPictureART series
JLynnPictureART is actually a beautiful collection of my own Photography that I've spent a lot of time creating into ART prints to use in a variety of ways...decor products, notecards, prints to hang or craft with - as well as, my miniature ART Tiles for jewelry making.
For example...
This all started with a simple Daisy photo...
which I turned into a dreamy piece of artwork...
which then turned into an inspirational message print...
which will lead to a variety of products (notecards, mugs, notepads, totes, etc.)
And of course I can't forget - the creation of special limited edition ART Tiles
that eventally are created into Jewelry.
JLynnJewels with Fallen Angel Brass findings and Swarovski Crystals
This IS my Artful progression...with meaningful and connected creations
Coming soon...look for many more prints in the JLynnPictureART series...
Well my friends - time indeed does fly!  It's been a very long time since I've posted here on my blog - but that's how life is sometimes...we do the best we can with the time we have...and at times there are other things that take priority.  This past year for me included some sad and challenging times that put a lot of things into perspective - and also a good share of amazingly happy times.  Some would say there's no rhyme or reason to things going on - but I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason exactly when it's suppose to - and because it does, we learn more valuable life lessons if we are paying attention :)
So I leave you with this parting thought... 
Being an "Artful Progressionist" is pretty fun...but did you know I'm also a big-time optimist too?  Sure I have my moments of self pity - but it never lasts long lol.  And right now I'm thinking that 2013 is going to be a good year for positive changes - and I'm looking forward to continuing on making the connections...not only my creations but in the art of sharing to encourage and inspire others to find their own inner creative style.
Have a great day! 
P.S.  JLynn stands for Janice Lynn and yes, for the most part I go by Janice or JLynn - although a few people have called me Lynn lol - which I will anwer too ;)

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  1. Interesting and informative... thanks for sharing! Love your call to action... I wanted to know more! Sharing... from one like mind to another!


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