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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Day 2 of the Creative Time Project...
Monday 5/13/13
Focus is on "LAUGHTER & HOPE"

The first week of Creative Time is dedicated to fostering a positive mindframe, and to open up all the possibilities and inspirations available to you!
RECAP for Day 2...
The assignment for Day 2 was TWO part!  The first part was to focus on the things that make you LAUGH...which could have been a silly thin your pet or child does, maybe something funny you noticed while out in public...or maybe some memories that just get you giggling.  My family often refers to the silly things we do... "as putting a page in the book" - meaning that it will never be forgotten and will hold its place in history lol.  The goal for the day of course - was to be conscious of your laughter and the happiness it brings.
The second part was to jot down the things you HOPE for...taking into consideration the things that are important in your life - whether that's family, personal/professional goals, dreams - or even things you might be wishing for a loved one.  No rules - just write down as many as you want, as long as they are positive.

For me you ask?  Well let's just say I have had my fair share of "silly moments" - for instance...while blow drying my hair in my bathroom one morning (without my readers on mind you) - I thought I saw a pretty big spider under the cabinet ledge and I proceeded to make sure it did not make any more moves by using the only tool in my hand - yes the hair dryer.  When I calmed down enough to wonder if I did the deed...I gingerly put my glasses on - bent down and realized that my "pretty big spider" was actually a pretty big "dust-bunny" that had been attached to my throw rug...ummmm-hmmmmm - these types of things are part of my every-day life.  Unintentional humor that I could keep to myself - but you know - it gives a lot of people a good laugh ;)

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