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Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Vulnerable side...

To be easily hurt or harmed physically, mentally, or emotionally

We have all felt "vulnerable" at one time or another, but despite the negative context most associate with this word…it really can be an important positive trait to reinforce and rejoice in.  After all, to  feel, is to be vulnerable, and it's those feelings that help us connect with others, and in that process...we are more open to love, happiness, creativity and compassion.  It takes a LOT of courage to be vulnerable - and in my book it's a good thing.

Yes - vulnerability is a challenge.  You may find yourself unsure - or asking a variety of questions (does he/she like me, will they like what I created, did I do something wrong, why did they say that?)  Fact is, there will be times of uncertainty - times when those negative thoughts start creeping up on us - causing confusion, doubt, and making you feel sad and depressed - that's why you need a "plan of action" - along with some simple ideas to help you feel better. For those sensitive souls out there like me - there are definitely things that hurt.  Our choice is to ignore, run and hide or put things into perspective, and see the big picture in order to rise above it all.  Social media has pros/cons - the good is bringing people together and sharing - the bad…well there is lots of bullying and negative things circulating too.  In this regard…no matter who the target may be (a group, another person or myself), when I see someone that unfairly judges, criticizes, bullies, manipulates, or intentionally hurts others by utilizing Facebook tools in negative ways, it disappoints me. That's why it's important to do what's necessary to create that upward, positive spiral for your own well being.

As with everything in life - we need to find the balance between work, play, creativity, family, helping others, and yes - even computer time.  In our technical world, it really is a challenge to allow yourself to be vulnerable but in all the good ways that bring positive things into your life.  So here's some things to stay focused on the positives…

1.  Make it a point to "work on" your self worth…acknowledge your special talents - give yourself credit for all you do - feel good about who you are because you are special as many of your loved ones have told you (and yes, your fur-babies agree).  Vulnerability doesn't mean you need to deny your expressions or feelings - it simply means embracing it, to better express and recognize the good things in ourselves.

2.  Know what you value, have a sense of purpose, and try to see all the colors in between black and white.  All of these things are key in helping you cultivate a more open mind that is accepting of all kinds of people and experiences, so you can be confident in the art of being vulnerable.  If you like to write, keep a journal and jot things down as you think of them…it's a very soothing and relaxing thing to do.

3.  Keep the balance between work, play, relaxation, exercising, hobbies, creativity, reading and more.  When we maintain outside interests between family and being social (this includes your online social activity) it makes it so much easier to keep our feelings in check and stay on the positive side. 

What has helped me, is remembering to stay in touch with my own feelings…and to think.  I'm a believer that things happen for a reason and it usually has to do with a life lesson, a moment in passing time - one that I will get through.  So if circumstances leave you feeling like you're being picked on, unloved, or unwanted or any other type of self doubt - think of these three little tips as coming to your own rescue.   Support yourself, reassure yourself, and most importantly, LOVE yourself!  Remember, self-hugging is an important tool to possess :)  


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