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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Creative Chaos & Colorful Welcome to FALL!


Well...we still have a good month until we see the leaves, look like this (right now we are still predominately GREEN)...but the good news for those of us that like Fall - is that it's officially FALL!

But since I love all things Pumpkin...and love the beautiful scenery of the back roads on a fall day...and love going pumpkin picking...drinking pumpkin coffee from Dunkin Donuts...
(and yes - even paying a bit more to have those Dunkin Pumpkin K-cups at home too...)
it's safe to say - Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year (just wished it lasted a wee bit longer).

Fall also means 4th quarter madness...and the Creative Chaos in the Studio...
Too many design, woodburning and art thoughts...
not enough hours in the day...

This year, I'm adding a crazy new mix to my online sales venue...
I was accepted into the brand new category of Handmade at Amazon!
Which means you will find an intriguing mix of Artisan Jewelry & ART Tiles
on Amazon, Etsy, and my own Website soon 

For now I leave you with this jaw dropping picture...
Shown here...a photo of what my little work table in the Studio looks like
I call this "DOUBLE TROUBLE..."
You see, last night I didn't feel the love for cleaning up my design table, in order to complete a couple Tile Orders...so I opted to add another foam layer on top!

Not only are there a LOT of Artisan components and beads
 piled up and around my miniature work "area", 
but there are a good dozen or so of jewelry designs UNDERNEATH)...
And a hefty number of "prepped" Tiles on the TOP layer...
(that's a lot of Tiles I would like to woodburn this week lol)

Some could not work like this...But I can lol...
Just call it the blessings of having a "Squirrel" mind...
one that has an uncanny way of keeping track of all the acorns buried
 (so to speak...)

SO...here's what to expect in October...
Lots of New Jewelry & Tiles!
New ART Tiles in the Etsy Store
New Jewelry line in the Handmade at Amazon Storefront
(Grand Opening date TBA soon...)
As well as, our new Website (currently under construction).

Have a great rest of the week everyone!
Warmly, JLynn


  1. Wonderful to hear. Congratulation on making it to Amazon! I love everything pumpkin as well. My mom bought me some pumpkin spice creamer & pillsbury pumpkin cookies.

    1. Thanks Kathleen :) - looking forward to the "launch" - still have lots to do and get listed - but should open the store doors with a fair amount in there. I'm a big pumpkin lover - and those pillsbury pumpkin cookies are definitely yummy!


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