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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

What goes around - comes around, and comes back around lol!

Tribal Scrimshaw Woodburned ART Tiles

When I looked at my Blog - and saw my last post was June - I was like OOPs!  Let the ball drop on that - but fortunately it's a bouncy ball ;)

So the quick run-down...
Life is a rollercoaster - people and things change - we do Happy Dances and then are balling our eyes out - Fur Babies get sick - we get overwhelmed - someone left chewing gum in the pocket of their pants and it stuck to the inside of the dryer - are you in need of a vacation like I am - or maybe some devoted creative time with no interruptions?  Does that about sum it up for all of you?

Well - let's see...I don't like Rollercoasters (I did when I was younger) but not anymore.  I still love to do Happy Dances and still ball my eyes out for a variety of things.  Our little Maggie Moo (Dutch Bunny) is gravely ill - and we're not sure if she'll pull through or not - my son was the culprit of the gum episode (he's also going to be 28 this year lol).  AND time off for good behavior is coming in September for me (complete with creative time) :)

Which leads me to the creative new components for my Jewelry... and if you're part of any the Sales Groups on Facebook - you may catch one of my Showcases with my ART Tiles and other fun components for jewelry diy.  If not - join the JLynnJewels Circle (that's the Customer Group for Inspiration, Tips, Techniques and a quarterly Sale) and you'll always get a heads up before they happen.  So - here's the promised eye-candy and happenings from the Summer...
This was a snippet of some of the pieces that were sold in August - I've had a blast with doing some pre-orders for Fall ART Tiles - as well as creating a variety of Artisan Fused Glass (over 8 hours in the kiln to fuse and anneal) - if you paint...fusing is similar to painting - but just with little pieces of glass.  Next Showcase in the "Circle" will be in October (although I will have a 1-day Showcase in the Handmade Component Bazaar on 9/8 - and may do a Flash Sale in the JLynnJewelsCircle on the 15/16th) :)
These are the "Aged ART Tiles"
Snippets of my Watercolor Artwork, sealed on Antiqued and Crackled Brass
(general antiquing/crackling technique I was taught in the 90s)


Molten Metalwork
Shown in my Rustic Archaic Finish & Ombre Watercolor finish
(if you are familiar with a torch and like playing with fire in a controlled way...
there are so many different things you can create - these are copper & lead/nickel free solder melted to molten - then impressed and allowed to cool)


CraZy Color Dot ART Tiles
Wood-burned Hand-dyed and painted
with lots of tiny details
(doodling and relaxing by painting- life long thing) 

Tribal Scrimshaw Woodburned ART Tiles©
I've been woodburning since the 80s - but this
combined my love of painting with woodburning
in a very delicate and fine way.  

In the 80s...I actually loved to do wirework - so I brought back some of my 
favorite designs and components that coordinate with the ART Tiles

AND...more of my Artisan Fused Glass - this time petite Cabs
that I've paired up with distressed Brass Filigree pieces.

Well...creativity is part of life, and ever-evolving...

AND...Next on my list of to-do's is...
Revisiting my Polymer Clay days, Precious Metal Clays, and Enameling
It's funny but my husband is always like - OH so this is the new thing - what happened to the old thing (when discussing creative endeavors and mediums) - but then he adds - wait...the new thing, used to be an old thing, wasn't it??  And I'm like - it is the "new thing" now, but it's still connected to the old thing lol!  Of course I mean, what comes around - goes around - and then comes back around again (kind of like all the Musicians and Bands, that say, they are retiring...only to come back for a "come-back" tour) ;)

The beauty for me with creativity is that they REALLY are, all connected - through colors and expressing oneself through a variety of "Art" forms.  Of course I do admit to feeling a little like a beautifully aged relic, when considering how many things I've "retired" myself - only to bring them out to play again, while making the old - new but with a little contemporary twist!

With that my friends - I leave you - as my Creative Muse is calling me...until the next time - have a wonderful upcoming Holiday weekend and stay safe!
Warmly, J-Lynn

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