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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mardi-Gras Fun!

Figured I'd let you have a glimpse of our crazy household today...and to be honest I'm not sure why - and I'm equally not sure how I missed the Mardi-Gras pre-celebration this past weekend either as I'm usually on top of things that are cause for an impromptu celebration!  However - today it's official...I didn't miss a thing - it's Mardi-Gras AND FAT TUESDAY :) - as if I need a reason to eat something rich and full of calories?  Especially with St. Patrick's Day next week?  And especially since my daughter works in our local Shoprite Bakery and talked me into purchasing a loaf of this amazing Fresh Baked Soda Bread AND the imported Irish Butter to go along with it???  Yes - I do think I'm at least partially prepared for this fine Fat Tuesday Day LOL!  But I'm going to need to take time to prepare some more things...


Party-Gras...yes I'm also visually prepared because I LOVE colorful glass...this picture shows just one of my collections of mini-vases on a window ledge and although you can't see them - there is also Hand blown glass ornaments (the big Friendship style balls) hanging in each window and a variety of stained glass pieces in the windows.  And of course who doesn't need a little Red Tinsel Shaker in their lives???

"Baby you're a FIREWORK"
Our Red Shaker has gotten a lot of mileage (my daughter who will be 17 soon and dances competitively was given this at a recent dance competition - the dance show sponsors were throwing these up high to Katy Perry's Firework song)...my husband and I have a lot of fun taking turns shaking this while singing the Fireworks song REALLY LOUD - our best rendition was the morning after the competition when she just came down the steps after waking up ;)!  And we are still contemplating taking it with us to the grocery store where she works and singing really loud there too.  We are a tad crazy...but like to have fun!

Well - time is ticking (pun intended)...so I'm going to leave you with another colorful visual...my Furnace Bead Dangle charm style Watch :)

Well - I'm off to get some fun jewelry pieces created and possibly play with a little fire (as in torching lampwork beads in my studio) - wishing everyone a FUN and colorful day AND no matter what your age...take 3 minutes of your time and listen to "Dancing in the Streets" with my boys Mick & David from 1985 - and just so you know...that's the year I graduated from College LOL...I'm starting to feel very vintage in a good way :)

Have a good Dancing in the Streets type of Mardi-Gras day!

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