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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Day 2 of the Creative Time Project...
Monday 5/13/13
Focus is on "LAUGHTER & HOPE"

The first week of Creative Time is dedicated to fostering a positive mindframe, and to open up all the possibilities and inspirations available to you!
RECAP for Day 2...
The assignment for Day 2 was TWO part!  The first part was to focus on the things that make you LAUGH...which could have been a silly thin your pet or child does, maybe something funny you noticed while out in public...or maybe some memories that just get you giggling.  My family often refers to the silly things we do... "as putting a page in the book" - meaning that it will never be forgotten and will hold its place in history lol.  The goal for the day of course - was to be conscious of your laughter and the happiness it brings.
The second part was to jot down the things you HOPE for...taking into consideration the things that are important in your life - whether that's family, personal/professional goals, dreams - or even things you might be wishing for a loved one.  No rules - just write down as many as you want, as long as they are positive.

For me you ask?  Well let's just say I have had my fair share of "silly moments" - for instance...while blow drying my hair in my bathroom one morning (without my readers on mind you) - I thought I saw a pretty big spider under the cabinet ledge and I proceeded to make sure it did not make any more moves by using the only tool in my hand - yes the hair dryer.  When I calmed down enough to wonder if I did the deed...I gingerly put my glasses on - bent down and realized that my "pretty big spider" was actually a pretty big "dust-bunny" that had been attached to my throw rug...ummmm-hmmmmm - these types of things are part of my every-day life.  Unintentional humor that I could keep to myself - but you know - it gives a lot of people a good laugh ;)

The JLynnJewels Matchstick ART Tiles you see above, are available in the 2" x 1/2" size shown - and also the new "Lil' Sis" size, 1 1/2 x 1/2" - if you don't see what you're looking for in the JLynnJewels ETSY Store  - please contact us for a custom order (all ART Tiles are custom made specifically for you, and can be created in any pattern, theme, size or shape.  (Note...The JLynnJewels Matchstick ART Tiles are a copyrighted name-brand & product of JLynnJewels - copyright infringements are monitored, addressed, and cannot be used without JLynnJewels written consent ).

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Creative Time Project & Day 1 Picture Book!

Creative Time...
Ideas to loosen up to and encourage your Creativity
Focus on the positive things in your life
Move forward with a purpose
Sharing of Tips & Techniques
Give-Aways and Specials!
For me, Creative Time is a yearly Spring into Summer event - it's a time when I take a step back, reassess life, my goals, and the projects I'm currently working on, as well as considering working on.  The bottom line is that I always want to make sure I'm creating from the heart, with meaning and a purpose.  If it's not done from the heart...well - it's not worth doing it my book.  Sharing from the heart is what has brought me to where I am ~ and it guides me to where I'm going...forward.  So I hope you'll join me in my month long refresher - as some of the things I do, may very well help you too in being more relaxed, reducing that stress, changing your focus to a more positive and forward thinking style - while loosening you up to be creative in your own way :) - each day, there will be something to focus on and do...the first week is about creating a positive mindframe and to appreciate all that you have in your life.
DAY 1...Find something to smile about!
Mother's Day started my personal project.  No matter if you're a Mom or not - EVERYONE can benefit by placing all the to-do's temporarily aside to get out and become one with nature and simply take time to enjoy the beautiful things around you, that so many often take for granted.  The assignment for the day was to simply remember the things that you love and make you smile. 
So, please enjoy the following photographs I took while on a "family outing" to a local Topiary Garden (22 acres of beautiful gardens, trees, open areas, and more).  These are just a few of the things that inspire me and make me smile.  (Note:  JLynnPictureArts is an offspring of JLynnJewels - and it includes my Photography, Prints, and Digital ARTwork).
I love the romantic look of these majestic beauties...
 Next stop...the Rose Garden (still awaiting for the blooms)...
but sure made you anticipate the things yet to come - so I'm just
sharing ONE small detail from this garden...this beautiful Brick and Iron gate!
Wondering what's on the other side???
Here's a little peek...
Around one corner, not far from what I call Wisteria Dreams...
we found this...so pretty!
The Pink & White Gardens were full of blooms

And before you ask...
Yes - these are all photographs I have taken...
and YES, they are all natural with NO editing
The lighting was truly amazing this day... 

Just another snippet of some of the pretty scenery in the Yellow Garden...
The soft small leaf groundcover, always looks to be so touchable and soft...
I always refer to this as "Fairy Grass" - because of that light and airy look
especially with all the Ferns and little places to secret yourself away.
The Stone Walkway was so serene...

The Tea Garden was a special favorite...

The Iris Garden had a few blooming...
absolutely loved this one as in the sun it looked exactly like
crinkled purple satin - simply amazing...
And this photo is one of my magical moments...
The sunbeams (yes they are natural!), the breeze,
the smells, the colors - just made me feel so very happy! 
It was if there was a tiny fairy that was sprinkling magic dust
and whispering to me "Remember this Moment"

And as we worked our way back up to where we started, we came across two pretty places...

This relaxing trio - two weathered and wooden chairs, along with this
this amazing bench with a wood carving dedication and the scripture from Matthew 11:28
"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest"
which can be seen at the base of the bench...

And a small Lily Pad pond with a special guest... 
Well - that's my recap from DAY 1 of my Creative Journey.
It was such a lovely day to get out and play and the memories
from this day are something that I believe I will remember for the rest of my life.
So many things that made me smile...
So many things that made me appreciate all the little things even more...
And so many things to inspire me in my creative endeavors -
whether that's my Artwork, my Jewelry or my ART Tiles
Hopefully sharing some of these photos made you smile too :)
Look for Recaps of Day 2 and Day 3 coming up soon...

Monday, May 13, 2013


A special thank you to everyone that participated...
Growing a creative business is not an easy thing - so need to say how much I truly appreciate all of your comments, and social shares/likes, messages and feedback!
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Thursday, May 9, 2013


That moment that everyone seems to love...

Not exactly sure how one year got by me so fast...but it did!  Actually I'm not sure where the last 25 years have gone lol - as this year is the magic "Half-Century" mark for me.  If you know me - you know numbers are not a big deal - they are just numbers after all, and in the scope of life - they really don't matter too much in terms of your personal value as a human being...or what you define as personal success.  Well - I suppose the only exception might be...if it's your numbers on the winning lottery ticket...lol!  Anyways, although I will be turning the big 5-0 in August - I really don't feel "old" - and actually I think each year you add, well - life just keeps getting more impressive!  Especially when you look back over the years, and contemplate all you've learned - and then - in the next moment, looking toward the future with thoughts of all that you've yet to learn in this ever-changing world.  LIFE - with all the daily intricacies is pretty darn impressive if you ask me...

For those that know me - you know I do not pick "images" or create "Art" without heart and soul - there is ALWAYS a meaning behind my creations.  The "INTRICACY" series is no different - as for me, it symbolizes life...all those little daily details, patterns and colors that entwine together to create one moment in time...that connects to the next day - the next month, and the years.  So whenever you see something from my "Intricacy" series - I want you to think about LIFE - and all the good things you're reminded of!  Everyday there is always something to appreciate :)

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THANK YOU My Lovelies :)
Have a wonderful week and have fun celebrating your Moms!

  Happy thoughts from my garden of Dahlias :)

Thursday, May 2, 2013


Details, details, details...

Sometimes - the details get lost
Other times...the details are crystal clear
Somewhere in the middle...is this thing we call life...
Oops - last time I blogged was in February.  No excuses - no apologies...
You know...a normal first quarter for me business wise, usually involves taking a little bit of TLC time for myself, catching up on things around the house, and then making plans for the business.   But NOPE...didn't happen this year, mainly because it's been non-stop-on-the-go between my personal life, family and of course, the business.  Like many others, our family has had our share of "stuff" (including some injuries, surgeries and sicknesses).  So with the ever growing list of to-do's, many things just had to be shoved to those back burners (yes, I can feel the nods of your heads because it's something that we all go through at some point in our lives).  Phewww...and now we are into May...proving once again, that time...really does fly.

The above Lily Photo (and the Rose Photo underneath this paragraph) were taken with my iPhone (it's really amazing the power in this little piece of equipment), while waiting for my Mom to get out of surgery in mid-April.  I know...most people didn't even know my Mom was having surgery - so I'm happy to say that after a long day in recovery, she made it to her own room by 7pm and was a good girl, so was released and able to come home the very next day. The surgery was for her Carotid Artery and gave her a very long incision with 10 staples down the side of her neck.  However, two weeks later...staples have been removed and she is doing well :)
So still curious about the details I was referring to?  Well - the most important detail for me, is that family comes first.  No matter what - when push comes to shove...that's the bottom line.  So when I saw this one tiny, little floral arrangement tucked in a corner on the reception desk at the hospital (something that most people would not take the time to look at twice - maybe thinking it insignificant...) - I on the other hand kept staring at it.  It was filled with so many individual details...from the individual flowers and stems, to the leaves and filler - all coming together to form one beautiful thing.  As I sat there thinking, I was reminded that in many ways, the floral arrangement represents life, because it evokes so many different emotions - especially if you take the time to examine and appreciate all the little details.  So for me, Florals have always represented life - and how we choose to live it.  After all, like choosing the color and types of flowers to create a floral arrangement - if you compare that to every day living, we are the ones that have the ability to choose where to focus our attention and what to put in our lives. That fact alone, never fails to calm my racing thoughts, reduce the stress, and center me - bringing back that much needed balance and perspective into my life. 
Life for me, is one long series of details - both good and bad, stressful and happy.  Yet, everything pales in comparison to love, friendship, and family...they are the things that make all those little things come together to create the big living picture.  You know...it's not about the "stuff" - but those intangible things and moments in time - those are the "details" I will always treasure most.
SO - I leave you with my random life thoughts today, and will save my creative and business tips for another post.  You see inspiration comes from many places and things - so my best advice to anyone that will listen - is to open up your eyes, slow your pace down and appreciate all the little things before they pass you by...
With that thought in mind - I'd like to invite you to my "CREATIVITY TIME"
a special month long "sharing" project for all of us!  What is it about?  It will include...
  • Random Blog Posts here
  • Posts, pictures, Albums and tips on our Facebook page at J-Lynn Jewels 
  • Pinterest "Pin Challenge"
  • CREATIVITY CHALLENGE - entitled "Whatever Floats your Boat" - that will encompass a variety of Jewelry, Art, and Craft mediums (in other words, it's not all about jewelry lol).
  • Creativity Time BLOG Hop Party (late June or July...date tba) 
During this month long creative project, I will be sharing a bit more behind the scenes, my thought process (fair warning I do have a habit of flittering from one project to another...) - as well as, creative tips, some recipes, a variety of tutorials - and many ways to encourage taking time to explore all those little DETAILS in order to create some memorable times for yourself!
Be Creative and have fun this weekend!  Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts, or if you have a fun idea or special request for our month long "Creative Time" project!