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Sunday, January 18, 2015

New Year & Changes for JLynnJewels

Just stopping in to officially post my first Hello for the New Year…hope you had a lovely holiday season - we sure did!  Still awaiting our first "significant snowfall" here in Maryland (although we did have a tiny storm that gifted us with ~4" of pretty, white, fluffy snow…but it didn't last long).  In my book, it's not truly Winter until we have that one "big" storm - and since January doesn't appear to be cooperating with the temperatures and snow forecast…I'm sure hoping that February will!

So the changes for me?  I'm excited!  They are coming, and outlined below...

The first two weeks of January have been busy with un-decorating from Christmas, cleaning, organizing, and of course doing all the end of year paperwork and inventory for the business.  For me, it's also the time of year that I reflect about the past year, analyze numbers, jot down thoughts, and make what I call a "Creative Plan" outline for the year.   Looking back on last year, I had a lot of creative goals…but when the ART Tile portion of my business took on a life of its own, all of those projects and plans were put on hold.  Which mind you, is a good thing financially for contributing to paying all the bills…but not such a good thing for maintaining a healthy balance in all areas of my life.  For some reason, the word "no" was not a big word in my vocabulary last year, and as a result, I really wore myself out.

Now I truly LOVE creating my ART Tiles, but not at the quantity and rate I made them in 2014.  I don't know the exact number of Tiles I created, but it far exceeds what I thought I was ever capable of doing.  Hence, the need for personal and business changes in 2015, so I don't burn myself out :)

Decoupaging, Painting and Wood burning are all things I've been doing for a very long time (dating back to the 80s and 90s).  But it wasn't until 2010, when I wanted to incorporate my own Artwork (watercolor paintings, drawings, and my own photography), that I started combining all three of these skills into what is now known as my ART Tiles.  As all Artisans know, it's hard to predict how well received a new design or component will be…or how much one will personally struggle with going out of their comfort zone to confront their own fears…before they fully allow their own vision to be their guiding source and strength.  For me, my little miniature pieces of Art came to life with my revamped, vintage Florentine style of decoupage, with images on both sides and wood burned bevel edges.  It is definitely a time consuming process - and is much more involved than my Craft Decoupage for Jewelry Making Tutorial that has been published quite a few times in a variety of magazines and websites.

So this year, my ART Tile creation will continue, 
but in a much more focused way. 
In doing so, I hope to find a better balance between the Personal, Artisan, and Business sides of my life.  Plus, with time dedicated to starting new creative projects, I will have more opportunities to share, educate, and inspire others.  

 So what can you expect in 2015?
Lots of good stuff!  :)

*More One-of-a-Kind Limited Edition Tiles*

*Monthly ART Tile Updates with New Patterns, Colors & Shapes*

*Monthly Shop Updates (Etsy & JLynnJewels.com)*
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*Bi-Weekly Jewelry Updates with new Earrings, Bracelets and/or Necklaces

*Monthly Highlights of fellow Artisans and Designers

*Monthly Tutorials*
(this will include building skills, tips, and designs)

JLYNNJEWELS MAIN WEBSITE - http://www.JLynnJewels.com
Will be "Under Construction" as we update the new store front with better navigation and update content.  

Our Informational Areas will remain up & running during this time (Jewelry Tips, Gemstone Lore, Jewelry Cleaning Tips, Tutorials Press, and more)

(I have limited time…which means limited posts in your Feeds)
Hence no worries of us being a Newsfeed Hog - so we hope you will 

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*Returning in 2015…*
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Thank you so much for your continued support and being a Cheerleader for these upcoming changes :)  Looking forward to adding interest to the things I share this year!