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JLynn has been in the Art, Craft & Jewelry industry for over 30 years ~ promoting creativity through Education and Media. As a published designer, JLynn is known for her detailed, colorful Jewelry, unique Altered ART Wood Tiles, and Artwork. Online since 2004, a former eBay Power Seller, and currently on Artfire and Etsy. Family, Art, Nature and Kaleidoscopes are her biggest inspirations

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year with new thoughts, hopes and wishes :)

Wishing you all the best things in the New Year!

Time ticks on…the pages turn on the calendar.  This year has been filled with lots of things - as I'm sure yours has been too!  So as I prepare to welcome in the New Year, it is with many beautiful memories that have come before it - and I give thanks for all the time I've been given in this life.

I suppose this is where I might blog a bit about my plans, my thoughts, my hopes and wishes for the New Year as they pertain to my family, life, and business…but like any good book - sometimes we need to wait before the page is turned…

So as think about the sand, gently sliding down into the bottom of the hour glass - only to be turned over again - it is with excitement and anticipation.  I've always been one that fondly remembers the past but always looking forward to the NEXT…

Love transcends all time…make it count in all ways…

Sending out much love and good thoughts at this special transitioning of time - Happy New (and old) Year (s)!
Hugs, Janice (aka JLynn)

Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Vulnerable side...

To be easily hurt or harmed physically, mentally, or emotionally

We have all felt "vulnerable" at one time or another, but despite the negative context most associate with this word…it really can be an important positive trait to reinforce and rejoice in.  After all, to  feel, is to be vulnerable, and it's those feelings that help us connect with others, and in that process...we are more open to love, happiness, creativity and compassion.  It takes a LOT of courage to be vulnerable - and in my book it's a good thing.

Yes - vulnerability is a challenge.  You may find yourself unsure - or asking a variety of questions (does he/she like me, will they like what I created, did I do something wrong, why did they say that?)  Fact is, there will be times of uncertainty - times when those negative thoughts start creeping up on us - causing confusion, doubt, and making you feel sad and depressed - that's why you need a "plan of action" - along with some simple ideas to help you feel better. For those sensitive souls out there like me - there are definitely things that hurt.  Our choice is to ignore, run and hide or put things into perspective, and see the big picture in order to rise above it all.  Social media has pros/cons - the good is bringing people together and sharing - the bad…well there is lots of bullying and negative things circulating too.  In this regard…no matter who the target may be (a group, another person or myself), when I see someone that unfairly judges, criticizes, bullies, manipulates, or intentionally hurts others by utilizing Facebook tools in negative ways, it disappoints me. That's why it's important to do what's necessary to create that upward, positive spiral for your own well being.

As with everything in life - we need to find the balance between work, play, creativity, family, helping others, and yes - even computer time.  In our technical world, it really is a challenge to allow yourself to be vulnerable but in all the good ways that bring positive things into your life.  So here's some things to stay focused on the positives…

1.  Make it a point to "work on" your self worth…acknowledge your special talents - give yourself credit for all you do - feel good about who you are because you are special as many of your loved ones have told you (and yes, your fur-babies agree).  Vulnerability doesn't mean you need to deny your expressions or feelings - it simply means embracing it, to better express and recognize the good things in ourselves.

2.  Know what you value, have a sense of purpose, and try to see all the colors in between black and white.  All of these things are key in helping you cultivate a more open mind that is accepting of all kinds of people and experiences, so you can be confident in the art of being vulnerable.  If you like to write, keep a journal and jot things down as you think of them…it's a very soothing and relaxing thing to do.

3.  Keep the balance between work, play, relaxation, exercising, hobbies, creativity, reading and more.  When we maintain outside interests between family and being social (this includes your online social activity) it makes it so much easier to keep our feelings in check and stay on the positive side. 

What has helped me, is remembering to stay in touch with my own feelings…and to think.  I'm a believer that things happen for a reason and it usually has to do with a life lesson, a moment in passing time - one that I will get through.  So if circumstances leave you feeling like you're being picked on, unloved, or unwanted or any other type of self doubt - think of these three little tips as coming to your own rescue.   Support yourself, reassure yourself, and most importantly, LOVE yourself!  Remember, self-hugging is an important tool to possess :)  


Saturday, August 31, 2013

Changes...from Summer Sunshine to Autumn Leaves

Love Knots...

It has been a long time since I've made time to simply "write" from the heart, and say some things that have been on the mind.  With the last rays of Sunshine, the long Labor Day weekend, and the unofficial end of Summer, I thought it appropriate to share.  Love Knots...the necklace shown above - was published in the now retired "Bead Trends" magazine during the Summer of 2012.  It was created with a lot of heart, and thoughts of Summer.  It also symbolized that time in everyone's life when you need to dig in deep, keep the faith, hope for the best, and trust that you will be able to handle anything that comes your way. 

Stuff happens...
As I sit writing this blog post on my Mac, my very loved Dell laptop is sitting in the garbage can next to me...she made a valiant effort to keep up, but succumbed to electronic heaven this past week.  Yes, I had backups - but it was still a sad day considering I've nursed her back to health a couple of times.  So if you own a computer, you have probably been where I am right now, and can relate to my choices...
  • #1 - Use my son's old laptop (Windows/Vista) - unfortunately, listening to the sounds of it, I'm thinking it might last a few months...
  • #2 - purchase a new Laptop (would need to save a few more pennies and allocate savings funds that are tagged for my upcoming dental work)...
  • #3 - adapt and learn some new programs while trying to convert ALL of my files over to my Mac... 

Well - after a couple days of thinking, Choice #3 is the one that ultimately matched up with where I'm at.  Honestly, it's kind of scary and more than a little overwhelming thinking about making a major technical change before the "busy" time - but I'm going for it!  I'm not one to shy away from change - no matter how challenging it may be...

When I think of changes - I think about the path I've walked...one that's been filled with a wonderful mix and variety of things in my career and everyday life.    I have been blessed with lots of good times - and have also had my share of tough times too - but no matter what...Kindness and Love have always been a part of it all.  No-one knows what the future holds - but with every tick of the clock, I do know that having an open mind and a willingness to try new methods, have been key for me, when it comes to dealing with changes and "going with the flow."

Dahlias that I photographed from my front yard...

I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, and typically bring forth some form of needed change to our lives.  The quote above is one of my favorites...so when I'm feeling less than my typical happy self - I remember the words, and realize that all of our experiences blend together, to lead us to that better place of understanding and compassion. Whether you choose to see the negative or the positive in any situation, your personal success will always be based on your perspective, focus in life, and how you react to things.  So make it count on the positive side!    

The "Winds of Change" are hard to pinpoint because sometimes they are so subtle...and simply appear like a gentle breeze on a sunny day.  Such has been the case with me throughout my life.  Many people are opposed to changes - but for me - I welcome and embrace them mainly because they have always brought new happiness into my life.  In just the last 10 years, time has gone by so fast...and I have no doubt that the next 10 or whatever time I have left on this beautiful earth...will go by even faster.  When I look back to 2001...my kids were in Elementary and Middle Schools...and now they are Adults.  My son graduated from College a year ago (currently working as an Assistant Manager while he still continues to hunt for a job in his field - Computer/Information Systems) and my daughter...she is in her second year of College majoring in Forensic Accounting and minoring in Management (along with obtaining her Master degree on a fast track).  It's mind boggling to see just how fast the changes have come for them, and knowing that they don't even realize just how fast their lives are moving too...because afterall, when I was in my 20's,  I thought I had all the time in the world lol.  

Life is full of surprises and we are constantly "growing" - and in some ways, we are all like Perennials - needing a little "rejuvenation" time in between the blooms.  For the last five years, I've recognized a progressive change for myself when it comes to combining my work, creative needs, and finding the  balance.  At this point in my life, it would be easy to fall back on my tried and true successes (such as a full-time return to Wholesale and Trade Shows); however, I'm one that is sensitive to those inner voices and needs to explore my creativity.  Embracing change is not without risk - but for me, the sense of accomplishment and new experiences far outweighs the worry.  So begins a new phase for me...

Emotional Tides...
A bracelet that signified my struggles of acceptance and love,
 during the months leading up to my Sister's promotion to heaven/November 2011

You see, no matter what paths we find ourselves on - the point is to keep moving forward.  It's as simple and complex as that.  Difficult and challenging, or happy and easy going - it's the old "Onward Ho"!   After losing my Sister (she was only 55), things changed for me.  I saw things a little differently, and realized how very fragile life is.  Health issues can be very challenging...and every family has their share of them.  Our family is no different ~ and this year...my husband ruptured a lower disk in his back in January...in April my Mother needed surgery on her Carotid Artery...in early June, I became temporarily blind in one eye (similar to watching the curtain close or a shade being pulled across your eye...and then total and complete darkness with no sense of control or feeling) - and at the end of July, my daughter had an accident at work, which caused a complete lacerated upper eyelid, Scratched Cornea and cut in the eye.  I share these things because I think it's important to remember that a little bit of Teddy Bear TLC along with the "Onward Ho" type of attitude is often the best way to get through the tough times so that you can be thankful for the healing progress and all the little positive things in your life.  Guardian Angels are sweet - and fortunately, my husband healed with two months of Physical Therapy - my Mother made it through her Surgery with flying colors (she was 90% blocked).  For me, my vision returned and all preliminary testing is showing normal - still have a few more tests they want to run - but for now, we are hoping that the TIA was simply caused by a piece of plaque behind the Retina.  For my daughter - she was fortunate to have a surgeon in our County that could do the layered procedure in putting her eyelid back together.  She continues to heal and goes back for additional eye vision tests and checkup on how the tissue/scar is healing in another month or so - but we are all extremely thankful and grateful...two very powerful words... 

Being positive and hopeful - that's what I strive to be.  Creativity helps me with that too - whether it's through my Jewelry, Art Tiles, Photography or Painting - it's a soothing and calming process that allows me to tell the stories of my life, and express all the emotions trapped inside.  So to all my fellow creative Artisans out there (no matter what skill level you're at) - if you're allowing your inner thoughts to shine through in the things you touch and create...it's a good thing!  Be brave and don't allow anyone to dull your shine, bully you, or dictate what you can or can't create.  Surround yourself with positive people that uplift, support and encourage.  You are special and unique - and whether you choose to acknowledge it or not - what you say and what you create (emotionally and physically) are special and unique too.  

FALL will bring some changes for me...
Personal and Business wise - but all positive! 
Look for a return to my ART roots...including Miniature Paintings in Watercolor, 
Acrylics, Inks, Drawings, Photography & Digital Artwork

ART Tile and Jewelry NEWs...
Custom Orders will be available on our regular website at:  JLynnJewels.com
Ready-to-ship ART Tiles & Jewelry will be offered in our ETSY stores at:

Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!

Monday, August 19, 2013

The Chosen ONE!

LOVE to host informal Creative Challenges - and I'm working on doing these a little more often! 
This particular challenge was inspired by Peacocks...specifically the colors shown above.  The only rules for anyone that wanted to join us - were to use at last 2 colors and simply post a picture - and HAVE FUN!  Yes - I'm awarding one prize - nothing biggie - just a little "something" to the creation that simply made me go WOW...or oh, oh, oh - I LOVE that!
Well - to be honest - I'm so stinkin' objective, and have a tendency to simply love all that take the time to have a little fun and post their creations, that it makes it hard to just pick ONE...!  Here's our participants this time around...but let me start out with an inspirational share submitted by Jan...this amazing cake!  Talk about detail and color (and no she did not try to pass this off as her own creation lol).
And here are the designs in no particular order :)
Lisa Lodge - pretty Butterfly & Flower Earrings!
These made me feel happy as soon as I saw them...Aloha indeed!   Beautiful Polymer Clay beads accented with Butterfly charms and a little silk ribbon texture
Helen Bowen - Peacock Statement Necklace!  I simply adore linked chains and I know this would look fabulous with a fun summer outfit - great design that can be dressed up with a pretty silk cami and jacket...or a White T-shirt and Jeans!
Paula Schmidt - Two variations in necklaces...both beautiful - one with a lighter more delicate feel to it...and the other incorporating a variety of beads for a more chunkier and substantial look!
  Jan Williams - Beautiful gemstone single strand Necklace...
such a rich and elegant feel to this one - with beautiful colors that catch the light! 
Darla Buhler - Such a sweet Cluster that really popped with our color combo!
Great Choker style Necklace that would be a great accent to wear with a V-Neck Shirt

Tonya Busby - always love her intricate combination and selection of beads
 - beautiful use of colors, bead sizes and variations!
WELL...I bet you're wondering who I picked lol...I'll get to that in a bit, but first...I thought I would share my design ideas in motion (so to speak)...
With many Tile Orders processed the past two weeks, I worked right up until yesterday finishing them all up - so didn't have the time I wanted to design...however I did go through my bead stash and have a lot of future design ideas brewing...some of which are being "pondered" here...
And if you're wondering about those colorful, geometric earrings at the bottom?
Can you guess what they were upcycled from???
A Belly-Dancer's Chain Belt!
I call them "Belly-Up" - hard to see in the photo...but these are actually lightweight enameled brass pieces that I will be accenting with
 Fallen Angel Brass findings, Copper chain, Swarovski Crystals
 and tiny ceramic rounds from Karen of Starry Road Studio.
Currently - lot of works-in-progress :)
It never ceases to inspire me...
with these fun Creative Challenges - it's like someone granting you permission to "play" and experiment with all the endless possibilities...
No telling what new designs will come to be!
Well - it's that time!  Here's the ONE...
The ONE I chose...and trust me, it was HARD...
Kristy's Earrings were really talking up a storm to me!
I can't tell you the number of times that I came back to look at her photo to simply admire and sigh.  Between the organic wire wrapping, and her blending of bead sizes and of course "color"...these earrings were the "ONE" this time around!  AS the "chosen" one ;) - Kristy will receive a free ART Tile of her choice
Keep in mind that our Etsy store is in vacation mode while I take a little time off to play in the sun, get creative, design jewelry, and of course...add all the new FALL ART Tiles to our Etsy store over the next three weeks!
Look for our re-opening of JLynnJewels the first week of September...
Look for the GRAND OPENING of our JLynnARTJewelry Store!
HAVE FUN during the last couple weeks of summer...

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

PINTEREST Jewelry "PIN-up"winner!

Join our PINTEREST Jewelry Designer Group
dedicated to all those who design for fun or profit
with our specialty ART Tiles!
Each month you have the opportunity to showcase your designs in a group setting that is shared on a variety of social media, including Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!
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sharing your jewelry design created with our ART Tiles!
The PIN-up Winner for the month of June is
Jen Fletcher of JensFancy on Etsy
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and Jen on Facebook at...

Jen receives a $5.00 Gift Certificate to our Etsy store
 and a surprise mini-ART tile charm :)
JOIN us...
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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

SUMMERTIME Color Challenge Results!

Background on how the Challenge came to be...
Over Memorial Day, my family and I did something that we hardly ever do...
we went on a REAL vacation - to the Outerbanks of NC.  There were bills to pay, things we were worrying about - but we decided to put a good portion of our tax refund back into "us" - giving us a chance to get away and relax...
We chose the Outerbanks, because when my husband and I were first married - we actually lived in Kitty Hawk - and I worked in Duck (apprenticing in an Artisan Ocean Jewelry Store).  Aside from having a little beach time, seeing the tallest Lighthouse (Cape Hatteras) - there was horseback riding on the beach, 4-wheeling in a jeep to see the Wild Mustangs of Currituck...we had time to sit by the pool, go mini-golfing, shop, and simply "be"
Here's a few snippets...

So how did I come up with the Color Challenge themes???
Well - my inspiration was our vacation home initially...
and then all the delights we saw while window shopping :)
The house was very spacious and decorated in a relaxing, carefree style
 that simply inspired you to kick back and relax...
It was while I was admiring the fabric shag rugs that I thought...
wouldn't it be fun to have a Color Challenge
 based on all the things that are inspiring me during this trip!
I took LOTS of pictures...
and then came up with the above 5 colorful palettes!
I set up the Challenge in our "Events" section on our Facebook page...
and am giving a big THANK YOU to all those that simply invited themselves and shared their creative creations!
YES  - we will be doing another Color/Theme Challenge...
as well as, a few other ones too!
VIEW all Creations in our Facebook Photo Album...
or type the below link in your browser...
And if you're not a FAN of our page yet - we invite you to LIKE our page! 
Lots of fun creations inspired by our Color & Theme Palettes...
I had SO many favorites - it would have been impossible for me to pick "picks"
And since it was a low-key event for all mediums and technique levels, and designed for FUN as an exercise in inspiration...
I thought it appropriate to have FUN Judges ~ my Husband and Daughter!
They are NOT intimidating in any way...but are very familiar with all art and craft medium, jewelry & colors! 
So without further delay...
here are the JUDGES "pick" in...
 (who they felt fit both theme & color)...
COLOR - Shannon
THEME - Melissa

THEME - Julianne
OVERALL - Marlene
COLOR (Red/Gold) - Allison
COLOR (Multi from Rug) - Cathy
THEME - Helen
OVERALL - ShaLayne
COLOR - Tonya
THEME - Cathy
OVERALL - Allison
COLOR - Kathleen
THEME - Georgette
OVERALL - Despina
Our other very unique and creative entries...

For our Color and Theme Picks...
Choice of JLynnJewels ART Tiles
1" Square or Round
and matching Mini ART Tile (square or circle)
For our Overall Color/Theme Picks...
Choice of JLynnJewels ART Tiles
2" Matchstick
Pair of Mini Art Tiles (square, circle, heart or triangle)
and a surprise "Vintaj" Brass sample pack! 
 Note:  Judges "Picks" that have been recognized in more than one category
(Color, Theme and/or Overall) can choose any combination of ART Tiles valued up to ~$25
**ALL of our participants received a special promotional Dollar gift
 to use in our Etsy store and a promotional coupon code for a future order**