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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Where do I go from here?

Like any other creative person...there comes a time when you sit back, look at all you've done, all you want to do, and where you are at this moment in time...
and you wonder...where do I go now?  Have you ever had that feeling?  Recently I took part in a 10 day Challenge with Flourish & Thrive about Freedom...which reminded me of what I do every few years...and that's re-visit my thoughts, hopes & wishes...
and it made me wonder...

Have you ever taken the time to ask yourself the deeper "What" questions...

What is my dream/vision for my business/job?
Where do I want to take the business - and at what level?
What do I really want to do?  What do I still want to create?
What do I miss doing, because I'm not organized and spinning my wheels?
What do I like the least about where I'm at right now?
What is my favorite part about where I'm at right now?
What things do I want to learn?
What techniques and skills do I want to master? 
What do I need to make time for?
What do I need to do, to regain control and create a better balance for me?

Once I answered these....my vision of where I want to be, became a bit more clear once again - and I started pondering all the "How's"

As in...
If I want this, then...HOW do I make it happen...?
that's when you begin to PLAN...

There are so many possibilities...so many different ways to plan...
and you may need to tweak that plan as you go...BUT...
getting that "Plan" in motion is pretty exciting!

One of the days in the Challenge was about what the perfect day in your business would look like...mine was bringing my Wishful Thinking List to life in all the best ways - and this was the basic outline :)

The really cool part about doing things like this, is that it's the starting ground to expand on your ideas, and plan the best ways to set your goals - while taking into consideration the reality of life.  It took me most of 2015 to finish organizing my studio/office, improve some "lazy" habits, and create challenges for myself in creating the better balance between work and my personal life - all the while moving my business forward in a new, refreshed direction.  A return to my roots you could say - a beautiful dance but with simplicity of looking at the world with the eyes from my younger years.  I may have a ways to go, but the journey so far?  It feels fabulous!

I've been creating Jewelry since the mid 80's - but with my ART Tiles - did you know the reason why I started creating them?  It was simply to give me another way to share my own Watercolor paintings and express myself.  I also love spending time designing additional color combinations to create a variety of pendants and earring ART Tiles to not only use in my own Artisan Jewelry - but to offer the components for my DIY Jewelry friends too.  The only downfall, is the demand for my ART Tiles took on a life of their own, which eventually caused me to go through this exercise to bring back that elusive "balance" so it wasn't so one-sided (specifically with making Tiles lol).  

Personally for me - I've been so very blessed to have been part of the creative industry since the 1980s (not only in my own businesses - but in also the variety of professional positions I've had).  But right now - I'm at this place with questions of what and how - a kind of mid-life wish list for me you could say.  With all the Birthdays that have come and gone, I've gained a lot of knowledge and wisdom - but most importantly - I learned to appreciate things a lot more (the little things that is...), and I always try to stay focused on the positives and happy things in life.  Tim McGraw's song "Always Stay Humble and Kind" is a wonderful song with a fabulous message, don't you think??  

So for me - my life and business need to really flow together like melted honey and butter :) - for me - it's worth taking whatever time that's necessary to make both, the best they can be - and make the days on the calendar count more than just a number you know??

Well,  if you're still reading this - how about grabbing a cup of your favorite beverage, grab your favorite pen and a pretty journal - and start asking yourself questions.  Then listen to the answers your inner self is providing, and write them down - you may just surprise yourself with a brand new view and perspective for not only your business, but the balance between it, and your personal life :)

 Have a great weekend!