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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Once Upon a Time...

Front Porch Rocking…a thing of the past?
Some would say it's an age thing…but I think not.
Whether it's a 5-10 minute break to unwind - or a 30 minute "catch-up" time
Porch sitting is definitely still "in"

It's funny…I remember my Grandmother would always tell the "remember when" or the "you don't know how lucky you have it…when I was your age…" type of stories.  Of course you politely listened, but you really couldn't relate, other than to give thanks that you didn't live back in "that" time period lol.  

And now I find myself in similar shoes.  I'm not a Grandmother - but it is amazing just how fast technology exploded in the course of a few decades.  You know it wasn't really that long ago when the "Internet" was born - most would say in the late 80s (and if you've never heard a dial up modem or those famous words - "You Got Mail" - honestly you don't know how lucky you have it!). Our first computer was a big clunky thing that literally took up our entire desk (and that was just the monitor).  There were no such things as cell phones either…we had pagers.  If you wanted to talk to someone because it was an emergency...you had to dial the pager number, and that person would receive it and know they had to find a telephone booth to call you.  Crazy stuff that's hard to believe - I know… lol!

Then in a blink of an eye - there's been a string of the "latest and greatest" gadgets.  I've loved the transitions - and I love all my gadgets, especially my iPhone - which gives me an ease of staying in touch with family, and taking photos and videos to share.  I also love my laptop and finding quality information (that is if you know where to look for it and can stay away from the judgmental, critical sites).  Just because you find something on the internet or you see it on Facebook or Twitter does NOT mean it is the "truth" - lots of one-sided garbage out there…

So the plus to the technology for me, is in just the past 10 years, I've been able to work part-time at home in order to have greater flexibility for my family.  I've designed several websites, and continue to do the things I love - which namely is being creative.  I may not be making the income I did when I was working full-time out of the house, but the benefits of being home sure outweigh whatever material things I've done without.

The downside to technology is that the Internet and gadgets can be used for things that are less than positive.  Plus there seems to be an influx of people (both young and old) that are so totally wrapped up in these gadgets, that they miss the things going on around them because they are so focused on looking down.  Back in May, I shared this video on Facebook that touches upon the thought to "Look Up" - - and thought I would share it here.   

LOOK UP VIDEO - great message!

I've been on "social media" for my business for sometime now - and there are definitely good things and good people out there.  But if you're feeling a little anxious with all the information, the constant stream of trivial information, the tweets, the twits, the drama, and the social marketers telling you exactly what you should be doing, what to say, how often, what times - that you're on information overload and feeling really stressed…well just remember that you are actually SMARTER than all this information out there.  Be  proactive in how you're using your gadgets…and remember to take the time to actually look around at your surroundings and the people in it.  

Miranda Lambert's song "Automatic" is such a sweet reminder to slow down and take time like we used to…

AUTOMATIC VIDEO - nostalgic but with a very contemporary message
Just because we have all the conveniences of the latest and greatest technology - doesn't mean that we can't find pleasure in doing things by hand…and taking the time for the simple things.  For me - sometimes I just need a break - a  "leave of absence" from the internet to just "breath"- and trust me, it's ok to do that… :)

Yes - "Porch Time" is still something that I make time for in this busy, streamlined "smart" world - and if I've gone missing…well, you may just find me sitting here…relaxing, having a cup of coffee and taking time to time to look and simply think about all the good things in life.

Have a great rest of the week everyone!