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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Calm and Peaceful Thoughts

Peaceful Holiday & New Year Thoughts...

Doves of course represent peace...
They are known to help sooth our worries,
while encouraging us to find a sense of
renewed energy and purpose in our lives.

So as we enter the last days of 2018,
my wish for you is...
Sweet White Dove thoughts
for a beautiful transition of 2018 to 2019.

For me...
2018 was a whirlwind of activity behind the scenes.
My time was split fairly evenly between looking for a new home,
that will take my husband and I, a wee-bit South mid-2019...
and preparing my current business for a transition, merge and move too.
All of which promises to make 2019 a year of lots of Happy things.

There will be time to share more of the details in 2019,
So for now, I'll leave you all with sending out
sweet White Dove Wishes for a beautiful 2019!

If you haven't had the opportunity to carve out some special time for you and your loved ones, I hope you are able to - over the last two weeks of 2018.

Happy Holidays
and special Wishes for a 
Happy New Year too!

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Pathyways to Emotional Intelligence

IQ + Emotional Intelligence + Creative Intelligence = HAPPINESS!

There will be no apologies because I’ve not written on my blog since January lol – but there will be a catch-up on Emotional Intelligence with a twist of Creative Intelligence thrown in here.  You see, “Intelligence” as in IQ, - is just not enough.  This morning, I felt compelled to write – because when you get upset with something you’ve seen, read, or heard - the best thing to do is, put the good stuff back out into world, to offset the bad.  In addition, if your feathers are still a bit ruffled - then take some time to be one with nature.  Which is exactly what I did for 5 minutes...I took a step outside in my bare feet and captured some beautiful photos of the Hydrangea in my backyard, during a light rain shower (in between the torrential downpours we've been having this week which are much needed though!).

Now you're probably wondering...what did I read that ruffled my feathers?  This...

“People who do NOT have (BLANK) are (BLANK)” – and those that don’t have (BLANK), are not going to get anywhere in life.

Mind you I left the actual offending words blank as most of you can fill in your own, based on your own experiences.  In this case - I don't even think you need the actual words to see or feel the not so nice energy coming from a so-called educated person.  Does all this sound familiar?  Chances are that no matter where you are, or what you do – you will have encountered a person that speaks like this. Someone that is highly judgmental, critical - and has little respect for his/her fellow people - and that same person believes that their way is "the" way..and that if you're not on the same path as they are - well - you don't get "any where" according to their narrowed viewpoint.   Which of course made me think and ask..."where", is this person's, where??  Makes you wonder doesn't it?  Is that the "where" - where you really want to be?  Not for me - no thank you - definitely not my cup of tea.

Is it possible that IQ has taken over all facets of this type of  person, to the point where they forgot their manners?  Maybe.  Or quite possibly instead - it's more about the person's education, and the fact it didn't include any type of Emotional Intelligence...  Either way, all I know, is that the "Magic 3" (my catch phrase for IQ, Emotional Intelligence with a twist of Creative Intelligence), make the best combination for peace and happiness in life.  Individuals are made up of more than the number of their IQ – and it’s the Emotional Intelligence portion that touches upon our hearts, mixes in compassion, with a generosity of mind, spirit, and sensitivity.  Add to that - there is a certain kind of freedom gained for having risen above the old ways that judge, criticize, and bully – to instead, utilize your combined intelligence (the magic three...) to encourage, inspire, and lift others up. 

So, if you have ever felt hurt by inconsiderate comments like this – let me remind you again, that ALL of Life is unique, and that ALL paths are unique, for each and every individual, including YOU.  One can focus on the downers in the world - or one can realize that there are more people showering out the good, positive vibes and energy - having focused and educated themselves to find that special balance for IQ, Emotional Intelligence, and Creative Intelligence.

If you’d like to read more on the Creative Intelligence side – and how you can BE the CAUSE for creating a more well rounded Education that encompasses not only IQ, but Emotional and Creative Intelligence - here’s the link to my latest “Inspiration Rejuvenation” article in my Facebook Group “Artisans Create Together” – called Creative Intelligence.

Looking forward to sharing more with ideas, thoughts, and creative projects as I transition and bring together JLynnJewels and Creative Soul & Home.  

Friday, January 5, 2018

It's never too late, to...


 I know...January is typically the time for Organizational posts,
De-cluttering, Scheduling and Planning - but...
It's also time to take a little step back, 
and make sure you take time, to simply, enjoy life.

Shown above, is one of our Rescue Bunnies, named Angel.  She is a sweet, very curious and friendly bunny, that loves to be held.  Her favorite position is as shown - with her head tucked into your elbow.  Mini Rex Bunnies are known for their extremely soft, velvet like coat of hair, and expressive eyes.  She is the matron of our Trio of bunnies, and just over 5 years old now.  We also have been blessed with Maggie-Moo and Bella too - which I'll share pics soon.

Fur Babies, no matter what the size or type, are just full of unconditional love, and bring us a lot of joy and happiness.  As for them, and when you think about things from their perspective - is any wonder that we (as their adopted humans) are their entire world :)

So with warm and fuzzy thoughts and only five days into the New Year, I figured it was the perfect to send out these wishes to you all!

Looking forward to sharing more creativity this year, 
in a variety of Art and Craft mediums, that will include Jewelry, Jewelry Components, Artwork, Mixed Media and Decor! 

Happy New Year!

Monday, December 4, 2017

Take TIME this season...

Take time this season, for a little breather...

Time does fly...
Every moment - is a moment we will never relive again - so make them count :)

I suppose if I think about that sentence above - that's exactly what I've been trying to do this year.  It seems more and more people become divided on the importance of the social and things on the internet - but I'm more about simply popping in and writing when I'm able to - and when I have something to share.

In late 3rd quarter of 2016, I started a Closed Group on Facebook called "Artisans Create Together" - it's about bringing creative people together.  Although it originally started out with a focus on Jewelry Designing and those that create Jewelry components for designing - it has slowly evolved into "more".  Not sure where it will all go to - but it's been such a lovely place for expressing and sharing opinions and creations when we have time.  One of the Group favorites is the monthly Inspirational Color Challenge - centered around photos from Pinterest that I create into a monthly theme/collage for our Members to be inspired and create from.  The photo here is December 2017 theme - and brings to my mind a peaceful and calm type of feeling - grounded in nature, and a way to celebrate the true spirit of the holidays and season.
If you'd like to join me there too...just click on the link:

October 2017, I started a monthly "Inspiration Rejuvenation" post - that always has a message and assignment to help you balance and recenter things in your life.  Nothing heavy or things that require a text book lol - just a little common sense, and a reminder to breath and re-prioritize the things in your life.

This months Inspiration Rejuvenation is centered on TIME.
Time truly is precious - and it consists of little moments that you never get back
So my motto has, and always will be - make them count in the most positive and happy ways you can - with the people that mean the most to you.
Heart & Happiness in the mind and soul...
join me in the Artisans Create Together Group
 for a few more tips and fun exercises

Warmly, JLynn


Wednesday, August 30, 2017

What goes around - comes around, and comes back around lol!

Tribal Scrimshaw Woodburned ART Tiles

When I looked at my Blog - and saw my last post was June - I was like OOPs!  Let the ball drop on that - but fortunately it's a bouncy ball ;)

So the quick run-down...
Life is a rollercoaster - people and things change - we do Happy Dances and then are balling our eyes out - Fur Babies get sick - we get overwhelmed - someone left chewing gum in the pocket of their pants and it stuck to the inside of the dryer - are you in need of a vacation like I am - or maybe some devoted creative time with no interruptions?  Does that about sum it up for all of you?

Well - let's see...I don't like Rollercoasters (I did when I was younger) but not anymore.  I still love to do Happy Dances and still ball my eyes out for a variety of things.  Our little Maggie Moo (Dutch Bunny) is gravely ill - and we're not sure if she'll pull through or not - my son was the culprit of the gum episode (he's also going to be 28 this year lol).  AND time off for good behavior is coming in September for me (complete with creative time) :)

Which leads me to the creative new components for my Jewelry... and if you're part of any the Sales Groups on Facebook - you may catch one of my Showcases with my ART Tiles and other fun components for jewelry diy.  If not - join the JLynnJewels Circle (that's the Customer Group for Inspiration, Tips, Techniques and a quarterly Sale) and you'll always get a heads up before they happen.  So - here's the promised eye-candy and happenings from the Summer...
This was a snippet of some of the pieces that were sold in August - I've had a blast with doing some pre-orders for Fall ART Tiles - as well as creating a variety of Artisan Fused Glass (over 8 hours in the kiln to fuse and anneal) - if you paint...fusing is similar to painting - but just with little pieces of glass.  Next Showcase in the "Circle" will be in October (although I will have a 1-day Showcase in the Handmade Component Bazaar on 9/8 - and may do a Flash Sale in the JLynnJewelsCircle on the 15/16th) :)
These are the "Aged ART Tiles"
Snippets of my Watercolor Artwork, sealed on Antiqued and Crackled Brass
(general antiquing/crackling technique I was taught in the 90s)


Molten Metalwork
Shown in my Rustic Archaic Finish & Ombre Watercolor finish
(if you are familiar with a torch and like playing with fire in a controlled way...
there are so many different things you can create - these are copper & lead/nickel free solder melted to molten - then impressed and allowed to cool)


CraZy Color Dot ART Tiles
Wood-burned Hand-dyed and painted
with lots of tiny details
(doodling and relaxing by painting- life long thing) 

Tribal Scrimshaw Woodburned ART Tiles©
I've been woodburning since the 80s - but this
combined my love of painting with woodburning
in a very delicate and fine way.  

In the 80s...I actually loved to do wirework - so I brought back some of my 
favorite designs and components that coordinate with the ART Tiles

AND...more of my Artisan Fused Glass - this time petite Cabs
that I've paired up with distressed Brass Filigree pieces.

Well...creativity is part of life, and ever-evolving...

AND...Next on my list of to-do's is...
Revisiting my Polymer Clay days, Precious Metal Clays, and Enameling
It's funny but my husband is always like - OH so this is the new thing - what happened to the old thing (when discussing creative endeavors and mediums) - but then he adds - wait...the new thing, used to be an old thing, wasn't it??  And I'm like - it is the "new thing" now, but it's still connected to the old thing lol!  Of course I mean, what comes around - goes around - and then comes back around again (kind of like all the Musicians and Bands, that say, they are retiring...only to come back for a "come-back" tour) ;)

The beauty for me with creativity is that they REALLY are, all connected - through colors and expressing oneself through a variety of "Art" forms.  Of course I do admit to feeling a little like a beautifully aged relic, when considering how many things I've "retired" myself - only to bring them out to play again, while making the old - new but with a little contemporary twist!

With that my friends - I leave you - as my Creative Muse is calling me...until the next time - have a wonderful upcoming Holiday weekend and stay safe!
Warmly, J-Lynn

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Summertime already??

Dance of the Mermaids

Summertime brings to mind the Beach, Ocean and yes...Mermaids.  There is something symbolic about a Mermaid to me - it's not about the legends, the stories, or the history of Mermaids.  For me - it's about the beauty, the flow, the free spirit, the gentleness, and caring heart.  Yes - I tend to see the positives in everything lol :)

My mind, truly has a mind of it's own if that's possible lol - and this higher mind has no problem taking over all other thoughts, in order to have me doing all sorts of crazy, artistic things lol.  The funny thing with my artwork, is that I never know when an idea for new artwork will hit me.  It's what I call being an Artist, that is blessed to have this thing called, "Squirrel Syndrome" - and although to some, it may seem like I'm all over the place - the creative ideas always seem to be connected in some way - and typically after a merry, little ride - we all return to the center with a new "Reveal" - in the case of the Mermaids it all started with a Heart doodle sketch.  Of course I then saw a Mermaid photo and I looked at my sketch and realized the heart would fit in the Mermaid's tail.  This of course had me drawing a lot of hearts and tails (sharing a few scratch ideas here)...which then evolved into a quick Watercolor playtime with various brush strokes with spritz's of water - which then had me taking some photos of what I did, and sitting down with my laptop for several days - tweaking my Art in order to do digital print-outs for the ART Tiles.   A labor of love - but I love how they turned out - between the heavier sketching to the lighter and flowing, watercolor version.  It's definitely a plethora of tails, colors, fins, and scales - in a variety of mystical and ocean inspired color combinations.
When I was younger, I tried to "control" this tendency to float off into my creative world...I was hard on myself, labeling myself a "failure" when at the end of the day, I only had a sketch or something I created in one hand - and my list of to-do's, unfinished in the other.  Those are what I call the "Creative Crusher" moments...and because of that - many dreams, ideas, and creative beginnings were put on hold, and placed in an Artist portfolio for MANY years.  There of course is a better way - but back then I didn't know what it was - so naturally there were a lot of internal battles and self talks that seemed to center around confusion and disappointment - because putting everything away - was like kicking a portion of myself out of my own life.

But you know what??  Over the years, I've learned that this is not something that needs to be controlled.  It's something that needs to have freedom.  It's something equivalent to watching the wild horses...where you can feel their free spirit as they roam and explore. 

 Wild Horses in Corolla, NC
 And yes...this photo has been on my horizon for a new series - 
but as creative ideas go - it's still simmering :)

You can see and feel the mind working - the wheels turning - so much, that sometimes it's hard to keep up with my notes and get things accomplished.  Do you remember me mentioning a 'better way' in relation to the reality of life and your creative life?  That better way, is simply about letting the "perfectionist" in you, have a day or two off.  Life is not perfect, and you do not have to be perfect.  So if you're feeling a little on edge, schedule the reality life to-do's for a certain 1-3 hour stretch - then giver yourself permission to think like a Wild Horse.  You may become so good at the new balancing thing - that your two sides start becoming friends and really appreciate each other.

The lesson in all of this?  You live, learn, and acknowledge that you are always a work-in-progress.  The rewards for creating a better balance between real life, enjoying life, and the creative life?  Pride in yourself for challenging yourself to do it in the first place...plus there are surprises and rewards in all three - those self pats on the shoulder for a job well done (even if it's getting three loads of laundry done)...those happy dance times when you take time off to go enjoy the sunshine...and those crystal clear moments of clarity and appreciation, when you see the journey and all the little stops.  From something that caught your attention, to the admiration, to the spark of and idea, to bringing that idea to life - to the finished piece in the end.  All things to celebrate - not because they are finished but because they are part of your personal story.  

Well that's all for now...I'm off to balance some of my own to-do's and finish up more of the Custom Mermaid ART Tile orders.  Speaking of which - since I sold out of the Mermaid Dance Tiles during the shows over the Memorial Day weekend - I am working on replenishing for the Etsy store - but no worries, the Dance continues - and you might be pleasantly surprised with the next set of dance numbers lol - so keep your eye on my Groups - JLynnJewelsCircle and ArtisansCreateTogether for more inspirational thoughts and creations!  Here's a little hint for my upcoming show on June 20th - think colorful beach cottages...when you think of little cut-out house ART Tiles ;)

Have a wonderful week everyone - don't miss the Artisan Marketplace in the Artisans Create Together Group (week long sales event for all of our Members) and a Photography Workshop in my other Group - JLynnJewelsCircle on Friday!