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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Stuffed and trimmed???

Hi all!  Are you stuffed and trimmed like me?  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving here in Maryland and spent yesterday "trimming" the house.  Finishing up a few things today...did a little online shopping and will hopefully have the most enjoyable and relaxing holiday to date (fingers crossed).
The above is a quick and easy decorating idea you can do with any bowl.  Simply layer some pin spigs on the bottom and toss in loose ornamenets in a variety of sizes and patterns - adding curly ribbon, berries or anything else.  It's always fun to create...looks different each year and is very festive receiving lots of compliments.  If you have something special you do decorating wise - please share :)

It's still not too late to enter for your chance to win a free pair of Snowman or Christmas Tree Earrings - just become a JLYNNJEWELS follower and post on our blog!

We have some NEW designs coming out in the next week - hopefully ready for purchase before our HOLIDAY SALE ends on Monday 12/6/10 midnight!  Also look for our ETSY jewelry store to be replenished with new overstocks this week!  It's definitely unbelievable pricing at wholesale (or below) cost that would make wonderful stand alone gifts or stocking stuffers :).

Enjoy this very special holiday season this year.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

We're featured in the Holiday Stroll ONLINE today!

Post on our blog and you could be the winner of a pair of earrings!  Visit our Artfire store and enter HOLIDAY35 at checkout to receive 35% off all regular priced merchandise.  Thanks Rose Haven!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Holiday Strolls...new designs & specials!

Hey all...this is going to be a quick post ;)
Check out our Artfire store over the next several days - I'll be listing lots of new jewelry pieces including some Holiday OOAK (one-of-a-kind) designs!  If you missed out prior post - check it out....it's the Tutorial for our Snowman Earrings that was published on Bead Trends Blog last week.

We were asked to participate in the ONLINE Holiday stroll with Rose Haven :) - see link below!  Each day there will be new artsians featured on their blog and little snapshots of just a few of their products - great way to shop online and support handmade.  So...sometime between now and Thanksgiving, look for our "feature" and make sure you visit our blog on that day to enter for your chance to win our Surprise Give-Away!

AND...don't miss the PROMO CODE for a special money saving discount in our Artfire and Etsy stores that will run through December 1st!  Happy start to the holidays - remember to enjoy that endless list of holiday to-do's this year :) - if it makes you grumpy...my vote is just don't do it LOL.  Be happy!


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Snowman Earring Tutorial Link to BEAD TRENDS BLOG

Last week I spent the week in South Carolina (Myrtle Beach) with my hubby - our little vacation was so relaxing and wonderful - I will definitely be posting some pictures and amusing tidbits.  It's always nice to get back home though...and I'm definitely anxious to get back to "work"! 

Here's a quick share...before we left, Jeri from Northridge Publishing asked me to create this holiday Earring Tutorial for the Bead Trends Magazine Blog (see LINK below) - it's an honor and privilege to be able to share one of my favorite holidays designs on a broader scale - thank you BEAD TRENDS!  We've had a lot of great feedback via email and read on the Bead Trends Blog where one reader will be creating these earrings with a group of 22 girls scouts - what fun!  These earrings are a basic drop earring and instructions can be used for a multiple of designs.  The Snowmen earrings can me created for your own personal use or gift giving needs.  However, if you're running short on time, visit my ETSY store to purchase a pair. 

Look for more NEW designs this week!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

November...new website look & NEW Jewelry Tutorial!

This year has just flown by - and I have to admit I start getting just a wee bit panicked when I hear someone spout off how many days it is until Christmas.  Can you visualize this....me standing here with my fingers in my ears going lalalalalalalala! 

My husband and I hardly ever get away - this year we said we would definitely do it - and a little bit later today, we will be heading to Myrtle Beach, SC.  Relaxing, Beach, Shopping, Show & Dinners (and of course we each brought some stuff to do).  My inlaws just got here to basically house-sit for us - who knows - maybe it will be a really relaxing week for them too :)

Check our the look of our website...it changed....again.  For the past month we've been ironing out the details with a new template, updating html codes that went awry in the switch and trying to get to updating the products.  It was a deep chocolate brown with golds - very elegant, vintage and beautiful - the problem?  The darkness was weighing me down...there was no lively colors and I realized that it needed to go.  Must have been a sign because within 2 hours - the website had a new look, no issues with the html coding - and all that's left when we get back from our "holiday" is uploading products! 

When I asked for feedback from one of my dear friends in Tennessee (Julie of "Entirely Apropos on our blog list) she said "OH WOW!!!! I love it!! I clicked on here and there and think it looks spectacular! Love the new colors and the feel is really good! I love it!!!! 2 thumbs up!!!!  It's kind of like getting a new wardrobe in your closet!  Everytime you open the door, it's like a fun new surprise smiling at you! "

Anywhoo - a few of us have this saying when things just fall in place and make you smile because it feels so right - COOL BEANS!

This coming week...look for a very exciting link to a Jewelry Tutorial that I wrote up for a popular Beading magazine - I love sharing tips & ideas!  The Editor loved it and I hope you will too :)

That's all my friends - Peace Out until I'm back in town (or find a wifi spot to blog or post on Facebook.