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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Inspiration TIPs & Special Events!

Inspiration Part #1 - Top THREE Tips...

First - Apologies for the delay in my Inspirational Quick-Read Articles!
I had many squirrel moments in June...and ironically I was inspired to create a number of things, thanks to a variety of sources...colors, fabrics, nature, animals, decor, jewelry findings, beads & techniques :)
So - here's the top three things on the list for getting into the mindset of being open to being your authentic, creative self :)

#1 - Before you start stressing out about getting inspired to create...or worrying if your creative mojo has left you for good (trust me, it's usually just taking a little nap lol).  But if you're feeling any of those things - take TIME to be still...and give yourself some quiet, contemplation time.  "Unplug" for a little while - as this often helps keep your ideas and vision, true to you - and also cuts down on the self destructive mode of comparisons to others. 

#2 - Pay attention to the things that catch your eye...
If you are out for a walk or shopping, notice the things that intrigue you, make you smile, or simply having you stopping in your tracks, because you just have to enjoy the moment!  Whether that's people, someone's stylish outfit, the pattern in the rug, a book, food, the scenery, the sky, an animal, or simply a feeling.  Enjoy those little things - take a quick picture.  Why?  Because the little things are what make you thankful - and being thankful, brings feelings of happiness...and happiness is the key to re-energizing yourself, and re-energizing yourself, helps you stay open to new creative ideas and thoughts.

#3 - Remember...your best source of inspiration and creativity is YOU.
Only you have YOUR ideas and thoughts (take time to write them down or sketch them out - I keep a little notebook in my purse).  If you're interested in something - take the time to learn "how" to do it, and experiment with a variety of ways to utilize that skill.  When you have an idea...no matter how far-fetched it may seem...plant the seeds and give it a little TLC and time to grow...water them...give them sunshine - and most of all give yourself some of that too.  Go have some fun, read a good book, take a day trip, go window shopping, Pin some things on Pinterest...the list is endless...

Many a seed, has grown into seedlings that turn into beautiful blossoms and tall trees!  Just have patience with your self, and your ideas :)

Part #2...Inspiration through Color & Patterns
coming next week, along with this...a SPECIAL EVENT ON FACEBOOK!

If you missed my ART Tile Show a couple weeks ago in this lovely Facebook Group called Handmade Component Bazaar - then mark your calendars for this fun upcoming event, as I'll be keeping company with my fellow "Hostesses with the Mostesses" as we share a lot of our creations, play games and do a LOT of Give-Aways! If you're not a member yet - just click the "Join" button!

How does it work?
Over the course of four days, pop in whenever you want.  You will always see 10 listings from each of us - and as an item sells, it will be removed, and a new one will be added to the line-up - so always something fresh and new.

SO...make sure you turn "ON" your notifications for the Group, so you don't miss anything that might be calling out to YOU :)

What will I have there??
ART Tile Earring Pairs & Pendants
my unique, Heat Embossed Wood burned Tiles too! 

For all my USA friends - have a safe & Happy Holiday weekend!
For my Canadian friends - Happy Canada Day!
And for everyone else - Happy upcoming weekend :)