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Monday, December 21, 2015

Holiday GIVE-AWAY 2015 Winners Announced!

Special thanks to all those that took the time
 to enter for our Give-Away!
Here are our Top Five Winners...

1.  Karen Bucci

2.  Stephanie LaRosa

3.  Lynne Wienceck

4.  Maria Rosa Sharrow

5.  Cindy Newell

Please message me via Facebook or 
my Website contact at http://www.JLynnJewels.com
Will need your shipping address :)

Happy Holidays!!!

Friday, December 18, 2015

Give-AwayTime & Happy Holidays!

Enter for your chance to win a special Variety Pack ~ FIVE Lucky Winners will be chosen!
Scroll down to see how to enter!

We will be mixing & matching a variety of prizes - some of which include:

Beautiful Wire Jewelry for Beaders Soft-covered Book (SRP $21.95)
Vintaj Natural Brass Technique & Idea Books/Bookets
Vintaj Natural Brass special Findings packets
JLynnJewels Snowman Earring Pair
Menagerie Studios Pendants
JLynnJewels ART Tiles
Premium Czech Beads
and a few other

It's easy to enter...
#1 - Leave a comment here on the Blog to let us know
 if you are a Winner, what you would like to have in your pack!

#2 - Like our JLynnJewels Facebook page and a few photos...
 and share our GIVE-AWAY!
(extra entries for shares)

#3 - Follow us on Instagram & Pinterest


Thank you for another amazing year!
We would like to wish everyone and your families a wonderful and heart-filled Holiday season!
 Check in with us in 2016 for some special announcements and NEWs! 
Warmly, JLynn

Friday, November 6, 2015

Making Time for the Good Stuff!

 Forget Me Not ART Tile Necklace
A necklace I created in memory of my Dad, which was published in Belle Armoire Magazine a few years ago.

 Taking time for the little and big things this past year...
I started 2015 out with a goal to create a better balance
Creating - Painting - Designing - 
and more time to relax and enjoy life

Of course, Life doesn't always go as we planned…
It can be busy and full of surprises - and 
then throw a few curve balls when you're least expecting it.

As some of you know my MIL was diagnosed with NHL (Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma) last Summer.  She went through surgery, then 5-6 rounds of Chemo...but the cancer was stubborn...so she had to undergo Radiation treatments (5x a week for 5 weeks or so…). Cancer is tough - and I think we are constantly redefining and renewing our faith in the word hope & believe.

During Chemo Rounds - I always had a little pick-me-up gift after each treatment - and we all wore Green Wrist bands with the words "No-one Fights Alone" - however, with the radiation treatments - I felt something a little more substantial was in order…hence the need to create a Cancer Boot Kickin' Necklace (featuring an awesome Ceramic Boot by Gaea, Czech glass bead, and all Vintaj Natural findings/chain.  Although it's a relatively simple design, it is still a very time consuming one with the involved fringe which I designed to help sooth the nerves and thoughts - and to keep my MILs fingers and hands busy while staying still.  It's definitely a substantial Talisman Necklace

I think I said Cancer was tough...and sometimes stubborn...
After a couple months "off", we learned that there is still a stubborn area of Cancer...which means another Surgery soon for my MIL...
so please keep her in your thoughts & prayers.  

In case you didn't realize…creation for me, comes from the heart - so in everything I do…there is meaning behind it - a story of sorts - and a reason for creating what I did - heartfelt symbolism born out of the happy and tough stuff.

The best philosophy for me and life is…
Focus on the things you have control over…and let the rest go :)


Monday, October 5, 2015

Fall Decorating, Swedish Fish...and upcoming NEWs!

Focal piece... One Swedish Red Fish!
Aside from Chocolate, Caramels, and and Brach White Jelly Nougats...
Red Swedish Fish are IT for me :)

So if you see some designs in RED...
Or ART Tiles with Red Fish don't be surprised lol...

UPDATE...I've been missing from the action for almost two weeks now...
Have had some sort of chest cold that appears to spread the joy to others too...
Since I've not been "sick" in almost 10 years - (really!), I can't complain...
Unless it decides to stay another week - then there may be a WAH post!

On the plus side to being sick...the perks...
1.  Bag of Mini Swedish Fish
2.  Homemade Soup
3.  Pumpkin Dunkin Donut Coffee
4.  Help with Cleaning
5.  Homemade Stew
(Compliments of my husband and daughter)

This past Friday I ventured out of the house for a quick trip to Home Goods and Michael's.  My daughter was in a crafty mood...(thanks to Pinterest...)
Which is a good thing - because I love Pinterest too and all my fellow Pinners!  
So...if you're on Pinterest and want to join me...here's my link:

So wondering what my daughter created?
Well, here's a few things she made over the weekend!
 - Layered Leaves on Quart Size Mason Jars to create "Lanterns"
 (these look great at night w/tealights)
- Chunky Yarn BIG Letters for Fall
- Fall Floral Milk Crate Jars for Flowers or Cinnamon Sticks...
(she also Arm-Knit an Infinity Scarf in a rust color in a 1/2 hour...lol)

and pictured below...
She created a Trio of Chunky Yarn Pint Size Mason Jar Holders for her office
 and also added this Home Good "Treasure" in her office too (a very fun Birch Branch Fall Floral that we found for a ridiculous price)

OH - and she made a pair of pint size goodness for my Office/Studio too :)
Her craftiness is productive, quick, and fleeting...
But it's always fun to watch the "crafty bug" bite lol! 

So what did I do???
Enjoyed watching...but as for my own craftiness...about the only thing I had energy for - was changing out my tablescape with baby Pine Cones & Pumpkins!

 So - that's the Home Fun Stuff...
and now I get to share the Biz Fun Stuff...

Did you know...
Amazon is opening a new Handmade Marketplace VERY soon???
I was invited, applied, and then accepted
 to the Artisan Line-up for Jewelry and a few other categories.

It it a new platform with lots of unknowns...
with lots of set-up and work...
undoubtedly with many updates and improvements...
but I'm very excited to be a part of it!

As soon as I'm able to - will definitely share the URL link to my store
which could be as early as sometime this week!
Until then - I'm listing additional items and fine tuning things...but here's a sneak peek at my "first" attempt at my Banner...there's been many more since!

 Jewelry Wise...
Most of my new Jewelry will be listed on Amazon, with some custom order and retired jewelry pieces available in my Etsy Store.  

My regular website and online Store
is under construction for a much needed "Make-Over"
I'm hoping to have all Updates complete during the 1st quarter in 2016
Website will remain "live" during this time at:

 And for my ART TILE FANS...
Ready to Ship, Seasonal, MTO and Limited Edition Tiles will be available in my Etsy Store - as well as, direct sales via my Facebook page, 
Messaging, and a new Group!

Some of these pretties are tagged for my jewelry designs...
but some will be making their way into the Etsy Store this week! 

ART & Education Wise...
Some of you know that many of my Tiles are digitized miniatures
 of my own Watercolor/Acrylic/Ink paintings - some of my past favorites shown here...but there are many more in the works!

Education & Inspiration...I love to share and inspire others to be creative through pieces published in Magazines AND through my website and blog.
Look for NEW Tutorials (similar to these) in 2016...

 Time as we all know goes by way too fast...
and typically for me - the last three months of the year are the fastest!
2015 has been a year for contemplating and planning...
and it was also a year of changes, surprises, and challenges

2016 I'm hoping to make more of my ideas happen!
"Balance" - it's not just a word...it's a way of life...
So as I continue with my creative journey that's also my job...
look for a new mix of things with Jewelry, Art Tiles, Artwork, 
DIY Tutorials with Skill Builders, along with Creative Challenges, Contests, 
and of course a few fantastic Give-Aways!



Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Creative Chaos & Colorful Welcome to FALL!


Well...we still have a good month until we see the leaves, look like this (right now we are still predominately GREEN)...but the good news for those of us that like Fall - is that it's officially FALL!

But since I love all things Pumpkin...and love the beautiful scenery of the back roads on a fall day...and love going pumpkin picking...drinking pumpkin coffee from Dunkin Donuts...
(and yes - even paying a bit more to have those Dunkin Pumpkin K-cups at home too...)
it's safe to say - Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year (just wished it lasted a wee bit longer).

Fall also means 4th quarter madness...and the Creative Chaos in the Studio...
Too many design, woodburning and art thoughts...
not enough hours in the day...

This year, I'm adding a crazy new mix to my online sales venue...
I was accepted into the brand new category of Handmade at Amazon!
Which means you will find an intriguing mix of Artisan Jewelry & ART Tiles
on Amazon, Etsy, and my own Website soon 

For now I leave you with this jaw dropping picture...
Shown here...a photo of what my little work table in the Studio looks like
I call this "DOUBLE TROUBLE..."
You see, last night I didn't feel the love for cleaning up my design table, in order to complete a couple Tile Orders...so I opted to add another foam layer on top!

Not only are there a LOT of Artisan components and beads
 piled up and around my miniature work "area", 
but there are a good dozen or so of jewelry designs UNDERNEATH)...
And a hefty number of "prepped" Tiles on the TOP layer...
(that's a lot of Tiles I would like to woodburn this week lol)

Some could not work like this...But I can lol...
Just call it the blessings of having a "Squirrel" mind...
one that has an uncanny way of keeping track of all the acorns buried
 (so to speak...)

SO...here's what to expect in October...
Lots of New Jewelry & Tiles!
New ART Tiles in the Etsy Store
New Jewelry line in the Handmade at Amazon Storefront
(Grand Opening date TBA soon...)
As well as, our new Website (currently under construction).

Have a great rest of the week everyone!
Warmly, JLynn

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Honored to be the Highlighted Artisan this month on Esfera Jewelry!

 Click the above link to read my Interview with Janine...
 plus enter the FOUR Give-Aways 
simply by liking/following, sharing & commenting!

Janine is not only one of my customers for Art Tiles, but she is also an across the pond friend of mine that is such a sweetheart!  I have always loved seeing her Jewelry and reading about her many adventures while on "tour" (take time to read about her life and the amazing adventure her & her husband live).  

Interviews are not something I do too often - but I so love Janine's highlights every month, and was so happy she thought of me!  Although I admit to being a bit nervous in answering her questions (I'm much better at highlighting others versus being in the highlighted seat)...I was so happy to share more from behind the scenes and my heart :)

So aside from adding me to your "liked" and "followed" favorites on the various social networks (and of course my Etsy store)...
Add Janine to your list as well!

Just take time to read the interview...scroll to the bottom for all the links for both of us...and follow Janine's instructions for being eligible for the Give-Aways (it's a fun way to follow everything and be entered for one of the prizes)

From me...
A pair of Earrings (Purple Cascade or Dog Tag Earrings)
$25 gift card for my Etsy Store

From Janine...
TWO Fabulous Earrings featuring my ART Tiles!

A special thanks once again to Janine!
So appreciate the support and friendship!


Monday, September 14, 2015

On the Wings of Time...

Don't know where the hours, days, and months go - but they sure do go fast!
Lots to share, as I haven't posted since the end of June...
No apologies though...
Stuff happens which causes a re-prioritizing and shifting of that 
ever changing to-do list...such is this thing called life :)

So before I share the details of this gorgeous bracelet - I thought I would share a little random inspiration for fun...

You might have guessed...
But a very big part of my "roots" come from Ireland...
I have researched a lot family wise, but still have a lot of unknowns.
Hopefully one day I'll be able to fill in more of those family blanks....but til' then
I dream about Ireland - complete with tiny Fairies and lots of green...

It's funny - but even the fern like grass I see in open woodland areas...I refer to as "Fairy Grass" - and seeing it always brings feelings of comfort, safety, and love (and some odd connection to my Ancestors in Ireland).

Fun stuff - as these feelings never fail to inspire me to create!

This is a photo I took at one of our local gardens...
I took it because...you guessed it...
It shows what I consider a variety of local "Fairy" Grass :)

Which brings me back to that gorgeous Bracelet above...a new pair of Earrings below...along with a brand new Jewelry Line entitled "Unchained"

Both of these pieces are part of the new line that feature many handcrafted pieces with Artisan components & chain.  I can't being to say how happy it makes me to not only create with my own Tiles and Artwork- but to team up with other Designers with like minds - that also create jewelry components too!

Unchained Earrings...
Stunning - with a long and dramatic style that feature handcast Pewter charms by Inviciti, JLynnJewels mystical Boho ART Tiles
 with tiny czech bead dangles and lots of delicate dark brass chain.

And that gorgeous bracelet...actually has TWO focals in it! 
A Ceramic Focal bead by Jana of Happy Fish Things (this piece can also function as an aromatic therapy piece, as the back side is natural and can accept your favorite scented oil).

Exquisite Lampwork Bead by Dean of Bubby & McGurk Beads - lots of amazing layers, with tiny pockets of color and depth - so much more
 beautiful and captivating in person...

Add to these - multiple Vintaj Arte Metal chain strands & tassel
(dark Brass that's nickel and lead free)
with lots of delicate czech seed bead dangles.

For me...
The sounds of delicate chain, symbolize the faint tinkling sound associated with fairies lol...so this one not only looks magical but feels pretty magical too.

Fall/Winter 2015/2016 NEWS...
* NEW Artisan Jewelry and ART Tiles themed for Fall & Winter
* New Published pieces (Magazine reveal tba soon) 
*Artisan Highlight (coming in late September)
*NEW online Website and NEW Sales Venue!!!
And just a simple note from me...I create as an outlet to express myself.
I'm not a manufacturer who kicks out thousands of assembled pieces in a day...
but a true Artisan that takes pride and time in creating pieces from the heart.
It's all about quality - not quantity...

For me, my jewelry, artwork, and tiles are an extension of who I am, 
what I'm feeling, or what my heart and mind have been touched by in any given day or moment.  There is always a story or inspiration behind my creations.  Whether that's a Talisman for a challenging time in life, or a piece to symbolize love, comfort and happiness...
It's definitely an Art piece from the heart.

Happy soon-to-be FALL!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

"Name that Tile" Random Winner selected!

The Tile Name Debate!

I wanted another pendant size that was tall but still had a delicate feel to it…and these 2 1/2 x 1/2" Tiles definitely fit the bill.  I initially called them "Skinny Ovals" (and Elongated like my Heart Tiles) - as did a few of my customers during a recent call to help with a "Name that Tile" post on Facebook :)

Of course once I printed out the tiny papers, adhered them to the Tiles with my Florentine style of decoupage, wood burned the sides and created the bevel edges - all I could see were Mini Surfboards lol!  And I wasn't alone!!

So - wondering what some of the Name suggestions were?  
Well, aside from Skinny Oval and Surfboard we had…

Marquise, Navette, Surfette, 
Tongue Depressor, Pipe Boards,
Skimmers, Paddle Boards, Petals, 
Cats Eyes, Elongated Ovals, 
Neckboards, Fingerboards, 
Wafers, and Kayaks!

My husband said that they reminded him of the Overhead Fan Blades…
and wants to name them "Blade Tiles"

THANK YOU everyone for the fun suggestions and to those that participated :)
I'm positive that I will be using the word "Surfboard" and a few others like Marquise, Navette, Elongated Oval, Petals, in the descriptions (dependent on what prints/themes I'm using)...

The actual name of the Tile Shape will be revealed in the Etsy Store on Thursday when our FIRECRACKER Sale & Online Specials begin!
Jewelry 50-60% off
ART Tiles on sale, anda coupon code
 to add to your savings too :) 

LASTLY…and with great fanfare and thanks…
The Random Winner (generated by Random.org number generator) is #19…
who happens to be LYNN FERRO on my handwritten list of names

Congrats to Lynn who will receive one of the above pendant Tiles!

Look for matching Earrings in not just these 1 x 1/2"…
but also in some new sizes (shown below)... 

Matching Tiles in two new sizes…
1 1/4 x 3/8" and 1 1/2 x 1/2"

Happy Creating everyone!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Annual Summer Sale!

The Creative work schedule is not always easy to juggle…
But I'm making strides at trying to find the balance between my actual Art (sketching/painting), photography, my ART Tile Jewelry Components, and of course my Artisan Jewelry.

Every year about this time, I do a 50% off sale on Jewelry - and it's happening right now!
Prices have already been marked down - and I'll continue to add jewelry over the next week.
If in your in the USA and your order is over $30 - enter USAFREESHIP for free shippin

In late July & August - look for my annual Custom ART Tile Order Sale!
Your chance to order whatever your heart desires.

Denim & Lace
Denim Floral
Gypsy Tapestry
and more…

Along with the Tiles above…
be on the lookout for more patterns, prints and shapes!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Funny Beader Moments & Creative Hiatus News

My newly acquired components for upcoming Jewelry Designs!
LOVE these - they are so inspiring and fun..
Petite, Bohemian style Polymer Clay Beads 
from Cindy of GracefulWillowBeads on Etsy!

So…if you've ever wondered about a moment in the mind of a beader (or any other type of creative soul)…here's a little funny story about the beads above.

Last week, I was doing a very specific search on Etsy for 10mm beads for a Custom Jewelry Order.  All of a sudden...like seeing an Oasis in the middle of a desert - or being blinded by the sun when it comes out from behind the clouds - I spot one of these lovelies! I'm enchanted, enthralled and my mind simply shuts down...so focused am I, on all the colors and details...the design possibilities - that I automatically started filling up my shopping cart.  As I snap out of my euphoric boho-art-entrancement place, I see I've added a LOT of things to my cart.  Well, the reasonable, practical, and budget oriented side of me, removed some things, and quickly completed the purchase before I could change my mind.  For one brief moment, I felt rather proud of my control…but then it all came crashing down…as I convinced myself that these beads needed me, as I needed them (aka…yes, I caved under the pressure).  SO…I returned to the store, and placed a second order for all the things I left out of the first! 
lol…my bad…

For those of you that can relate…these type of moments have been fondly nicknamed "Squirrel Moments" by my family (when my task at hand gets separated by something that catches my eye).  These moments seem to be increasing as I age, but like growing older, I'm enjoying the process, and  EMBRACing them with all my heart!  They definitely keep life interesting…

Now, I will admit to my mind being similar to Dominos perfectly lined up and in order, then watching them go down one by one in a very synchronized fashion.  Although some might try to label me as random and not able to focus…this is, in fact, the REAL TRUTH...  

Well…with that said - every year about this time, 
I schedule what I call my "Creative Hiatus".
  My return to the simple state of…

The art of creating with original thoughts, expression, and imagination...
The "Happy" place...
The "Place" with minimal distractions other than the Art of Creativity...

And my countdown is in process - as I'm very much looking forward to all of the beads, supplies & components I've "gathered" since January!

FYI…incoming & upcoming!

Etsy Store will remain OPEN during my Creative Hiatus!
Look for:
NEW Artisan Jewelry (Wholesale specials)!
NEW ART Tile Themes, Colors & Patterns
for Summer, Fall & Winter!

Annual Custom Order SALE for Jewelry & ART Tiles
25-30% off ALL Custom Orders!
New Tutorials!

More New Stuff!
Some Fun Surprises & Sales!

Happy Creating!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Colorful Creations!

 The new Boho Gypsy Soul Dog Tag ART Tiles

I'm back!  Spent the first quarter getting organized and preparing for new ART Tiles and Artisan Jewelry…along with gathering new beads, focals, and findings.  

My new ART Tiles are full of color and I'm looking forward to sharing them with you!  Lots of fun themes and series have been introduced on my Facebook Business page (J-Lynn Jewels) - with many more to come.  Here's a few…

Mason Jar Florals - coming soon to the Etsy Store in May!

Ocean Treasures - coming in May!
Artisan Jewelry AND ART Tiles for your own creations

On Safari Tiles are now available in the Etsy Store
Look for new additions to the pattern lineup.
These are all prepped tiles…ready for wood burning!

Happy Creating!  Look forward to sharing more with you soon :)