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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Snowman Drop Earring Tutorial!

From the Archives!  
These Snowman Earrings are just as popular today as they were the day I first made them back in the late 80s.  This Tutorial was originally published on the Bead Trends Magazine & Blog back in 2010, so thought it would be fun to share once again!  You're welcome to use this Snowman Earring design for your personal gift giving and small business use. 

Tutorial and design are the intellectual property of JLynnJewels 
and cannot be copied or distributed in any form without our written approval.

No matter what design skill level you're at…this tutorial is geared to take you step-by-step with an easy approach to wire wrapping, that give your drop Earrings a clean, professional, and finished look. 

2—Jet 4mm Round Swarovski Crystals
2—Jet 6mm Margarita Swarovski Crystals
2—Crystal 5mm Round Swarovski Crystals
2—Crystal 6mm Round Swarovski Crystals
2—Crystal 8mm Round Swarovski Crystals
2—22 Gauge Sterling Silver Headpins
Embroidery Floss, Yarn or other material for Scarf
Rosary & Bent Chain-Nose Pliers, Wire Cutters

Begin by stacking Crystals on Head pins (22 gauge is suggested due to the 8mm crystal hole size).

1. Grasp the head pin just above crystals with the tips of your rosary pliers.  Gently press the wire down over the top of the pliers to make a 90 degree angle (side view shown).  Note…The size of the top loop/circle is determined by the wire placement on the rosary pliers.  To ensure your earrings have the same size top loop, be consistent with wire placement (tip…beginners can mark their pliers with a sharpie to line up their wire when shaping).
2. Rotate your pliers a 1/4 turn so that they are now at the top of the wire.
3. Without shifting your pliers, shape wire over the pliers ending with the end pointing down.
4. Reposition your pliers so they are in the opening, then complete the circle by bending the wire around the lower edge (circle will be off-center until you complete the next step).
5. Without releasing your grip on the pliers, rotate and bend the entire circle so that it’s centered over the headpin (end of the wire will be angled up).

6. Press down on the end of the wire so that you once again have a 90 degree angle and perfect circle.  (tip…to ensure earrings are the same length, create your 2nd earring and compare loop sizes prior to completing the finishing details)

Finishing Details…
7. Place your Rosary pliers vertically across the top of your circle.  Take your bent chain-nose pliers and grasp the tip of the wire.  Cross over and begin wrapping the wire around the center of the headpin, staying parallel to your rosary pliers.

8. Continue winding the wire around the head pin taking your time to keep coils tight and precisely next to one another (reposition your bent chain-nose pliers after each side to side pass).
9. Using a pair of side cutters, clip the excess wire on an angle (this will ensure you have a professional looking end).
10. Using your Bent chain-nose pliers, press and tuck the end of the wire next to the last coil so there are no sharp edges.
11. Attach the scarf by using embroidery floss or yarn with a square knot.
12. Open your ear wire sideways and slip on the stacked drop, then move the ear wire back in place.

Unique designer variations…
Try White Jasper, Riverstone, Bone, Resin, or Czech Glass with different trims, ribbons, and metals such as Vintaj Natural Brass.  To create a shorter earring—experiment by using smaller millimeter Swarovski crystals or by reducing the snowmen to two parts (versus three).

ENJOY…Happy Holidays!

What will you choose?

Ask yourself constantly, what is the right thing to do…
Yes, I'm a firm believer in "What goes around, comes around"…as well as, having faith that God, Guardian Angels, and Karma are always watching out for me, my family, and friends,  in some type of form.  Normally, I keep my personal thoughts - well, personal - BUT sometimes, they just need to be voiced, especially if they help bring about changes that improve positive mindset and actions. 

Here recently, I've noticed an increase in negative comments and posts on the social sites (I could probably lump in the visual/print media too).  There seems to be some sort of "thing" that has taken hold of certain people and made them jump on this bandwagon that condones being overly critical and judgmental towards a variety of causes, people and things.   And…you know what?  I don't like it.  It hurts and affects many people - and I'm definitely not about negativity or having it color my life with dark shadows…I'm about COLOR and light and positive things - for me, life is an upward staircase - not down...

We have all experienced a variety of challenging things.  Sometimes you need to work hard at finding the positives.  But if you're up against one of those bad apples (or maybe a bushel of them)…does that mean the entire tree or grove is bad?  Of course not! There are plenty of good things being posted and broadcasted - some days I just wish it was a little more!  You know, Twitter may be filled with some snide and hateful tweets - and Facebook, along with many Blogs and Media sites can be filled with the Trolls that like to simply stir up trouble, by leaving disrespectful comments, or worse yet…doing nasty things behind the scenes because they feel secure hiding behind this wall of secrecy and anonymity.   Sometimes I think these companies thrive on creating negativity and conflicts, and it often makes me wonder, that if they became more transparent and broadcast the negative things (like they do everything else these days) - and do it with the names attached…do you think it would make a difference in the reduction of overall negativity?  As in... "So and So just unliked a page…So and So just reported that Family photo for spam…or so and so just hid that post" (only because they don't like that person and are being mean spirited).  It's just sad that people behave in this manner and I just "don't get" this type of negative "no-one will know…so why not" type of socializing.

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it more complicated

Well, count me in on the "Simplicity" side of life and the positive socializing that's for sure!  And when in doubt…remember to:

Mindset and Manners speak VOLUMES…
Treat others, in the manner in which you want to be treated...
Choose your words carefully (verbal and written)…
Find different ways to cope in positive ways…
Actions cause reactions - make them positive...
Conserve your energy for the good things in life!
No-one is perfect - but we can all try a little harder to do the right things…
And do the right thing because it's RIGHT.