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JLynn has been in the Art, Craft & Jewelry industry for over 30 years ~ promoting creativity through Education and Media. As a published designer, JLynn is known for her detailed, colorful Jewelry, unique Altered ART Wood Tiles, and Artwork. Online since 2004, a former eBay Power Seller, and currently on Artfire and Etsy. Family, Art, Nature and Kaleidoscopes are her biggest inspirations

Monday, March 20, 2017

Happy Spring!

A view looking out my Studio window this morning...
Such gorgeous blue skies!
Although it's still crisp and cold here in Maryland (we started out in the mid 30s...and are slowly warming up to the upper 40s hopefully), there is definitely a promise of Spring in the air, and I'm looking forward to those first green tree leaf buds.

But since we don't have those yet - I'm sending out a 
with some of my floral photography :)
 SPRING of course, also signifies the changing of quarters...
Tax-Time (if you weren't one of the ones, to file early)...
and a time to Rejuvenate & Re-Energize...

Typically for we creative souls, first quarter allows us time to breath, dream up new creative projects, learn a new technique or skill, and get yourself organized for another year in both the creative and business thought realm.  For me...it was wanting to squeeze in all of the above...but working within the reality of doing Winter online Shows - which left my head spinning, and my Studio in shambles, from all the non-stop orders.  A very good thing - because I would much rather be busy then not...BUT...it also left me with the reality, that improvements need to be made in my scheduling, to include down time for R&R and Creativity!

 Which leads me to sharing a little "aha" inspirational moment!
In early March, my husband and I got caught in a bad storm...heavy winds, rain, and lots of lightning (yes we got soaked lol).  But on the way home, as the storm stopped - we saw the beginning of beautiful Rainbow in front of us - which quickly grew to a Double Rainbow.

And as the clouds began to break-up, and the rain stopped...
The colors became more vibrant...and the 2nd rainbow became more visible.  It was like our own personal rainbow lol :) 

Double Rainbows mean magic is on the way...
or maybe it's a reminder that the Universe is with you
and it is telling you, to trust your vibes :)

For me - it was a sign that I am on the right path for 
a number of things this year...

Personal & Creative Time with Business Time balancing
along with...
Making time to inspire and encourage others through my two Facebook Groups:


One through Networking, and Inspirational/Educational Challenges
with Organizational & Business Building Thoughts

and the other through
My own Artwork, Components, Jewelry, and other Creative projects

Hope you can join me in both Groups this month...
Here's what's happening!

March Challenges in Artisans Create Together Group...
Green and Peach/Aqua Color Inspiration Challenge
and the NEW C5 Challenge which will be alternating with our Component Give-Away every month and will feature different ways to get inspired to create!

 If you'd like to join us in the Challenges (prizes & awards every month) and give your personal & creative Growth a fresh perspective and boost...
you would like additional opportunities to be creative in my private Group
(Tutorials, Give-Aways, Freebies, and 1st peeks at new Tiles)

Join these two Closed Groups (links above)

 In the JLynnJewels Circle, over our Customer Appreciation Sale over the weekend, I debuted a few new ART Tiles series...
Sea Turtles, Color Splash, and Marrakesh Pendants!
and Thursday/Friday - I'll be debuting the new
Mystic Magical Series and hopefully
some new Ombre Watercolor Earring pairs!

Well - that's all for now...
Have fun and be creative this week!
JLynn :)

Monday, January 30, 2017

It's a colorful New Year!

Molten Metalwork Impressions ~ Ombre Watercolor Finish
JLynnJewels ©

2016 was another year under the belt...
It was creatively busy...
It had some tough times, but equally good times...
But most importantly - it was a year where I tried very hard to regain my creative balance between my Family, Home, and Business.  I did just that :) And since I missed posting in December - I trust everyone had a lovely Holiday and great start to the New Year as well!  

2016 Highlights?
Well, if I had to give the most unusual highlight for the year...
It would be that I started two new Facebook Groups in 3rd Quarter!

A fun place where I do Featured Artisan Spotlights on fellow Artisans and do a variety of creative events, Group Shares, Special Interest Articles, and Tutorials
900+ plus and growing :) 

A creative group for inspiration, special sale events for Jewelry/Tiles/Metalwork
and other Tips/Techniques and Tutorials

THIS YEAR...2017...
Promises to be a very colorful year!

It's a year of new and exciting challenges with my Business - and I'm hoping to improve my day to day schedule, in order to have consistent time for designing Jewelry again...while having dedicated time to create ART Tiles & Molten Metalwork pieces, along with time to paint, and all the other creative mediums I've been missing (Lampwork, PMC, PMC3, Woodburning, Enamel and more).  Wish me Luck!

 Continuing Education wise...
Tomorrow - January 30, 2017...
I begin two Courses (one for Art and one for the Jewelry Business)
So I'm looking forward to learning, and regaining the clarity, purpose, and meaning behind all that I create and do.

And lastly...
My Etsy store is in a bit of a transition...so here's the scoop:
From now until the end of February, it's a Celebration of Jewelry that will be retired to make room for the new Line & Collection debuting in March!
So...Jewelry is all 55% off with coupon code TAKE55

If you're interested in my ART Tiles and Molten Metalwork pieces shown above, they will be available on Facebook.  Next Sale is February 1-3 in the JLynnJewelsCircle Group

I'll be back...with progress reports and sharing of new creative projects!