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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

"Name that Tile" Random Winner selected!

The Tile Name Debate!

I wanted another pendant size that was tall but still had a delicate feel to it…and these 2 1/2 x 1/2" Tiles definitely fit the bill.  I initially called them "Skinny Ovals" (and Elongated like my Heart Tiles) - as did a few of my customers during a recent call to help with a "Name that Tile" post on Facebook :)

Of course once I printed out the tiny papers, adhered them to the Tiles with my Florentine style of decoupage, wood burned the sides and created the bevel edges - all I could see were Mini Surfboards lol!  And I wasn't alone!!

So - wondering what some of the Name suggestions were?  
Well, aside from Skinny Oval and Surfboard we had…

Marquise, Navette, Surfette, 
Tongue Depressor, Pipe Boards,
Skimmers, Paddle Boards, Petals, 
Cats Eyes, Elongated Ovals, 
Neckboards, Fingerboards, 
Wafers, and Kayaks!

My husband said that they reminded him of the Overhead Fan Blades…
and wants to name them "Blade Tiles"

THANK YOU everyone for the fun suggestions and to those that participated :)
I'm positive that I will be using the word "Surfboard" and a few others like Marquise, Navette, Elongated Oval, Petals, in the descriptions (dependent on what prints/themes I'm using)...

The actual name of the Tile Shape will be revealed in the Etsy Store on Thursday when our FIRECRACKER Sale & Online Specials begin!
Jewelry 50-60% off
ART Tiles on sale, anda coupon code
 to add to your savings too :) 

LASTLY…and with great fanfare and thanks…
The Random Winner (generated by Random.org number generator) is #19…
who happens to be LYNN FERRO on my handwritten list of names

Congrats to Lynn who will receive one of the above pendant Tiles!

Look for matching Earrings in not just these 1 x 1/2"…
but also in some new sizes (shown below)... 

Matching Tiles in two new sizes…
1 1/4 x 3/8" and 1 1/2 x 1/2"

Happy Creating everyone!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Annual Summer Sale!

The Creative work schedule is not always easy to juggle…
But I'm making strides at trying to find the balance between my actual Art (sketching/painting), photography, my ART Tile Jewelry Components, and of course my Artisan Jewelry.

Every year about this time, I do a 50% off sale on Jewelry - and it's happening right now!
Prices have already been marked down - and I'll continue to add jewelry over the next week.
If in your in the USA and your order is over $30 - enter USAFREESHIP for free shippin

In late July & August - look for my annual Custom ART Tile Order Sale!
Your chance to order whatever your heart desires.

Denim & Lace
Denim Floral
Gypsy Tapestry
and more…

Along with the Tiles above…
be on the lookout for more patterns, prints and shapes!