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Monday, September 22, 2014

Before and After!

Many of you have asked about our Summer project of refinishing my old French Provincial Wooden Bedroom Furniture from when I was a little girl.  This is actually the 2nd time the set has been refinished - back in the mid-80's, my Dad & I refinished the dark cream with gold metallic highlights - to the white that you see on the left side.  My prior post here on the blog goes into more detail if you want to see older photos and our prep process.

It was an extremely busy summer for all of us - so I'm so sorry for the delay in sharing these "work-in-progress" and "before & after" photos.  Above is the nightstand…it's always amazing how different a piece can look when refinished, isn't it?  I loved the old pretty white…but I also love the new black too!

Below are some photos I took while my hubby was doing all the painting (yes, we opted to roll with a specialized paint) and it worked great.


This set was refinished for my daughter for her first apartment…and although I missed getting detail photos of the furniture all put back together and in their new place - I do have a collage that includes a few shots of her charming one-bedroom apartment that we decorated by being thrifty shoppers :) - we didn't really start with a plan - just found things as we went along and it all wound up coordinating.

As always - have fun shopping the deals - and never turn your nose up at some old pieces of furniture…you never know what they might turn into with a little hard work, paintbrush, roller, primer and paint ;)

Warmly, JLynn