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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Funny Beader Moments & Creative Hiatus News

My newly acquired components for upcoming Jewelry Designs!
LOVE these - they are so inspiring and fun..
Petite, Bohemian style Polymer Clay Beads 
from Cindy of GracefulWillowBeads on Etsy!

So…if you've ever wondered about a moment in the mind of a beader (or any other type of creative soul)…here's a little funny story about the beads above.

Last week, I was doing a very specific search on Etsy for 10mm beads for a Custom Jewelry Order.  All of a sudden...like seeing an Oasis in the middle of a desert - or being blinded by the sun when it comes out from behind the clouds - I spot one of these lovelies! I'm enchanted, enthralled and my mind simply shuts down...so focused am I, on all the colors and details...the design possibilities - that I automatically started filling up my shopping cart.  As I snap out of my euphoric boho-art-entrancement place, I see I've added a LOT of things to my cart.  Well, the reasonable, practical, and budget oriented side of me, removed some things, and quickly completed the purchase before I could change my mind.  For one brief moment, I felt rather proud of my control…but then it all came crashing down…as I convinced myself that these beads needed me, as I needed them (aka…yes, I caved under the pressure).  SO…I returned to the store, and placed a second order for all the things I left out of the first! 
lol…my bad…

For those of you that can relate…these type of moments have been fondly nicknamed "Squirrel Moments" by my family (when my task at hand gets separated by something that catches my eye).  These moments seem to be increasing as I age, but like growing older, I'm enjoying the process, and  EMBRACing them with all my heart!  They definitely keep life interesting…

Now, I will admit to my mind being similar to Dominos perfectly lined up and in order, then watching them go down one by one in a very synchronized fashion.  Although some might try to label me as random and not able to focus…this is, in fact, the REAL TRUTH...  

Well…with that said - every year about this time, 
I schedule what I call my "Creative Hiatus".
  My return to the simple state of…

The art of creating with original thoughts, expression, and imagination...
The "Happy" place...
The "Place" with minimal distractions other than the Art of Creativity...

And my countdown is in process - as I'm very much looking forward to all of the beads, supplies & components I've "gathered" since January!

FYI…incoming & upcoming!

Etsy Store will remain OPEN during my Creative Hiatus!
Look for:
NEW Artisan Jewelry (Wholesale specials)!
NEW ART Tile Themes, Colors & Patterns
for Summer, Fall & Winter!

Annual Custom Order SALE for Jewelry & ART Tiles
25-30% off ALL Custom Orders!
New Tutorials!

More New Stuff!
Some Fun Surprises & Sales!

Happy Creating!

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  1. Ooooh. Good idea regarding a creative hiatus! Have fun !!!


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