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Thursday, October 13, 2011

What soothes and brings comfort to you?

Photography by J-Lynn ~ "Reflection" (based on her photographs from the Fall of 1985/Massachusetts)

"There are some people who have the quality of richness and joy in them
and they communicate into everything they touch.  It is first of all, a
physical quality...then it is a quality of spirit" ~ Thomas Wolfe

Whenever I'm feeling a little confused, I remember this quote and it brings me strength.  Mainly because I try to live up to it, every day of my life. I'd like to think I have a connection to the author - not only because of the meaning, but because the author ironically had the same old Irish name as my Grandfather (who passed away the year I was born).  How I would have loved to chat with him about life...but in my heart, I know he would have shared my philosophy and outlook on life...very much like the quote above.

My apologies...for my absence and not taking the time to post a little something here on my Blog.  Life - it happens - and sometimes the words in your mind are trapped inside, bobbing up and down on a turbulent sea of emotions...unable to find a voice.  Which is definitely OK in my book - because I'm comfortable with silence and the resonance in the quiet.  I've learned that sometimes we just need to sit back, and allow things to settle in around us - to reflect and simply "be".  Want to know where I was "reflecting"??  I was right here (in my mind...sigh)

Photo by SallybytheSea on Facebook

Well - today, my voice was found...and this post is prompted by a long two weeks of submerging myself in creativity to cope with some personal things going on in my family's life (a relative of mine has been in the hospital and although it's been a tough time filled with lots of uncertainties) - I'm happy to say that there have been remarkable improvements with good news. 

Which leads me to how we cope with things in our life...and thinking about some of the things that bring comfort in times of life's profound events. There are no right or wrong answers.  However, when I have a choice to be absorbed with anger, confusion, depression or self-pity...I will always try to get on that higher road, in order to turn that experience around into a positive one.

For me...my moods, will always have an effect on my designs - so whether it's complex or simple...happy or sad - I've learned to allow the emotions complete freedom of expression through my hands and components.  Because of this, I'm usually left with a design that depicts many underlying emotions with a positive and hopeful feel to them.  So I encourage you to allow time to mimic some of the "colors" in life through your creativity in art, dance, music or design - here's a little personal design story I'd like to share... 

So what's the scoop on this particular design palette?  It came together as a result of two things - 1.  My own personal release of emotions, and 2.  A Design Challenge from B'Sue Boutiques.  This rich palette includes Purples and Violets that hold an aura of deep, mysterious emotions - with contrasts of black and brown to indicate a strong foundation.  It's brooding and dark, full of some confusion - yet at the same time...captivating, alive and certain of an underlying warmth and love of life. 

Designs can tell a story if you are brave enough to let them out...so let me share my own personal thoughts about this design I'm currently working on today.  And tomorrow when you see the finished piece, you will "know" the story behind it - and the meaning of the colors and components.
  • Colors of Purple, Brown and Black - a complex mix for me, as they remind me of the many unknown and mysterious things happening in my life at the moment. Despite the darkness and uncertainty in the unanswered questions - this color combination is one that is "uplifting" because I have faith that no matter what - things will work out exactly as they are suppose to - fate & destiny are words that come to mind.
  • Bubby & McGurk Lampwork Beads - these organic shaped beauties have an inner glow...they symbolize a life that is full of layers, depth, and mystery - not that they hold the answers to life or why we have to go through some of the things that are handed to us - but they have a solidity that silently communicates that it's up to us as individuals to use what's handed to us in a positive way.
  • FAB black brass metal (Fallen Angel Black Brass) - symbolize a "strength" and that place we all have to pull from when we are feeling weak and unsettled.  Fallen Angel Black Brass for me is a symbolization of life in itself...like newborn babies...we all start our as shiny and brand new (like raw bright brass)...and over our years, time, and experiences - we become weathered in a beautiful, timeless way that truly indicates a love of life and at the core...an inner strength.
  • B'Sue's Sari Ribbon - This bundle of ribbon is so beautiful and unique because instead of being "one" dyed color/lot...it's a glorious, rich, long length of seamed together strands of colors - gorgeous!  When I first saw it, it reminded me of the blending of people in our lives that create a rich tapestry.  For me, Satin is a fine material that symbolizes "living" and "warmth" - so adding this to my design...it's like snuggling up with a warm blanket on a cold night - it brings a feeling of comfort.
  • JLynn Art tile - I started creating tiles to simply reflect a personal story for a friend of mine  - and the tile for this one, is no different.  It was altered, digitized, with the colors fine-tuned to match not only the components (beads & ribbon) - but also because the scrolls reminded me that are emotions are constantly "in motion" - intertwining and mixing on the road of life.

So - stop by tomorrow to see the "REVEAL" of this very meaningful bracelet...


  1. I don't know how I could possibly explain how your writing, your sharing, the meaning behind your work and how it just shimmers through your pieces... how it all just awes and humbles and inspires me. Thank you, Janice, for being amazing and so often teaching me how to be strong and inspiring me every day. <3 <3 <3

  2. I really love this post, J. And I feel deeply flattered by what you said about FAB -- how you get our vision so completely. But more, I want to tell you how happy I am that your loved one is finding some relief and good news.

    To take your question literally, what soothes and comforts me is the love and goodness of friends and family (including you, my dear), snuggles and kisses from Puppyboy, creating, working on FAB and with our customers (that is truly the most gratifying part of business, I think). Oh, and some really good grilled cheese sammies with tomato soup and hot chocolate. :c)

    Love to you, dear.

  3. Lovely piece - lovely writing with raw emotions - beautiful and striking!

  4. Read this again, J. I so love what you have to say, about yourself, about life, about why you choose the materials you choose. This bracelet has to be one of my all time favorite creations of yours. Love!


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