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Saturday, November 6, 2010

November...new website look & NEW Jewelry Tutorial!

This year has just flown by - and I have to admit I start getting just a wee bit panicked when I hear someone spout off how many days it is until Christmas.  Can you visualize this....me standing here with my fingers in my ears going lalalalalalalala! 

My husband and I hardly ever get away - this year we said we would definitely do it - and a little bit later today, we will be heading to Myrtle Beach, SC.  Relaxing, Beach, Shopping, Show & Dinners (and of course we each brought some stuff to do).  My inlaws just got here to basically house-sit for us - who knows - maybe it will be a really relaxing week for them too :)

Check our the look of our website...it changed....again.  For the past month we've been ironing out the details with a new template, updating html codes that went awry in the switch and trying to get to updating the products.  It was a deep chocolate brown with golds - very elegant, vintage and beautiful - the problem?  The darkness was weighing me down...there was no lively colors and I realized that it needed to go.  Must have been a sign because within 2 hours - the website had a new look, no issues with the html coding - and all that's left when we get back from our "holiday" is uploading products! 

When I asked for feedback from one of my dear friends in Tennessee (Julie of "Entirely Apropos on our blog list) she said "OH WOW!!!! I love it!! I clicked on here and there and think it looks spectacular! Love the new colors and the feel is really good! I love it!!!! 2 thumbs up!!!!  It's kind of like getting a new wardrobe in your closet!  Everytime you open the door, it's like a fun new surprise smiling at you! "

Anywhoo - a few of us have this saying when things just fall in place and make you smile because it feels so right - COOL BEANS!

This coming week...look for a very exciting link to a Jewelry Tutorial that I wrote up for a popular Beading magazine - I love sharing tips & ideas!  The Editor loved it and I hope you will too :)

That's all my friends - Peace Out until I'm back in town (or find a wifi spot to blog or post on Facebook.

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