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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dreams & Sunshine!

DREAMs...we all have them don't we?  They may happen at night or during the day - they might distract us for a moment - but they never cease to be things of beauty and ones we hope to aspire to...

I'm having one of those days where dreams and distractions (whether literal or in my mind) are slowing me down LOL.  But I also believe that when the fates slow me down, it's a sign to take a breath and appreciate the simple things in life - with those thoughts...I had to take time to smell a pretty rose and was inspired to find a rose quote...so in case you're having one of those day too...I figured I would share.

A single rose can be my garden...a single friend, my world ~ Leo Buscaglia

So despite having one of those days where I'm distracted by my own shadow...you know what I'm talking about...you start a project, get pulled into another project, realize that you need to get a load of wash done, which leads to picking up things that were left laying on the laundry floor...which leads to a cup of coffee and seeing you didn't take care of the dishes...and unloading the dishwasher before reloading.  AND before you know it, an entire hour or two has gone by and you still haven't finished the project you originally started!  YUP...one of those days for me but I'm taking it in stride because the sun is shining, I'm thinking about things that make me smile...including having NO SNOW in the forecast.

I'm a four season lover...but this year I'm eager for the Spring and warmer weather due in part to last winter (when we measured our snow in feet) and this winter - where we seem to get these storms on a weekly basis.  Anyways - it's pretty blue skies and sunshine here in Maryland AND 25 degrees - compared to 10 degrees last night, it's like a heatwave, so I'll take it :)

Now a bit of news...
This past week I had the opportunity to actually clean up my workspace a bit - and have to say...it's nice to see the wood of the table LOL.  As I'm finishing up my instructions for publications in the July Bead Trends magazine today - I'm getting excited for all the new designs, mixed media projects, and lampwork beads I have planned and yes - dreamed about! 

Here's just a few new focal pieces I got in this past week (Wooden Celtic pendants and beautiful ceramic pendants from Nan of Spirited Earth - check out her blog to the right called SpiritRattles).  All the pieces are full of symbolism and I can't wait to be inspired by them.  Designing is like that for me...I hold a piece in my hand and sit quietly and contemplate the meaning and how I'd like to portray it with colors, textures and accents.

I currently have so many focals that are talking to me...it's like the Newsfeed on Facebook!  Welll...have a great rest of the week everyone - enjoy your HUMP day ;)

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