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Monday, July 2, 2012

Defining Moments...strengthen you

Life can be filled with moments of questions
to which there are no answers...only feelings

Time flies!  It has definitely been a while since I've posted here on my blog...and to be honest, I really had a lot planned to share...but life, as that old cliché goes “Took on a life of its own”.  Although I love to maintain a balance between my real life, my business life, family, and all the little things I love to do…sometimes one area of your life take precedence over all others. Recently, my life has been full of a series of moments that I call “defining” – you know those little seconds when everything becomes crystal clear in such a simple way, that no matter what else might be on your plate - it doesn’t matter, because you know exactly where your time and efforts need to be.  Some of those moments are tough ones – where others are those “ah-ha's” when your heart feels like something just fell into place and clicked.

If you pay attention and look at things with an honest and open mind...you realize that these moments are the ones that will help you move forward with intention to make positive improvements in your life.  Self reflection is a wonderful thing...because no matter how compassionate, loving, and kind you think you are...there is ALWAYS room for more in your heart, mind, spirit and soul to share with others.

Through challenges, worries and the many unknowns – I am one of those people that always have the desire to keep looking at things from a positive perspective, finding the good, learning from the experience...and knowing that one thing is certain...you always have time in every day, to simply give thanks for all the little things in your life.  There is beauty to be found when you simply believe in the fundamental goodness in people, and have faith that everything will work out for the best.

The last two months for me personally, have been filled with both happy and sad times, triumphs, things to celebrate (significant Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduations and business milestones), along with a good deal of challenges.  I have never been one to openly share the struggles of my own life (for me, they are personal and I don't feel comfortable with broadcasting them openly in a public format)...however, I do love sharing the lessons learned from them - along with the hope and feelings that inspire others that might be going through their own tough times to keep moving forward in a positive direction.

Well, as random posts go...I'm not always sure where my thoughts will lead, but when the words are flowing, I write.  Having been a freelance writer sharing articles for home life, decorating, and more in my past, writing is one of those special things for me.  So just like designing jewelry, painting or playing with fire (torching lampwork beads) – each of these activities have the capacity to calm, soothe, comfort, and give me an outlet to express my feelings which is such a blessing.  I wish the same type of creative outlets for all my friends and followers.

So although I've said it before, I'll say it again...I truly am a believer in that philosophy of "everything happens for a reason" to bring us to the place we were meant to be...in order to live our life in harmony with our own thoughts, actions and beliefs.

Wishing everyone a beautiful Monday and start of a glorious week!


  1. Missed you and yes we all need me time and find many things can work its way into that space. Life is a journey and you never know were it will take you. Just know that it will take you. Hugs my friend. Cherrie

  2. You're welcome Nancy :) - and Cherrie we never really know <3

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