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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

TUTORIAL TIME...contemporary painting made easy!

Poppin' Poppies original Artwork by
Jen Everett (my daughter)
A week or so ago, and completely out of the blue, my daughter (who is in college), came home for the weekend armed with a bag filled with a mini Canvas print, a paintbrush set and a few Acrylic paints to create something for her room.  In exchange for my personal guidance...she agreed to my photo taking, so I could create a mini-Tutorial for all of you :) 
So...if you're in need of a little gift giving idea...or just want to create a piece of art for your bathroom, bedroom, or even your cubicle at work - these little canvas blocks are just the right ticket - quick and easy to do...and very lightweight!
- Assorted Acrylic Round Paint Brushes
- Sea Sponge or Pouncer
- Wedge Sponge Brush (wood handle with black/grey sponge brush -any size)
- Acrylic Paints (Cream, Tan and three other colors of your choice)
- Ready to Paint Blank Canvas Block (any size - shown is a 8x8) 

 STEP 1 - Canvas Preparation & Base Layers
  • Cover your table!  Then using a Wedge/Sponge Brush, paint entire canvas with a tan base
  • Using damp sea sponge, pounce a light cream base on top of tan to create a mottle blended finish
  • Pencil in basic geometric floral shapes and stems (oblong ovals, circles with imperfect "bumps")
  • With a dampened large round paintbrush, fill in shapes with your choice of paint colors.

STEP 2 - Let the Flowers take Shape!
  • Mix a "dab" of Black paint and blend with one of your paint colors to create a slightly darker shade for shadows/depth.  With a wet round brush, and swirling motion, apply shaded paint over the original base layers in the center and outer edges where petals might be.  Repeat for all your flower colors and when finished - rinse and dry off paintbrush.
  • Repeat the above process but this time using a small dab of white paint with your flower paint colors to create a slightly lighter shade of paint for highlights.  With a small wet round brush and some short, quick arc-like strokes - paint in some highlights (as if the sun were hitting sections of the flower/petals).  There is no right or wrong in this step...trust what you're seeing and keep blending together.
  • Using your round paint brush, begin to outline flower and fill in stems with black paint.
STEP 3 - Details, details, details...
  • Using a wet round paintbrush, add a dab of black and blend so that paint is a little thinner and is moving easily...dab a little bit in the center of a flower and in a swirling motion, define the center.  Repeat for all other flowers.
  • Redefine flower stems with watered down black paint so that none of the canvas show through. 
  • Touch of colors in flowers by using the same process in Step 2, to better define and blend the transitioning shades of color (original paint color, shadowed and highlighted colors).

This is the current state of her artwork...she wants to add a few more details and final outlines, along with that Picasso signature!  However, I have to say that I'm kind of liking it the way it is. Just remember that in any art or craft you do...often the imperfectionism of the piece is exactly what makes it unique and special!
TIP:  The idea with this project is to HAVE FUN with it!  Let go of your perception of "being perfect" and simply enjoy blending colors with colors, and water so paint flows on canvas.  Take a look at any photographs or other artwork for inspiration only...remember give yourself the opportunity to allow your inner creativity to come out! 
Enjoy this fun, quick and easy to do project that can be used for your own personal use or for gift giving!
P.S.  Look for my top 10 "Thankful" post tomorrow!  If you're traveling in this states this Holiday weekend, be SAFE!  Happy early Thanksgiving everyone!

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