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Monday, August 19, 2013

The Chosen ONE!

LOVE to host informal Creative Challenges - and I'm working on doing these a little more often! 
This particular challenge was inspired by Peacocks...specifically the colors shown above.  The only rules for anyone that wanted to join us - were to use at last 2 colors and simply post a picture - and HAVE FUN!  Yes - I'm awarding one prize - nothing biggie - just a little "something" to the creation that simply made me go WOW...or oh, oh, oh - I LOVE that!
Well - to be honest - I'm so stinkin' objective, and have a tendency to simply love all that take the time to have a little fun and post their creations, that it makes it hard to just pick ONE...!  Here's our participants this time around...but let me start out with an inspirational share submitted by Jan...this amazing cake!  Talk about detail and color (and no she did not try to pass this off as her own creation lol).
And here are the designs in no particular order :)
Lisa Lodge - pretty Butterfly & Flower Earrings!
These made me feel happy as soon as I saw them...Aloha indeed!   Beautiful Polymer Clay beads accented with Butterfly charms and a little silk ribbon texture
Helen Bowen - Peacock Statement Necklace!  I simply adore linked chains and I know this would look fabulous with a fun summer outfit - great design that can be dressed up with a pretty silk cami and jacket...or a White T-shirt and Jeans!
Paula Schmidt - Two variations in necklaces...both beautiful - one with a lighter more delicate feel to it...and the other incorporating a variety of beads for a more chunkier and substantial look!
  Jan Williams - Beautiful gemstone single strand Necklace...
such a rich and elegant feel to this one - with beautiful colors that catch the light! 
Darla Buhler - Such a sweet Cluster that really popped with our color combo!
Great Choker style Necklace that would be a great accent to wear with a V-Neck Shirt

Tonya Busby - always love her intricate combination and selection of beads
 - beautiful use of colors, bead sizes and variations!
WELL...I bet you're wondering who I picked lol...I'll get to that in a bit, but first...I thought I would share my design ideas in motion (so to speak)...
With many Tile Orders processed the past two weeks, I worked right up until yesterday finishing them all up - so didn't have the time I wanted to design...however I did go through my bead stash and have a lot of future design ideas brewing...some of which are being "pondered" here...
And if you're wondering about those colorful, geometric earrings at the bottom?
Can you guess what they were upcycled from???
A Belly-Dancer's Chain Belt!
I call them "Belly-Up" - hard to see in the photo...but these are actually lightweight enameled brass pieces that I will be accenting with
 Fallen Angel Brass findings, Copper chain, Swarovski Crystals
 and tiny ceramic rounds from Karen of Starry Road Studio.
Currently - lot of works-in-progress :)
It never ceases to inspire me...
with these fun Creative Challenges - it's like someone granting you permission to "play" and experiment with all the endless possibilities...
No telling what new designs will come to be!
Well - it's that time!  Here's the ONE...
The ONE I chose...and trust me, it was HARD...
Kristy's Earrings were really talking up a storm to me!
I can't tell you the number of times that I came back to look at her photo to simply admire and sigh.  Between the organic wire wrapping, and her blending of bead sizes and of course "color"...these earrings were the "ONE" this time around!  AS the "chosen" one ;) - Kristy will receive a free ART Tile of her choice
Keep in mind that our Etsy store is in vacation mode while I take a little time off to play in the sun, get creative, design jewelry, and of course...add all the new FALL ART Tiles to our Etsy store over the next three weeks!
Look for our re-opening of JLynnJewels the first week of September...
Look for the GRAND OPENING of our JLynnARTJewelry Store!
HAVE FUN during the last couple weeks of summer...


  1. ..."admire and sigh" took the words right out of my mouth! Gorgeous entries, love the creativity!

  2. Oh my gosh Janice! Thank you so much! The design that I had (all pictured in my mind..lol) was one using the fuchsia teardrop tiles that you made but I ran out of time (my life story these days) but when I do actually sit down and make it, I will post a pic for you to see. LOVE your tiles SO very much. There is so much work and dedication put into them and it shows in each one.

  3. Thanks again for doing these challenges, Janice! It was really fun. I am glad that I did not have to pick a winner - all the entries are so awesome. I know what you mean about Kristi's earrings - I keep staring at that focal bead and getting lost in the color. So soothing!

  4. J-Lynn, these are all lovely (I adore peacocks, too)... if I were really honest I would say Lisa Lodge's earrings speak to me, as I am partial to polymer clay, and especially those intricate beads (I know how much time and work goes into them!)


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