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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Creative Corner and $20 dollar Guessing Game!

Creative Corner…

The creative corner in my little artistic world is a busy place - always in constant motion with the Art Tiles, Jewelry designing, painting, photography and computer work.   Of course, there is also that task of attempting to finish organizing my Office/Studio space (with that never ending list of never ending projects).  All good things - but some days it would be nice to have a couple extra hours in the day lol :)

As I sit at my desk at the end of the day, and sipping on my last little bit of coffee - I'm feeling a relaxed sense of accomplishment with being completely caught up on all my orders right before a long Holiday weekend.  So other than doing a little computer work over the next few days (digitizing some artwork samples for an upcoming custom order) - I'm making plans to finish some things I've been wanting to do...

#1 - Complete the organization of my Beads in the Office/Studio - so that I can get some design time in.  I've been slowly working on sections in the office…and happy to say that the drawer unit is organized with a variety of metal findings…and the baskets to the right are organized and filled with freshly cut Wood Tiles.   But as you can see in the lower left corner, I still have some fabric open trays to fill - and on the right...a few tin projects that have been patiently sitting in the "waiting" area…(cough…that would be the floor)...

My desk needs a little straightening up…but 
the design table in front of the window is ready and waiting!
My 6' Wall unit will be re-arranged to fit those 5 fabric trays from above...

Bookshelf is finished…
Just have a few extra baskets piled up on my wicker basket
that will be used in my Hall Storage closet makeover.

SO…not too much organization work left before I am able to squeeze in a little "play" time with just a few of my lovely beads and creative components…


SO…here are the details for the GUESSING GAME to win $20 in Art Tiles...
As I was going through all my "prepped" Art Tiles - and trying to pick out those I'd like to wood burn for the Summer/Fall production lineup - I was overwhelmed with how many I have actually prepped!  So I did a guesstimate…but then curiosity got the better of me and I COUNTED them! You see when I do print runs for actual orders, I'm always mindful of not wasting paper - so I typically fill the print area with new images (themes and colors) and prep additional tiles with the orders…obviously, they added up over a short period of time…
*Guess how many Art Tiles are in this pretty fabric storage box measuring 12 x 8 x 6 by leaving your number guess in the comment area below in this post (you can also leave a comment on our Blog Post Link on Facebook which is pinned at the top of our business page J-Lynn Jewels )

All those that guess correctly will be put into a random drawing for the $20
Remember…this game does not require any mathematical skills - just a little luck ;)

HINT #1 - the actual number of Art Tiles is over 1,000 but under 1275…
HINT #2 - the actual number of ART Tiles ends with the number 5…

If you're quick with your Math - or like to scribble out combinations…these hints will narrow your choices down to…oh... 28 possibilities…

And since I'm a nice person and would like to give everyone a fair chance…I'm going to add one more HINT tomorrow ON our FACEBOOK Blog Post link to narrow your choices  down to 10…so put on your lucky thinking caps - maybe you'll be the lucky winner of $20!  WINNER will be announced Tuesday noontime EST! 

In case you didn't catch HINT #3 on our Facebook page post…here it is: 

HINT #3 - the correct and final count number of the ART Tile Guessing game has the number "2" in it!  This leaves only TEN possible combinations - have fun guessing by leaving a comment here (or if you're on Facebook, you can leave a comment on the Creative Corner post highlighted at the top of the biz page (link above)

Have a great day everyone!
If you're traveling over the long Holiday weekend…be SAFE!
Happy Memorial Day :)




Ironically…Cathy was the very first person to correctly guess the correct Creative Corner ART Tile number and the #1 on our Random.org list :)
Congrats to Cathy - the winner of $20 in Art Tiles!


  1. I didn't see weather this was international or not so I'm going to submit a guess and you can exclude it if needs be (hopefully not your work is amazing!) 1125

  2. My guess is 1205 :-)
    The same thing as Vovs, being international reader...

  3. I will try 1235....for no particular reason, lol. Not good at this sort of puzzle.

  4. 1235. The first # that popped into my head before I saw any of the hints was 1237. My intuition is usually pretty sharp . Maybe your count was off by 2 ;)

  5. 1522. I love your room!

  6. Typo in my guess.. correct guess was 1252.

  7. Nevermind...guess I just can't type. 1225.


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