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Friday, November 6, 2015

Making Time for the Good Stuff!

 Forget Me Not ART Tile Necklace
A necklace I created in memory of my Dad, which was published in Belle Armoire Magazine a few years ago.

 Taking time for the little and big things this past year...
I started 2015 out with a goal to create a better balance
Creating - Painting - Designing - 
and more time to relax and enjoy life

Of course, Life doesn't always go as we planned…
It can be busy and full of surprises - and 
then throw a few curve balls when you're least expecting it.

As some of you know my MIL was diagnosed with NHL (Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma) last Summer.  She went through surgery, then 5-6 rounds of Chemo...but the cancer was stubborn...so she had to undergo Radiation treatments (5x a week for 5 weeks or so…). Cancer is tough - and I think we are constantly redefining and renewing our faith in the word hope & believe.

During Chemo Rounds - I always had a little pick-me-up gift after each treatment - and we all wore Green Wrist bands with the words "No-one Fights Alone" - however, with the radiation treatments - I felt something a little more substantial was in order…hence the need to create a Cancer Boot Kickin' Necklace (featuring an awesome Ceramic Boot by Gaea, Czech glass bead, and all Vintaj Natural findings/chain.  Although it's a relatively simple design, it is still a very time consuming one with the involved fringe which I designed to help sooth the nerves and thoughts - and to keep my MILs fingers and hands busy while staying still.  It's definitely a substantial Talisman Necklace

I think I said Cancer was tough...and sometimes stubborn...
After a couple months "off", we learned that there is still a stubborn area of Cancer...which means another Surgery soon for my MIL...
so please keep her in your thoughts & prayers.  

In case you didn't realize…creation for me, comes from the heart - so in everything I do…there is meaning behind it - a story of sorts - and a reason for creating what I did - heartfelt symbolism born out of the happy and tough stuff.

The best philosophy for me and life is…
Focus on the things you have control over…and let the rest go :)


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