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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Nothing sweeter...New Year & new plans!

Happy New Year!

Well - it's the first cookies of the New Year!  I was resisting the urge to bake, but was coerced into making a batch of Nestles Chocolate Chip Cookies earlier today (mind you...a little healthier with Stevia and a mix of flours - shown unbaked here).  I'd show you the baked version - but well...what can I say...they were VERY yummy with a glass of milk - so maybe next time ;)

Hope you all had a lovely holiday season and are looking forward to what 2016 has in store for you - I know I am!  Last year I planned the work, and worked the plan - in order to put in place a lot of terrific changes for this year, to bring you many new Jewelry pieces, Tiles, and Art! 

Curious as to what I have up my sleeve?
Here's a few snapshots from 2015...
and some news for 2016

ART Tile questions...
Yes, I will be making them in 2016...
but on a reduced production schedule, as I will be splitting
 my time with  Artwork (Painting), the ART Tiles and Jewelry Design.
 JLynnJewels ART Tiles ©
Oh my...these pretties are always a labor of love...very time consuming with
images on both sides, created in my Florentine Decoupage style, authentic Wood-burned Bevel Edge frames, with multi-layers of Artist varnish.  

Tile wise, I'm not sure if it's the tiny details or joy in bringing my own artwork and photography to life that I love more...but I do know that I love creating these little miniature pieces of art.  In 2015, I needed to scale back in the amount of Made-to-Order requests I took, as the demands on making them were causing me physical problems in my neck and hands.  So in order to preserve my discs, muscles and tendons this year...I've created a more balanced work plan, so that I can keep on doing what I love to do :)

SO...what's in the works???
I'm happy to tell you that 2016 will bring a new line of special & unique OOAK and Limited Edition ART Tiles (get them while you can...) - some will feature my new Zen Inspired Art - along with a few new themed MTO collections that will be released and available by calendar quarters.
Jewelry Designing...
During 2015, jewelry design time was at a premium with all the other things going on in life.  That's why I was I was very honored to be asked to create a collection for the now retired "Beads & Beyond" magazine - where my "Denim & Lace" Necklace graced the cover this past November.  It was such a fun  collection to create that featured a Necklace, Earrings, and two Bracelets with variations on my new contemporary Chain Maille pattern I created specifically for this feature.  

In 2016 I will be sharing new Tutorials on my Website (in the works) and Facebook Tutorial Album (including the Denim & Lace designs).  I am SO excited and looking forward to having designated design time for new Artisan jewelry creations :)
Some of the original Jewelry pieces are available in our newest sales platform on

H@A went live in early October.  I wasn't sure what to expect or what Amazon would bring to the handmade world - but after having a pretty amazing holiday season there - I'm hopeful that their presence with promoting Handmade will help foster and promote all things handmade - including bringing new light on Etsy as well (which is another sales venue of mine that just hit a pretty amazing milestone in 2015 - a whopping 2,000 items sold!).
  Looking forward to being present on both venues this year :)


2015 year was a year of additions, challenges, and some positive changes :)

In April, we adopted yet another fur baby rescue...
My 25 year old son is the one I can thank for convincing me to bring home 
our little Bella Bunny - a sweet & petite Lionhead!
She joins our other two rescues - Angel who has fur like velvet...
and Maggie-Moo who loves to be held like a baby

In December, my daughter made the Deans List once again - 
and graduated a semester early with a degree in Accounting, 
and started her new job just this past week.

 My DH has been with FHWA for over 30 years now and currently works in DC - he was recently honored with a special invite to the White House at Christmas...
and since we had toured the White House way back in the 80s...I told him to take our daughter in my place for a special graduation perk.  I won't share all the photos they were allowed to take - but this is one area I would have absolutely LOVED to walk down with all the overhead Snowflakes :)

On the challenging side of life...
My Mother-in-Law continues her battle with NHL Cancer.
She has handled everything with such strength - but it is still so tough.
Her battle started the Summer of 2014...and over the next year and a half - she had a surgery, 6 rounds of Chemo, 25 Radiation treatments - and when the Cancer was still there - went through another invasive surgery which left her with some voice and mobility issues.  We have tried to keep her spirits up throughout - and aside from little pick-me-up Gifts (mainly lightweight Earrings I created) and positive thought gifts - I also created the below Talisman Necklace for her, mainly to give her something to run her fingers through on the commutes to and from the hospital (which she loved). It features premium Czech beads wire wrapped to a very full but lightweight tassel dangling from an amazing Ceramic Boot (created by my friend Gaea) and pulled together with one of my favorite, warm and rich Brass Metals - Vintaj.  The Believe Affirmation Ring sealed the deal.  

Her battles continues - so please take some time to send out well wishes, prayers and good, positive thoughts into the world for not only her, but for the many others who are continually faced with challenges too.  Life is short - and goes by so quickly with every year you are blessed to be here.  So spend time with those that mean the most to you and do the things that bring happiness and joy!

Which brings me back to the present...
2016 - January...
I finished my Financial record keeping for the year (along with inventory)...so believe it or not, I'm actually looking forward to cleaning up the Studio (good exercise to keep the hands and mind busy)...and layout my findings and components for new designs I'm planning to create during the last two weeks in January.  Hoping to debut some new and exciting collections in both the Etsy and Amazon stores during the first two quarters...and hopefully by June - my regular website will be back up and running!  

For now - enjoy our temporary site at www.JLynnJewels.com
Look for Sneak Peeks on our social sites (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) and new listings on both Amazon & Etsy!

Including some of these...

These gemstones, ART Tiles, Artisan Components, Ceramic pieces
 from the above and below pictures will be featured
 in new designs in January & February
HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!!


  1. Great read as ever Janice.
    Happy New Year and here's to getting the balance of everything just right in 2016.

    1. Many thanks Helen - looking forward to seeing all you come out with in 2016 too :)

  2. Happy New Year! Wonderful post. I'll be praying for your MIL, she is a trooper. Happy for Jen and what a neat experience at the White House! Love you and keep up the amazing works of art! You inspire me! xo

    1. She is indeed - and we appreciate all the prayers! She very much needs them on this next phase of treatments. Both T & J had a fun day at the White House and then exploring DC as a Tourist (even though Tom works there lol) ;) Thanks for the encouragement - love you too! xo


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