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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Happy December!

All is calm...
Well, my lovelies - it is so unbelievable that the end of another year is here, isn't it?
This year went by SO fast for me - whether that's because I made room for a few more things in my life, the happiness in my creativity, the activities in every day life, the challenges, the struggles, the blessings - or maybe just a big, wonderful combination of all the things in life.  

I didn't blog as much as I wanted to this year - but it is what it is...maybe next year - we shall see!

December for me is always a time for a quick reflection...
Not just business stuff - BUT the more important stuff in our life...
Family, Friends & Making a Difference

And I always ask myself...
What are the memories that come to mind first?
What were the favorite things I did?
The places I went?
The things I created?
The people that touched my heart...and those that I made a difference for?
What did I want to do, and did...
And - what did I want to do, but didn't...
Along with - what plans will make the 2017 list?

Memories are a funny thing.  Sometimes they are crystal clear in your mind - and other times just a vague foggy blur.  Other times - if it weren't for the old photograph - I'm not even sure if I would have remembered it happened!  So...although there are days I miss the "simple" and less complicated days in my life - pre-computers, pre-smart-phones, and yes - even pre-Facebook...I very much appreciate the memories that are captured in e-form - namely the ones I take on my phone :)

Life moves so fast - that it's wonderful to be able to take a quick photo of that pretty tree in Fall...a family gathering, your fur baby, or other yummy dinner or treat.  It helps us remember and preserve in digital format - all the fun details of that day- like when we visited the local Sunflower field...

Or the Marathon Craft weekend I had creating Fall decorations with my daughter...
Without this photo, I'm thinking the things we created - would become a fading memory fast!

 Or the day my husband and I took the long way home and stopped at our local State Park :)

I'm thankful that while moving pretty fast in every day life - we can actually still take time to stop, breath, and enjoy the little moments (and capture them in a photo too).

Business Wise you ask?
2017 will be filled with some of the familiar and comforting things that both you and I are accustom to creativity wise...however, it will also be filled with new creations...
As I continue to follow my heart
 and the thoughts
that are stirring deep in my soul.

Growth means having the ability to squeeze in new creative thoughts & mediums...
New Jewelry Collections...New Components...
and with that...
one needs a better and improved way of scheduling and organizing the creative time :)

BUT for now...I'm celebrating another wonderful year - which means...
It's time for my 

This year rather than hosting the sale on my Facebook Timeline or Business Page - I'll created a special Group for it - which will also morph into a place where my customers can do open posting of their creations made with my components too :)

To join in the fun - search on "JLynnJewels Group" on Facebook
or click on the below link...once in the Group - just click the "Join" button!


Upcoming for this week - look for some information on my other new Group to bring Creative people together called "Artisans Create Together"

Until then...have a beautiful start to the holiday season!
Warmly, JLynn

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