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Friday, January 5, 2018

It's never too late, to...


 I know...January is typically the time for Organizational posts,
De-cluttering, Scheduling and Planning - but...
It's also time to take a little step back, 
and make sure you take time, to simply, enjoy life.

Shown above, is one of our Rescue Bunnies, named Angel.  She is a sweet, very curious and friendly bunny, that loves to be held.  Her favorite position is as shown - with her head tucked into your elbow.  Mini Rex Bunnies are known for their extremely soft, velvet like coat of hair, and expressive eyes.  She is the matron of our Trio of bunnies, and just over 5 years old now.  We also have been blessed with Maggie-Moo and Bella too - which I'll share pics soon.

Fur Babies, no matter what the size or type, are just full of unconditional love, and bring us a lot of joy and happiness.  As for them, and when you think about things from their perspective - is any wonder that we (as their adopted humans) are their entire world :)

So with warm and fuzzy thoughts and only five days into the New Year, I figured it was the perfect to send out these wishes to you all!

Looking forward to sharing more creativity this year, 
in a variety of Art and Craft mediums, that will include Jewelry, Jewelry Components, Artwork, Mixed Media and Decor! 

Happy New Year!

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