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Friday, October 14, 2011

Sari Silk Ribbon Design & Blog Hop

Today is the day for the "Reveal" as promised!
A special thank you to Brenda Sue of B'sueBoutiques for planning and organizing this!

"Emotional Tides"
My bracelet design that I created with the gorgeous Silk Sari Ribbon from B'SueBoutiques, JLynnJewels ART tile, Artisan Lampwork Bead from Dean of Bubby & McGurk Beads, Black Onyx gemstones, Swarovski Crystals and Fallen Angel Black Brass findings and charms.  I've included some highlights from our post yesterday "What Soothes and Brings Comfort to You"  (please take a moment to read this inspirational post if you have time - as it does explain in a little more depth the meaning behind the bracelet).

When I signed up for this particular challenge, it was "before" our family experienced a little setback - my Sister who is in poor health, was taken to the hospital - and remains in ICU with additional testing.  (Update to this post...unfortunately, my Sister lost her fight for life, and made a peaceful transition to Heaven surrounded by her family - RIP Dawn).

So this design was created with a lot of mixed up emotions of stress, relief, sadness, happiness and love - it is about going with the tides of life...

With all that was going on...it wasn't until yesterday that the bracelet came together very quickly in an explosion of emotions, and of course love for design and colors.  Color Palette:  This rich palette includes Purples and Violets that hold an aura of deep, mysterious emotions - with contrasts of black and brown to indicate a strong foundation. It's brooding and dark, full of some confusion - yet at the same time...captivating, alive and certain of an underlying warmth and love of life. Purple, Brown and Black - remind me of the many unknown and mysterious things in life. Despite the darkness and uncertainty in the unanswered questions - this color combination is one that is "uplifting" because I have faith that no matter what - things will work out exactly as they are suppose to - fate & destiny are words that come to mind.

B'Sue's Sari Ribbon - This bundle of ribbon is so beautiful and unique because instead of being "one" dyed color/lot...it's a glorious, rich, long length of seamed together strands of colors - gorgeous! When I first saw it, it reminded me of the blending of people in our lives that create a rich tapestry. For me, Satin is a fine material that symbolizes "living" and "warmth" - so adding this to my design...it's like snuggling up with a warm blanket on a cold night - it brings a feeling of comfort.

Bubby & McGurk Lampwork Beads - this organic shaped beauty has an inner glow...that for me, symbolizes a life that is full of layers, depth, and mystery - not that they hold the answers to life or why we have to go through some of the things that are handed to us - but they have a solidity that silently communicates that it's up to us as individuals to use what's handed to us in a positive way.

 JLynn Art tile - I started creating tiles to simply reflect a personal story for a friend of mine - and the tile for this one, is no different. It was altered, digitized, with the colors fine-tuned to match not only the components (beads & ribbon) - but also because the scrolls reminded me that our emotions are constantly "in motion" - intertwining and mixing on the road of life.

FAB black brass metal (Fallen Angel Black Brass) - symbolize a "strength" and that place we all have to pull from when we are feeling weak and unsettled. I used a combination of Hearts, Filigrees, Flower and a Key - all symbolizations of my emotions.  The Filigree bead caps were intentionally all different and unique like the many facets of our feelings and what we go through.   Fallen Angel Black Brass for me is a symbolization of life in itself...like newborn babies...we all start our as shiny and brand new (like raw bright brass)...and over our years, time, and experiences - we become weathered in a beautiful, timeless way that truly indicates a love of life and at the core...an inner strength.

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  1. this is an impacting piece for the color. I like it a lot and could see this being worn w/an all monochromatic outfit or as a bold statement against a lighter color... very nice.

  2. Janice... I made myself go through the list in order and didn't let myself skip to yours... though I've been eagerly anticipating it since yesterday. Well worth the wait, sweetheart, it is... absolutely stunning. The symbolism, the emotion, the raw beauty... absolutely gorgeous and perfect. <3 <3 Jennifer

  3. I saw lots of adjectives that you used to describe your bracelet but when I first saw it the first thing that came to mind was classy and passionate. Now I know it's both the designer and the design. I love it.

  4. Beautiful Janice. Even though the metal is cold both in colour and to touch, you get a warmth from the ribbon and the love with which it was conceived. Wonderful x

  5. That is a stunning piece, dark & juicy like a ripe blackberry. Stunning photography, too!

  6. Ooo. For me it even has a wonderful Goth feel. I love the way you used the gunmetal components. Rich, old world, moody. I would so love to wear this!

  7. WOW!!! This is beautiful!!! Love your color choices:-)))) Great Job!

  8. Dark and rich...very much my flavor...you have an excellent sense of drama in this piece.

  9. This piece is wonderful. I love how you let you emotions come through in your work. I would love to wear this piece. Wonderful!

  10. What a gorgeous bracelet! I love the dramatic dark colours and the dynamics between hard (metal, chain) and soft (ribbon), dark and romantic (filigree, hearts). Great job!

  11. Janice, what a great choice, I love the deep reach color is just elegant and romantic!

  12. Very pretty, love the richness of the colors and design!

  13. It's a lovely piece! May even be my favorite so far! Great job!

  14. Thanks for posting! Great looking piece, I love the sari with the dark brass....we also carry rusty black brass, but ours has a copper core. Some have used it in their entries. I am so glad you took part in this one, and your detailed blog entry shows the time and care you put into your design. I am very humbled that you took time to participate. B'sue

  15. Very pretty. It has an almost victorian feel to it.

  16. I love this piece, the colors are amazing, blacks are my FAVORITE. The symbolism behind the piece is great. It is very romantic. I wish it were mine :)

  17. This is such dark sari ribbon it has a very antique look to it, very nice!

  18. I absolutely love it! The color choices and design are excellent!

  19. I really love this piece too. The black sets it off.

  20. Beautiful design and use of color!

  21. This piece is exquisite!!! I find it especially wonderful when other designers explain why they are creating the lovely things they make. You understand.

    I am hoping with all my heart that your dear sister is feeling better!

    jean xox

  22. Your bracelet is beautiful, and I so appreciate your post explaining the meaning and emotions relative to the color choices. The black brass has a real dark elegance to it, and your art tile positively glows....best of luck to your sister.

  23. WOW! Enjoyed your story...I think we could all possibly relate to your story of "feelings" at some point and time in our lives and "life's" darkness that this piece has arrived. I like this piece as it appears to me...mysteriously romantic and I would wear it! ;o)

    Prayers to you and yours!

  24. Lovely post and gorgeous piece you made.
    Love it.

    If you have passed through my website www.daviniadesign.com to leave me a comment then I want to apologies, as leaving comments was impossible.
    I have sorted things out now, and I really would appreciate it, if you stopped by to leave me your comment in this splendid Blog-Hop!

  25. Lovely combination of ribbon and dark components! I love that your jewelry tells a story, too.

  26. This reminds me of Victorian Gothic -- dramatic and elegant! I love it!

  27. I like the rich darkness of this piece. Great job!

  28. Hi Lynn-
    First, may I start by saying That I hope your sister heals,and I will add her to my prayer circle. I absolutely love your bracelet and the post behind it. Your post was truly beautiful and inspiring. As I am new to to the selling(Last Feb.) and the blogging (last July) you have shown me that it is ok. to share personal and be vulnerable in our blog, that people do want to read about us. I love that you like to tell the story behind your piece, I am very much the same way. And in reading your post today, You have shown me that it is very relevant. Your piece is full of quality and fine craftsmanship in all its originality. I love onyx and love that black brass from fallen Angel.
    Thank you so much for your very kind post,
    and following my blog :)

  29. Love this rustic vintage style design! Wonderful that it can be casual or dressy.

  30. J, I hope your sister continues to improve. It must be a very scary time for you. My best wishes go out to you, your sister and your family. I'm glad that she is headed in a good direction.

    The bracelet is stunning. It's a real winner, in many ways. ♥

  31. Just gorgeous Janice - I am so so sorry and will keep your family in my prayers! XOXO

  32. Oh my - thank you for all the lovely compliments! I took a little time to catch my breath and just now getting back to my blog. Being able to design something with meaning is very important to me - and as many of you indicated either here or on FAcebook...it is a wonderful outlet to let your voice be heard. This piece is not all sweetness and love - there are those dark moments and turbulent emotions swirling around with the good stuff ;).

    Thank you for those that kept my sister and our family in your prayers. Yesterday she was just upgraded and moved to a regular room - so hopefully she is on the road to the next stage of her recovery.

    ABsolutely loved participating in this challenge - it was a lot of fun and allowed each designer a lot of freedom to work with the Sari ribbon in their own style. Coordinating any challenge/contest is a lot of work - so a special thank you going out once again to Brenda of B'Sue Boutiques!


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