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Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall Foliage & OOPS!

Today my daughter had a Dance Workshop at a College Campus about an hour from us.  My husband and I got to spend a little time outside and while walking from one building to another...I snapped these fun shots of some Fall Foliage.  There was a lot of play between the shadows, blue sky and sunshine.  The first two were shot looking up through the trees (and I just love the 2nd shot because it looks like the leaves are "glowing" :) - It is SO nice to have my camera back from repairs!

Oh...and were you wondering about my OOPS?  Well - here's a funny for you!  The other day I thought I had placed my entire ARTFIRE store on sale...when I checked in this evening I noticed something fishy about my prices (the sale price was only a few cents off from the original prices).  What???  I check my settings and sure enough...instead of inputting 25% off - I must have input .25% off (as in a decimal point before the 25).   OOPs...sorry about that - but at least it's all FIXED now :)

I'll be torching and designing most of tomorrow - have a super Monday!


  1. LOL! That must really have thrown you for a loop! I can picture myself doing that! That's why I'm laughing!!
    I envy that you will be able to torch tomorrow! I wish! I have not lampworked since August! I don't have the money to buy more hours right now, so I wait... I do have 8 shows booked for Christmas though! We will see what that brings us!! :)

  2. Love the pics, Janice! ~ Beautiful!

    Enjoy your torching time!

  3. Thanks gals :)
    Torching didn't happen today - but I have high hopes for tomorrow - it was just one of those days (sigh)! My "studio" is down in the basement with a work bench, Jen/Ken Kiln (which to this day still intimidates me LOL)...and a hot head torch (it helps keep things simple with the county). But I love the Hot Head - it's what I learned on :) - my husband and I actually took a lampworking class together a few years back. Only now I'm in the "100 bead club" (yes I counted and yes there are some really BeadUGLIES in there haha) - Tom isn't quite in the club yet but he has recyled some bottles into a few unique shaped beads!


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