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Friday, May 6, 2011

New Tutorial & Published Designs with Bead Trends


Hi everyone - so sorry for the lapse in posts...I've had a list of things to share but for some reason, the hours slip by, and I miss the opportunity to post - I'm attempting to change my ways and be more consistent.  So...let me begin this post by saying that May is one of my favorite months - it's not too cold or hot, and the flowers always look gorgeous and fresh!   These are a few shots from my front and backyard (close-up)...photography is another passion of mine too.


May is also an especially exciting one for me professionally...as it was my "debut" in the Bead Trends May publication (page photos below - and yes designs are available for special ordering).  The months have flown by since that November day when I submitted a handful of designs - but I'm really enjoying revisiting my Educational background through my published jewelry designs, as well as my Tutorials. 

The funny thing about this publication business... is that after successfully selling wholesale for quite a few years, it never crossed my mind to submit any of my designs.  But fate had a hand in that...and it all started with my browsing the Bead Trends Facebook page and seeing a post requesting fans to share their Holiday Earring designs.  So after a little "pep" talk...I posted my Crystal Snowmen Earrings.  Within a few hours, I was very surprised and excited to receive a super sweet email from one of the Editors at Bead Trends (Jeri), asking if I would consider doing a Tutorial for their Blog.  Since my background includes teaching arts, crafts & design - and having a lot of experience with graphics and professional presentations, I was really excited to provide one for their Blog.  And it was this first experience with Bead Trends' professionlism and friendliness, that had me submitting my jewelry designs for print publication just a week later, and the rest - as they say...is a growing history with an amazing group of people and high quality, caring Company.  It's been such a pleasure and very rewarding experience to share tips, techniques, ideas, and designs.  But the sweetest part of it all, is meeting so many people that share that creative passion - no matter what the art form.  Life is good :)

My latest Tutorial for Bead Trends Blog features Vintaj Natural Brass Filigree Leaves that have been treated with a combination of Acrylic paints and Tim Holtz Adirondack Alcohol Inks.  I LOVE working with any type of medium that allows me to have something in my hand :) - paintbrushes are a favorite!  Click on the picture to go to Bead Trends Blog...

Bead Trends publication...if you are unable to purchase this mini-booklet in your local book store...do yourself a favor and subscribe to Bead Trends ONLINE - it's full of many jewelry designs that will really inspire you to new levels in expressing your own creativity and unique style.  The photography is amazing too - here's a picture of the Bead Cover (featuring a talented fellow designer), and the pages featuring my jewelry designs.  Have a super Friday and have a wonderful Mother's Day!


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