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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Should I apologize or not?

I still love you all...just have been really busy...
Good Morning everyone...it's been a long while...and I'm thinking that maybe an apology for my absence is in order...but then again...I have been creating lots of new jewelry designs, lampwork beads, and of course the Wood Art Tiles.  So...maybe I will just leave it as "Sorry I was busy creating and didn't realize how much time had passed since I last posted on my blog - I have high hopes to do much better" ;) - well here's the quick catch-up with some fun photos!

May was extremely busy...not just with the business but personally too.  My son finished his Junior year in College, and my daughter who is a dancer performed at the Joyce Theater in NYC...as well as a few local ones.  So aside from business to-do's and dance things...I was also juggling Birthday and Anniversary milestones...and a few out of state Road Trips.  I love May but am always glad to have things slow back down to a normal speed with June!

So here's a quick catch-up...
  • In May - we all went to the "Melting Pot" for the first time...it's a 2 hour deal with all the dipping and cooking your meal LOL - and I have to say that my favorite part was the Cheese Fondue and Chocolate Fondue...pictured above :)
  • My Earrings "Gypsy Soul" were featured in the June edition of Bead Trends - and here they are:

The July Bead Trends edition will feature two designs of mine - a gorgeous necklace and a pretty amazing Bracelet - hope you like them once I am able to reveal them in a couple weeks!

WOW...so in May we also had a fabulous Photo Inspiration contest which resulted in me getting LOTS of ideas for new jewelry designs based on the actual photographs.  You can check out my album of the photos, Wood TILES I created - as well as "inspired by" jewelry designs here...just click on the photo to view the complete album on Facebook...
Decoupaging on Wood tiles is nothing new to me...I actually did a demonstration for TV on it ~10-15 years ago.  But I was inspired to create a special tile for a friend back in late February (Hope Tile)...
And from there it's all blossomed into new artwork...and I'm so enjoying creating the ART & PHOTO tiles that feature my fellow artisan's artwork, my own Watercolor artwork, as well as some very talented digital artisans too...here's some photo samplings.  Although I'm trying hard to get things listed...many times the tiles will be sold prior to ever getting on Etsy  or Artfire...so if you haven't liked our Facebook page yet, please do so...as that's where all the sneak peeks happen (and "Reserved Listing" sales too).  Look for new shapes, jewelry designs and some special new Watercolor art from me too...
1" double sided ART tiles 

J-Lynn's Watercolor ART 3/4" Tiles (scanned/digitized in miniature)

CUSTOM TILES for our professional Photographers
Copyright Amanda Cargill Austin
Look for our Photography Partner program rolling out at the end of June 

1 1/2" Tile Pendants (excellent for Filigree wrapping or your own design- drilling is free)

Elongated Hearts are making many people happy!
Available in 1" charm/dangle style (single or double sided), 1 1/2" and 2" as well
Chunky Hearts also available 

New...rectangular "Tag" Tiles - excellent for wrapping or drill holes to create your own design

Well I leave you with a few samples of jewelry and home decor pieces made with our tiles...keep checking in on Facebook to see the latest from J-Lynn and other Jewelry Designers using our ART Tiles :)
J-Lynn Watercolor and Jeff Dostalek Photo image featured on Tiles

J-Lynn's Watercolor ARTwork featured on tiles

Pink Rose Delight in Flight

New...Home Decor Danglers...for Car Mirrors, Hooks, Purses, Cabinet Knobs and more...


  1. Oh Janice, those circle tiles with the words on them are delightful....I need!!! :)
    Traci Zeller
    Getta Gift! Jewellery

  2. Love the hearts! You have been busy!!!

  3. trying again,Suzanne

  4. Redmink1........Suzanne Edwards

  5. Apologize for having a life and making beautiful things? Piffle! :-)

  6. Lovin it all and I hear you...never enough time to do it all! I want a job where I get paid just to write on my blog! Lol...Everythiung is just beautiful!

  7. Love that thought pocketsful - it made me laugh :) - especially the Piffe!

    And Jody...thanks :) and that's a fun thought - getting paid to write on your blog LOL...


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