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Friday, July 15, 2011

Are you calling me a Bird Brain???

I'm such a tease I know...but it got your attention didn't it? 
FYI...I found out that the definition of "Bird Brain" refers to a "stupid person" or a person with a short attention span.  Honestly, I don't know how this saying got to be popular...because my experience proves just the opposite!  Here's the facts and PROOF that Bird Brain definition needs to be redefined...and it's a TRUE story.

First a quick recap for all my newly defined Bird Brain friends out there...this is the Cardinal Chronicles (the quick version)...
  • Approximately 3 weeks ago, the Cardinal Chronicles began...two Cardinals built a nest right outside our kitchen window ~6-7 feet off the ground in a scrawy shrub...
Mamma laying her eggs ~6/24/2011
  • 1 1/2 weeks ago, two babies hatched. Here's Mamma with eyes filled with Love...
  • Daddy with eyes of wonder... 
  • Less than a week ago (namely this past Sunday morning)...a 4' snake gobbled up one baby before we were able to get outside and pull it off the tree - SAD :( - I cried. You can read more about that example of nature I would have done without on my Facebook post here 
  •  Shortly after the attack...they were both so sad...
  • The good news which we didn't know at the time...since we were all mourning the loss of the babies,  is that ONE baby survived the attack and Mommy and Daddy started doting on him/her right away.   Said Baby was nicknamed "Lucky"...and we are all so very HAPPY :)

OK - you're up to speed now...so here's the PROOF that we should not be saying BIRD BRAIN.

Soooooo.....Yesterday I am sitting in my new studio designing jewelry (it is on the complete opposite side of the house where the Cardinal family is).  Well...the next thing I'm hearing is the Cardinal chirp - the one that says "all is not right".  It gets louder and more persistent...I look out my window and there's Daddy Cardinal looking in at me and chirping...loud.  I shake my head - like what?  Then Momma Cardinal flies in and starts chirping looking at me too.  I'm very perplexed...so I get up and move the curtain and look at them, looking at me.  They start puffing their feathers and both chirping louder - all the while looking at me as if to say GET OUT HERE NOW!  I'm thinking oh no...what now?  So I know this sounds crazy - but I'm like talking to them and go "OK, ok, I'm coming..." and I go out to the Kitchen and out our slider, and carefully start walking across our patio...looking for something slithering.  Momma and Daddy Cardinal fly within a couple feet of me and perch on the patio chairs - still looking at me and chirping LOUD.  I'm looking at them thinking this is crazy...I'm talking to the birds...yes I was.  And I finally said "WHAT??? - Obviously there is something out here that has you both upset"...and at that...Daddy Cardinal flies back over between the office window and our fireplace/grill section. 

So I'm like ok - you want me to check something out over there - here I come...praying I am not going to find a snake...!  I start looking near a garden and one of the BIG BEES starts coming at me (you have to understand - bees and spiders petrify me, and snakes just tick me off now...) - at any rate I back up very quickly and let out a yelp.  Next thing I know this BIG ole FAT Tom Cat is startled out of his hiding place due to my yelp (the no good dirty rat of a cat was sneaking up on Lucky...) so I do the "Cat Scare" sound thingy...with a hiss/psst and loud clap my hands with an added "GET!  Get out of here and don't come back!!!" - well it worked...he ran like lightning four houses down until I couldn't see him anymore....YES!   I did the clap on the hands (you know that clap that says - JOB DONE - Nice work removing noisance)...and I turn back to the Cardinals who were still sitting there looking - well - there's no other word for it "proud".  They stopped chirping and looked at me and I swear nodded their heads almost as if to say "we knew we could count on you".   TRUE story...

Think about it...these birds came to within 1' of my Studio window to find me for help - I am still in a state of disbelief...but it's kind of cool.  They knew that I am looking out for them and boy did it make my day that they came looking for ME!  Kind of made me feel like a Super Hero or something - yeah...these pictures are from this afternoon when my son and I (he's almost 22 by the way...) were getting a kick out of watching a back-to-back "LUCKY" feeding :)

The sunlight made Lucky's throat tranluscent -
pretty neat photo if I do say so myself ;)

So next time you think of using Bird Brain, 
please don't insult the intelligence of my little family 
Just think...remember my story...and LUCKY

And....Just sayin'....once again...
"Bird Brain" definition needs to be re-defined to:
 BIRD BRAIN - highly intelligent, and known for long term memory
Hope this one made you smile - catch you all tomorrow ;)


  1. Amazing story! Thank you so much for sharing! :) What an incredible little family you're protecting. Way to go on being a super hero, J-Lynn! :)

  2. Lucky is very lucky to have you. ♥ What an adventure! This more than made me smile, it absolutely made my day. Have you started on your cape yet? ;-)

  3. I love it! Thanks for sharing. I have read many such stories about wild animals and birds who live close to us but not quite tame enough to touch. They know when we are on their side. Woodpeckers, Finches, Doves and Snowbirds have been visiting my parent's deck for more than thirty years. They bring their babies and perch on the brick at eye level on the sliding glass door. They peek in as if to say "Hey we need more biscuits out here!"

  4. How precious, Janice!
    You ARE a superhero!!!!
    Love this story.


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