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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Teardrops Falling...

 This evening I cried....

I cried because my heart was touched...I cried because I felt so sad for two different families...and I cried because I realized that the things that had me down five minutes before, were teeny-tiny when compared to my customer and her friends' family.  Hearing all she shared - well - it put everything into perspective and made me thankful for many things - including the opportunity to simply be there for someone in need and simply listen.

Back in December, one of my former customers from the shop that used to carry my wholesale jewelry line (before I "retired") contacted me to create a Cancer Survivor Necklace for one of her friends.  You see, that friends husband (with no internet connection) wanted to order something special for his wife - so my customer and her husband were helping him out.  

Tonight she called and was so surprised and happy that I remembered her.  She went on to tell me how much her friend loves her necklace and how meaningful it is to her (and told me she never takes it off).  Once again, her friends husband needed help shopping for his wife again - and wanted to order a pair of earrings to match the necklace.   We chatted a bit about the design and time frame - and then everything just stopped...her voice became quiet and sounded...so sad and broken.  Then she told me that this couples' daughter just had back surgery (a tumor was removed from her spine)...and the  husband?  Well due to complications, one of his legs needed to be removed.  And then she shared with me that her own husband was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer.  My heart went out for all of them...

When I finally hung up, I cried again.  I'm thankful that I could offer a shoulder and bring some small measure of comfort.  I'm thankful that a piece of jewelry I created from the heart and with their story in mind...is still bringing comfort.  I'm thankful that I took the time to simply listen to someone that needed to talk. 

So today, when you are thinking about your problems...or looking at the news with stories of cheating & violence...or dealing with bullying & drama...or maybe you just dropped the eggs and spilled your milk... remember this and the message it brings.  This is real life with real people who have real problems & struggles and all the questions that come with it.  Everything else - well it's little and insignificant in the big picture.

Life is a journey...and when I create something - I like to depict a piece of that journey...and the love and emotions that come from the heart...

Life is way too short to not share your heart and spread a little happiness and love.  When you have the opportunity to share burdens, lighten the load, give gifts from the heart, and offer your support by simply listening - do it.  No-one can predict the future...but we can go hand in hand and be there for each other.



  1. You have such a lovely heart. And you let it show through your creativity. I cried reading about your inspiration.
    Stay as lovely as you are. And keep the wonderful heart you have. It's always nice to know there's still people out there who care.

  2. Thank you so much Jacqui <3 thank you for taking the time to read it and post too :)

  3. Reading through this made me cry... My heart aches for the families. Somedays its so easy to get caught up in the small things and forget that there are much bigger problems that 'could' be happening in your life. My husband and I went through something very traumatic a few years back and ever since I have a great deal of perspective on what is a mountain and what is a mole hill. Thank you Janice for sharing this touching story with us and for being such a compassionate person. The world has very few people who show compassion to people they don't even know. I wear my heart opn my sleeve and I truly believe its not a fault, but a blessing. God Bless you and keep sharing. :) Hugs!


  4. You're sweet Traci - and thanks for sharing a little bit of your story too. Mountains and mole hills is a very good perspective - I wish more people took the time to simply listen and truly communicate and support one another. I know it is a sad post - but the message is such a good one if it's taken to the heart <3 - Blessings to you too my friend :)


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