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Thursday, August 11, 2011

I've been caught speeding...

So - let me bring you up to speed...yes, I've been caught speeding - speeding through life...speeding by keeping busy with the business (jewelry designs, tile designs, lampwork creations, tile creations, submission, publication deadlines)...and speeding past the Laundry Room LOL.  I've been caught burning the midnight oil (way past midnight in fact) too many times...so for me - my body is giving me little signs to SLOW down and take a Breather - which I intend to do over the next two weeks.  I'll still be multi-tasking but in the slow lane and hopefully get caught up on all the computer updates, product refreshing, listings, website changes and the MAIN thing - R&R.

So as I get ready "to slow down" - I'm reflecting on my "new studio" and all that I've done (and not done lol).  It's been a month since we slowly started the change-over...and I can honestly say it's such a blessing to have my work spaces now connected in one room.  It's also a pleasure to have my Dining Room "almost" back (however, there are still a few stray items living in there).

The above picture shows a little progress though - I added new inserts from Ikea (love that store!) - large pull out drawers, another two drawer unit and cabinets - loving and living this ;).  As you can see my open cubes still need a LOT of work in organizing - but as much as I'd like to get it done - other things take priority - so it winds up being a "little by little" with a side benefit of actually working in it, which makes it easier to figure out exactly how the last finishing details should go (like how I reach for my tools...or what's the best drawer for my tags and mailing things.

If you're a Facebook Fan at J-Lynn Jewels - then you saw the complete album of pictures of before" and "during" of my Studio re-do.  I don't have an "after" picture yet - but hopefully by the end of September, I will...

As you can see by the picture below - I LOVE my design table - when I'm cranking out designs it's fully open.  This picture was from "palette and design layout day - which I love...I get to go through my entire stash of beads and simply see what "inspiration" hits me.  Many times, designs are born by what I call "accidental spills" - the beads roll out and land next to ones and it's like opening a wonderful present with a big slap on the forhead and a "SHAZAM"!  Love when that happens. 

 So my friends - I have spent the last several days non-stop designing for me, for others, for publications - and I'm currently off for a little "me" time!   Will share more soon...so have a happy week and I promise to post some of my adventures, designs and other notable fun things in a week or so...:)


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