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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Captured Inspiration, Love & Life

Pictures...capture those "Timeless Memories"

So you're curious about the prizes are you?  Or maybe what my favorites were and why?? Well let me share a little background and then I'll share the Prize/Favorite stuff ;)

Photography for me, takes me back to my childhood days - with memories of actually holding and taking pictures with a Polaroid...then a 110...and the "professional camera"...a 35mm!  Amused??  LOL...well here's a little FYI and did you know???  In 1963, the very first color "instant film" was developed by Polaroid...in 1972 ~ the 110-format Camera...in 1983 ~ Kodak introduced the "disk camera" and two years later, Minolta came out with the first autofocus SLR system.  It wasn't until the 90s...that the first digital SLR was introduced.  We've come a very long way to be able to do what we can do digitally :)

Back in the late 70s, early 80s...my Father was moonlighting as a Photographer.  He took a lot of excellent shots - and taught me a lot in the process through  short "field" trips.  I'm not a "Pro"...but I do love taking pictures, the unique perspectives you can capture - and of course - Macros!  Photography is something that I use everyday and is definitely part of my life.  So when I have the opportunity to share my love of photography with others - it's a blast.

This is our 3rd JLynnJewels Inspirational Photo Contest - and each time it has grown...and we get to see a new mix of pictures - featuring people, pets, scenery, decor, and more.  The idea behind it is for everyone to share their photos and "Inspire" others...whether that inspiration is to take more photos, scrapbook, journal, or create things - pictures can tell a thousand words...and they do inspire.

NOW - the PRIZES....
Winners from our 2011 Fall/Winter "Timeless Memories" contest were put to a public vote - and we came up with the Top Three with prizes...and then I added a couple more from me!

To start - ALL of our participants will receive a coupon code for 50% off one  item of their choice (Jewelry or Tiles only) in any of our stores....if you shop before I have a chance to set up the coupon code for you...just message me :)

1.  Traci Zeller/Snow Covered- a beautiful photo capturing the Christmas Lights on a silent, still, crystal clear night.  PRIZE:  JLynnJewels Eiffel Tower Pendant Necklace and Complimentary JLynnJewels Tile

2.  Shay Burrows/Waiting for Santa  - Love how the lights from the tree illuminate the room and cast a warm glow.  PRIZE:  JLynnJewels Christmas Tree Earrings and complimentary tile

3.  Jana Carter "Moonin" - What an amazing shot of the moon on what I imagine to be a crisp, cool evening.  PRIZE:  Snowman Earrings donated by Karen of Swallowtail Jewellery and a complimentary JLynnJewels tile

The collage at the top includes our winning photos...and a selection of just some of my many favorites!

~ BEST in Theme ~ $25 gift certificate
If I had to visualize a poster for this particular contest and theme...it would have been conjured up by Shay Burrows and his "Waiting for Santa" photograph.  For me...this one hit me with that "Timeless Memories" thought...and a "nostalgic" feeling that year after year, love and traditions will bring together family, friends, and set the bar for a long legacy of generations to come...congrats once again Shay!

~ Unconditional Love ~ $10 gift certificate ~ Tie!
This year there was a few photos that were all about people, a romantic Heart locket symbolizing a couple's love...and a few with our furry friends and some with antique and vintage decor from our past.  I loved the pictures of the children - their eyes and expressions - all so full of happiness.  But if I had to choose one - it just couldn't be done...so this particular special award with a tie goes out to...Helen Bowen and her dog "Diggy" and Cathy Obbema and her grandaughter "Lily" - both just tugged on my heart strings and both ladies will receive a $10 certificate. 

~Travel Memories ~ $10 Certificate
Some of my best memories come from the many trips we have been on...whether that's near or far...short or long - destinations, day trips and shopping expeditions - we saw outings to a ball game, sea glass hunting expeditions, beach and Glacier shots - but the one that just made me smile and wondering what was inside was Charmaine's photo of "Bead Haven" in Frankenmuth MI - because bead stores are always something that catches my eye...congrats to Charmaine :)

~ Contemplation ~ $10 Certificate
I love photos that make me "think" - in a good way...about life.  There were so many photos here that made me do exactly that.  Having just lost my Sister, Karen's photo just made me smile and think life is so precious...and Traci's snow picture made me think of peace and all that's right in the world - Jana's Moonin' picture made me think of the future and all the possibilities...Jacqui's Sunflowers and Eucalyptus Tree about good times and simply finding a balance in this crazy world...but the one that really called out to me was Jennifer Justman's Leaf/Tree photo...her thoughts (which can be found in the photo album on Facebook) echoed my own thoughts on the symbolization of Trees and Leaves - I loved this...congrats Jennifer :)

SO - a big heartfelt thank you for all your patience during this contest...I know my timing has been off and I'm a wee bit late on my delivery...however - better late than never ;)

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving - I'll be sharing a quick Tutorial sometime this week on BOW MAKING using the EZ Bowmaker...if you don't have one - go to your local store and pick one up - they are terrific!  Espcially if you get tired of making hand-tied bows for your decorating projects ;)...

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