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Friday, November 11, 2011

Teardrops from Heaven...

These earrings were designed for the Blissful Garden Beads Earring Challenge.  I first "met" Heather way back in the mid-2000's and have such a beautiful collection of her beads (I hesitate to say stash...but yes - I'm rather addicted to the sheer beauty and elegance of her beads...)!  So whenever my schedule allows...and I'm lucky enough that timing is on my side for sign-ups...I LOVE doing her challenges!  This Challenge was all about Earrings - specifically Chandelier or Hoop style designs.  I named these earrings "Teardrops from Heaven" for a very specific reason which I will share in a little bit - but first I wanted to share the designs details with you...

Earrings feature Blissful Garden Beads with florals in shades of purple, lilac, burgundy, mauve and touches of sage green on a black base.  They are absolutely gorgeous beads filled with exquisite details. Originally I was going to use a Sterling Silver Chandelier finding, and a complimentary color palette of Swarovski Crystals. But in the end, I made a complete turn around, and wound up creating my own Chandelier findings with the use of Fallen Angel Brass links, chain and Teardrop charms.

When the earrings are hanging you can't really notice all the little details...

But if you look closely you will see what lay beneath those Filigree Teardrop charms...the exquisite FAB mini-Flourish 3 point links that delicately hangs from the double wire wrapped loop from above - with a group of five staggered Figaro chains attached to the link using petite jump rings to create a unique pair of Chandelier Earrings.

And now you're probably wondering the meaning
 behind "Teardrops from Heaven"...

Let me begin this by saying that personally for me, the entire month of September and October have been very stressful and trying times.  They say that everything happens for a reason - and I take so much comfort from that simple little saying because I believe you can always find the positive in all of life's experiences - whether they are happy or sad.  I'm sharing this highly personal part because I believe what a blessing creativity is to us all.  It soothes and soul and often brings comfort ~ especially when words have little meaning...

When I originally signed up for this Challenge in October, my Sister was in the hospital...but had just been upgraded from ICU to a regular room.  The Docs were hopeful, and took the time to update my Mom, encouraing her with a "let's wait and see before you make the long journey" knowing that she was almost 80 and would have a difficult time making the trip.  The other part of this story, is that due to my Sister's disabilities, distance and finances - my Mom and I had not seen her or her family in over 12 years.  Unfortunately, last week, we got the call that my Sister was back in ICU and that we should come.  My husband helped make all the arrangement for both my Mom and I - and it wasn't until I was packing my carry-on that I realized I never made the Earrings for the Challenge.  I was simply going to tell Heather my circumstances, knowing that she would understand...

But then I looked at the beads and simply knew...I had to make them...but  not the ones I originally planned with Sterling Silver - but ones that suddenly came to my mind using Fallen Angel Brass. The combination of FAB and Heather's beads reminded me how everyones lives are full of history ~ and the soothing colors in the flowers brought to mind my family, opportunities lost over the years apart, but most importantly...that love remained, and would trandscend all time.  So when I finished the earrings, I felt at peace.  And I didn't now then...but in the coming days when I wore these earrings...they continued to bring comfort simply by touching them and allowing the chains to gently flow through my fingertips.  So for me - these earrings are a living symbol of life, family and love.

So the name "Teardrops from Heaven" because I knew our trip signified that my Sister had limited time left here on Earth, that I would need to come to come to terms with a number of things - including doing what I could to support all of us in making the sad and difficult decision that would allow my Sister to be set free...which she was...very early Wednesday morning, she began her journey of peace to that better place.

Remember...sometimes with creativity - we don't realize how important a piece will be to us...until after we create it.  And very often, if we choose to listen to our senses - and allow our heart to guide us, we wind up creating something extraordinary that brings comfort, peace, and happiness as these earrings did for me.

I hope you can take the time to visit Heather's blog and view the many other beautiful earrings - and then VOTE for your favorite on the Earring Reveal/Challenge post :)

Create, Design & Live from the heart...
~J-Lynn (Janice) 


  1. They are stunning, Janice, absolutely perfect. Thank you for sharing your story, your process, what makes these special. My heart, my thoughts, my prayers are all with you and your family. May you all find peace.

  2. The importance of the piece really shows in the craftsmanship and design these are oh, so lovely...thanks for sharing!

  3. They are so beautiful Janice, I an so glad you found comfort through my beads. Thank you for sharing your story of their creation.

  4. They are just stunning, I'm so sorry for your loss....what a story...you are the best......

  5. janice, i just voted....good luck....my last message says anonymous... that is the only one that would take.....but its me, jan

  6. Thanks for all the comforting thoughts and prayers - all are appreciated <3


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