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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Superstition List for the New Year!

Wishing on Daisy Petals?
Believing in Superstitions?
Read on to get to those fun lists :)

So...as I'm watching the clock on the very last day of 2011...I'm feeling really GOOD!  Kind of like that good feeling when you pluck those petals from a daisy with a Love Me, Love Me Not and wind up with the LOVE ME?  Oh yeah!  But I have to admit to believing in a few superstitions - or at least I figure - well...why not...OR...why tempt fate - I'll just go with the flow ;)

You see there's a little old wives tale - I'm not sure if it's fiction or fact but this year I decided that - if it's true then I wanted to ensure I had a pretty balanced upcoming New Year lol.  It's the tale that says - whatever you are doing on New Years Eve into the New Year is what you'll be doing all year long.  So making my own list of superstitions ~ I decided to do as much as possible lol.  That means- spending time doing the things I enjoy (like jewelry design, making tiles, painting, playing with fire - lampworking) - but it also means finding the balance for work, house cleaning, ironing, sewing, cooking, baking - computer/reading time, and of course enjoying time with my family.  I'm not finished my self imposed list yet - but I figure I have a good number of hours to get more "checked off". 

So - you're wondering more about the so-called superstitions?  I'm sure if you google you can find lots more!  But I pulled up a traditional one from Snopes...the Chinese New Year and Latino ones for you.  They all have things that will make you smile, laugh and probably like me - figure - hey why not - I'm going to try it!  Guaranteed fun little things to do, to make bringing in the New Year a lot more fun!  Here's the lists...

Wishing you all the best in
Love, Luck & Happiness!

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