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Monday, April 2, 2012

ART Tile News!

So very excited to announce that for the very first time and flying solo...
My ART Tiles are featured in the "new" Artisan Showcase section
of the Spring edition of Step-by-Step Wire magazine!
We are very honored to have been asked to be a part of it :)

What's different about this from my other "Published" designs (which you can see on my regular website on the PRESS page - as well as, in my FACEBOOK album)...is that, this is the very first time, that JUST my components are featured all by themselves!  It's a fun new section and not only includes my own ART tiles...but approximatley 30 other "Component Designers" too!  Editor Denise Peck did a fabulous job with inspirational pieces and putting together this spread of Artisans.  You can find my tiles on page 13 and also in the Artisan Village section on page 56 (see below for details on a coupon code).

Page 13 features a few of our ART Tiles
and...if you look for this photo...
(Page 56) - you may just find a special coupon code
 especially for Step-by-Step Wire Readers!

As background...I've been designing and involved with Fine Arts, Crafts, Sewing and a variety of other mediums since the mid-1980s where I apprenticed in an upscale handcrafted Jewelry store.  Despite a dozen moves with my family, a few career stops in the professional world of accounting, along with positions in management, marketing and education in the creative world - I've been desinging and in the jewelry business since those 80s days.  In 2004 I began selling online and was a Power Seller on eBay, along with selling my Jewelry wholesale (both of which I retired from in 2008 in order to begin selling direct to my customers).  In all that time I never really thought about sharing ideas, inspirations, colors and techniques through publishing - but I "caught" that bug in 2010 and am always so thrilled to have the opportunity to share on a much larger scale than I ever thought possible.  You can see all of my published designs either on my website or Facebook Busines page photo album.

Lots of designs, ideas, and inspirational thoughts have been shared - and here are some of them that feature JLynnJewels ART tiles which have been recently published in Bead Trends during 2011 and 2012.

A Walk in Paris/September 2011          Fly Away/October 2011 

 Golden Dreams/November 2011     My Favorite Things/December 2011

 Car Danglers/Bead Trends February 2012

Plus...we are very proud of our customers too!  Here's a couple of the most recent jewelry designs "as seen in" Bead Trends, designed by my friends and fellow jewelry designers, Amanda Austin of SeaShoreGlass (Pink Floral tile Bracelet) and Traci Zeller of GettaGifts (Wish Altered Art Tile Bracelet) both featured in Bead Trends from February 2012 of this year.
Amanda Austin                                             Traci Zeller

So often we see jewelry and various accessory designs in national magazines - but rarely do you see just the components themselves as a "feature".  Since I've been a part of both the creation of focals and jewelry design for so many years - I've always tried to design with Artisan made focals and love highlighting "Component" Designers.  I can tell you, that many an hour is spent browsing through magazines and online handcrafted marketplaces like Etsy and Artfire, looking at not only the offerings from some of my favorites, but also in search of new and talented Component designers that I can higlight as well.  One of the ways I love to promote Artisans (including my favorites and "newly discovered" is through groupings of products called a "Treasury" on Etsy and a Collections on Artfire).  It's a fun thing - and I'm always honored to be included in them myself - whether that's for jewelry or my tiles! 

This is a photo of my last Treasury (I'm currently working on a couple new ones in my down time) but this gives you an idea of what you can come up with in this wonderful online handcrafted marketplace!

And here's my latest focal "find" from Etsy...
Care to guess what they are made out of?
Well - remember looks can be deceiving...;)
These lovelies caught my eye because of the color during a Treasury Hunt...
Created by Sue W. of Dust Rhino Stampede on Etsy
Can you believe that these are faux-ceramic pendants?
Yes - they are...
and they are made out of Polymer Clay!
Oh and did I mention that they have these adorable
inspirational words on the back?  Yes they do!
Love them!

Well - let me leave you with some upcoming snippets of information - I'll be doing another marathon listing in our Etsy store towards the end of this week...where you'll be seeing (finally) some of my newest EMBOSSED ART Wood tiles which we formally announced at the beginning of March - a long time to wait for these we know - but for those that were not sold direct of of Facebook, they will be going "in" to the store.

Look for some of these ~ of if you don't see something you want...
just message and we can do a custom order for you in any color combo

Along with some 3-piece sets featuring many of our new shapes...
including Curved Bracelet focals...Teardrops, Kite (elongated Marquis shapes)
and many more!

Leaving you tonight with a BIG THANK YOU for all of you that take the time to post a comment here, Facebook...or send me a note/email and share your own creations (whether they include one of my components or just something that you created because you were inspired by me or one of my published designs)...I LOVE hearing from you because it totally makes my day!

Have a great week - and look for our next JEWELS HIGHLIGHT towards the end of this week...I promise you - you'll love HER and my highlight of her gorgeous, luscious jewelry designs!


  1. those were yours?!!! i suscribe to that magazine, and i saw those, and i'm like, wait, that looks a little familiar!


  2. *happy dance* YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!! So excited for you, Janice!!!!!!

  3. Janice , your designs are over the top - above and beyond.
    You deserve every accolade...
    Who knows where all of this will take you! I can't wait to see. It's exciting. :)

  4. What a beautiful, dizzying array of gorgeous jewelry and tiles. Polymer clay? Yes, they definitely look like they're porcelain or ceramic. Clever and cute.

    Janice, you are so prolific! I am, as ever, amazed at all that you do.

  5. Fabulous news Janice, Congrats! Need to go to B&N and get me some new magazines! xoxo Yoli

  6. Woohoo Janice!! I am going to look for that magazine this weekend :) Congratulations! You are a constant inspiration - Hugs :)


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