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Saturday, March 31, 2012

REVEAL: Color of Spring Blog Hop is here!

This is my creation for Sally Russick's Color of Spring Blog Hop...and a special
THANK you to Sally for all her creativity and patience in organizing it!

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"Above all else...choose Happiness"
Color makes me happy when I feel blue...
Now sit back and enjoy a fun little color story...
that involves me, Sally, the Pantone Colors for Spring 2012,
 as well as 21 other designers!

Fate, destiny or maybe it was pure luck...but I was one of the designers that happened to be online when Sally's Colors of Spring Blog Hop was announced.  I was excited and quickly hopped on over to The Studio Sublime's Etsy Shop.  I didn't know what I was really getting into, but I loved the fact that I had some details.  The kit I purchased was the Cabaret mix featuring a beautiful 22mm Lentil, and two 12mm Rounds, along with two 11mm x 7.5mm tube beads - all ceramic based beads that Sally enameled using various shades of powder glass enamel and a MAPP gas torch to create these awesome crackle finished beads in super fun colors as you can see below...

My original design plan was to create a beautiful free-form wire wrap with 16-20 gauge Fallen Angel Black Brass Wire, a bracelet and pair of earrings.  However, February I was down most of the month with some sort of crud...and then March was extremely busy with lots of Custom ART Wood tile orders, which then put me a bit behind in a number of other areas, including getting my findings orders "in".  So, long story short...I rummaged through all my findings and supplies on hand, and wound up actually coming up with enough to create ONE design using ALL of the beads together.

A little background...my bead set has been sitting next to my computer for the past month and a half. I do that sometimes when I know I have to work with something because very often, the beads kind of whisper to me, and I have to stop and jot down some ideas or sketches (peculiar...but it has never failed me...). I even allowed them to play "dress-up" and have their own little fashion show...and I can tell you, that they had a lot of fun trying on things ~ including a selection of metals...Vintaj, Sterling Silver and Fallen Angel Brass (FAB), and many different complimentary Czech beads, my ART Tiles and of course Swarovski Crystals.  In the end, we all agreed that FAB looked FABulous on them ;) - so we were off running with the new design ideas and a few other choices.

Yesterday, (yes I said yesterday...don't judge...life has been crazy, business has been busy and there is no other rhyme or reason...so I guess all I have to say is that the important thing is that I got the job done lol)!  As you can see by the above picture, I wound up utilizing some Black Silk Ribbon knotted and strung through the 22mm Lentil focal...then loosely woven in between FAB and an organic wire wrap attached to the clasp closure to create the "base" for the bracelet.
Once this was complete, it was then time to add my beads, charms, and other things I might want "dangling"...yes - I LOVE dangles!  I thought it would be fun to coordinate some of my new mini ART wood tiles with the bracelet...and started experimenting with some that had just been completed...along with some that were "in process" - and then I decided to digitize another piece of art, then do a print run and create a couple extra tiles for this projectew extra tiles for this project.
 My first experiment was with a multi-colored watercolor art that had pinks, greens, oranges, and yellows running through it.  I liked it - but when I started adding other charms - it seemed a tad too "jumpy"...so I changed things up a a bit to reflect a more subdued version while still utilizing my mini Art Tiles shapes.

Well if you knew me - nothing stays tailored and simplistic for long...and although the design would have been fabulous with "less" and featuring just the beads and Art Tiles...I had to keep playing, and playing, and playing...until the end result was this....

and this...

To create this fullly "loaded" bracelet featuring Fallen Angel Brass findings, Sally's Enameled Beads, a selection of JLynnJewels Mini ART wood tiles (1/2" circles, squares & contemporary hearts) that were digitized and color coordinated to match the beads, along with charms and Swarovski Crystals.

And when I was finished - for some reason it reminded me of the Grease Song "Summer Nights" - so that's what I named it :)

Well if you had fun reading about my Spring Color adventure...please go visit the other lucky designers who participated as well!  I had a of fun and have to give a big thank you to Sally Russick for creating these fashion bead sets and coordinating such a fun theme and blog hop!  Have fun HOPPING!



Sweet Lilac


Solar Power

Bell Flower



Tangerine Tango

 Have FUN!


  1. This is so pretty -I'm not normally a big fan of pink...unlesss it's teamed with green, and that is a lovely shade of pink. Good job!

  2. I love the combo of black with the pinks and greens. Charm bracelets or dangles are my favorite. I love your mini art wood tiles. Gorgeous!

  3. I love how you shared your design process with us! I, too, let my beads sit for a while to somehow "speak to me"...you did a beautiful job - that bracelet is gorgeous!

  4. Beautiful bracelet! The black really made that pink pop!

  5. Your Summer Nights bracelet is gorgeous! I love your design style with all the little charms and mini tiles, the black really makes the colors pop.

  6. Oh WOW! What a gorgeous bracelet! The color and textures are fantastic and I love the blend of your tiles and the enameled beads. What a great feel to this and what fantastic movement! And thank you for putting "oh...those summer niiiiiii-hiiiights" in my head for the rest of the day :-)

  7. Oh, Janice!! I love this bracelet!! I'm a sucker for a bracelet with a lot of movement! The way the colors pop against the dark background of the chain and silk is fabulous! Summer Nights is one stunning bracelet and your tiles are beautiful!!!

    Janice, THANK YOU so much for participating in the hop!!

  8. Adorable!! I love the color bead you received and your stunning little wood charms are perfect!!

  9. That is gorgeous, I love the black with the pink!! I'm trying to get mine posted but Blogger won't let me save it!!

  10. Your bracelet turned out fantasticly! I like the black with the pink. It gives the bracelet a darker feel while really making the pink POP. Your tiles also work well with the design. I'm not usually a fan of pink, but this I really like!! Nicely done.

  11. Gorgeous! That focal bead is so yummy!

  12. Beautiful, colorful and elegant! I love how you shared your creative process with us! Wonderful job!

  13. Ohhhhh, Janice!!!! Sweet Pollyanna sister! This may be my favorite thing EVER from you! I love love love it! Love! Would wear it every day love! I love the movement and the play of sweet brights against the rich darkness of the FAB! Perfection!

  14. Janice, the colors and your charms work really well together. I love the tubes are cool that way and the black against the whole design is really stunning.

  15. Awww - thank you everyone for all the wonderful comments which mean so much to me. I think because I had other plans...this design felt like second best - but hearing all you're saying - it just makes me think I need to re-order some more of Sally's beads :) - very much appreciate you all taking the time to make a sweet comment - thank you!

  16. I love the black with the bright colors. Your design is NOT second best. It is pretty awesome. :)

  17. Lovely!! I love the crackle on your bead!! Although I love Sally's beads, I can't seem to stop looking at those little itty bitty charms of yours that you used on your piece!! Love them!!

  18. A beautiful piece! I love the rich black with the bright colors. I have to confess that I was trying to finish my last piece last evening as well--but it just didn't happen.

  19. So lovely! Your charms are the perfect addition to the beautiful beads! :)

  20. I love your bracelet! The black and pink go so well together, as do the other beads she sent you. And your charms are fantastic!

  21. Janice! I love your focal colour. I love your charm bracelet. Your little hearts just make it! I tried to comment yesterday without luck but came to see what you made.

  22. I just love what you did with the beads, Janice! The colors are fantastic and the charms are great. I love the colors with the black!

  23. The combination of your beads with the black I like a lot! And you added some lovely art pieces. Just wonderful!


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