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Sunday, July 31, 2016

For today...a Noteworthy Challenge!

Be Motivated...
 There are countless articles on finding inspiration - but the truth is that sometimes you just need to work at finding it - or maybe it's more about, simply noticing it.  Inspiration is often one of those intangible things at first - something that's more in your imagination, something floating around that has not been grasped by your mind yet.  But this intangible thing, well, it MOTIVATES us to create and be productive...in many different TANGIBLE ways.

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And here's the quick read for the challenge...
to get you in the right mindset!

I suppose I'm one of the fortunate ones - my muse seems to take delight in everything around me.  From my every day life, to my every day things.  In fact, I notice SO much that inspires me in many different ways, that sometimes it's causes problems - and that randomness of my "Squirrel Moments" - delays my being productive, lol...

So if you're in one of those squirrel quandaries...
My best advice, is to go with the flow, but learn to utilize these distractions...

 For instance...
The floral photo at the very top, was from a simple Grocery store bouquet.  I was intrigued with the colors, the differences in flowers, and the textures.  I spent TIME photographing them in different lighting...then was inspired to "play" with the photos on my computer...Hours later...nothing much tangible...YET.   But...that initial inspiration, which caused that squirrel moment...ultimately led me to formulate and plan concrete ideas, and then create a variety of Notecard Sets with Pens, Prints, Jewelry, and of course new ART Tiles.

Something so simple - led to something very "Noteworthy"
An Intangible moment, which led to multiple Tangibles items...
Your mind is a very powerful thing when you work from both sides :) 

 Another thing that helps immensely is GOAL SETTING!
Whether it's in the number of items you create, or writing out your design plans, or sales forecasting.  In the creative business, I know from my own experience and years in the Creative Industry, that there are SO many intangibles in our field.  Things we know, we feel deep within the heart, things that strike a chord in the blood that runs through our veins.  Not something that we can touch, but something that we intrinsically know...

However, we can't live off that, can we?
It doesn't pay the bills, does it?
That's why TANGIBLE GOALS are so important.
Your inspiration is a great catapult for success - and I've learned that you CAN channel your inspiration in a very predictive and methodical way to produce results.  Once you realize the impact that your inspiration and productivity can make, when they work hand in hand toward setting goals, you can take your art and creativity to a new level - and it becomes a more viable way to earning whatever income you would like to have.  Whether that's replacing a part-time job income, earning the money to fund a vacation, or developing and maintaining a full-time income by doing exactly what you love to do.  Finding that balance between the intangible and tangible, does take work - but it is VERY do-able!   

So for Today...the CHALLENGE...PART ONE
Take a picture and/or write down Three things, 
that fuel your inspiration to create!

#1 - Color, #2 - Pattern, #3 - Texture

Here are mine for today, from just within the four walls of my Studio...
#1 - Color - a beautiful print from the lovely Nancy Standlee - I didn't frame this one...just hung it up on the back wall of my Credenza.  Colorful things INSPIRE me - so not only do I love supporting my fellow Artists, but it brings me enjoyment to surround myself with things that I love, because they often inspire me to create new jewelry based on the color palette, or the theme, or the emotions I feel, when looking at the artwork :)


#2 - Patterns...We live within a couple hours of two fantastic outlets...both of which have Vera Bradley stores.  Yes, I have a little addiction to small notepads and pens.  So when we go - I wind up "stocking up" on new pens & pads.  They always bring a smile, and inspire me to create in different ways - sometimes it's simply to write down my plans in the notebook, but other times, the patterns...like the "Aztec" like print, or funky florals - make me want to create ART Tiles based on that theme - or to create my own funky flowers by either doodling or painting...inspiration :) 

#3 - Textures...When we think of textures - the obvious is Fabric Textiles... However - in this photo (one of the shelves in the studio) one finds different types of textures...Wood, Glass, and Florals.  Seeing these every day simply reminds me to stay on course and not let any social drama distract me from being inspired or productive :)

Inspiration...can be found everywhere, and it's easy as
1, 2, 3... 

On the other side of the fence...Tangible Goals
 Write down THREE things that you're going to do this coming week to position yourself for productivity and results!

For me...
#1 - Produce 200 more Tiles for upcoming Sale
(woodburn 40-50 tiles) per day this week

#2 - List 50 items on Etsy (10 per day)

#3 - Sketch and finalize new Jewelry line
with Flow Chart and Time Table for Production & Release

Do I have more?  
Yes - but I am tackling things one day, and one week at a time.
So what is it that you want to accomplish this week??  Is it...  
Organizing, placing your findings/supplies order, taking a class,
designing 12 pairs of Earrings???

What TANGIBLE things can you plan on your To-Do List for this week, 
that will help you in making your dreams closer to a reality?

ENTER simply by sharing your One-Two-Threes from both Part 1 and Part 2 Challenge on my Facebook page (link above) or here in a comment on the blog!  Winner will be announced on Saturday, August 13th!

Be Motivated...
Find your Inspiration...
Utilize your Inspiration...
Set your Goals...
You got this...

Have a wonderful Sunday! 


  1. I am inspired to create by: pictures I see, 1. Nature,a flower, some bugs, an ocean scene 2.sometimes just looking at different sites for components, I will get a new idea, something will catch my eye and I know instinctively what I will do with it; and 3. finally, when someone labels my work as artisan, it never occured to me that my work might be art, I considered it a hobby.

    I am going to go through components, at least 10, and put together the whole project in a bag
    I am going to list the 10 outstanding items I have on Etsy
    I am going to stay away from my normal FB page(not my business page or the auction pages lol) for the next 5 days, freeing up time to do the other work I need to do.

    1. Yay for you Susan - Artisan and Art connection definitely :) - and love that you're motivated to get some of the to-do's on your list started too. Any effort is a start in the right direction! Thanks for playing along, Janice

  2. Combined Entries from our Blog, Business Page and Group tallied up to 33 entries and our Winner was Gabrielle Buchanan - congratulations!


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