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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Artists Helping Artists Silent Auction

Artists Helping Artists Silent Auction
December 8 til' December 11th midnight
Several artists in the blog community have decided to band together to help a fellow artist in need.  For me...when a person is in need, I'm one to reach out and help in any way I can.  I've already personally donated, but also decided to participate in the Silent Auction.  So please know that by bidding on my donated items here...(or any of the participants items listed below) - you will not only be receiving lovely items...but the money you spend will all be going to "Artists Helping Artists" :) - we've all had a time in our life when simply the thought of having someone to lean on (whether that's in person or electronically) is a very special thing indeed - I hope you can join me in anonymously helping too.

JLynnJewels will be auctioning off your choice of beautiful original Watercolor ART Tile Earrings created in Brass (valued at $30 with your choice of colors featuring J-Lynn's original Watercolor Artwork "In the Garden") ~AND~ if you are a designer and would prefer to BID but receive a selection of ART tiles instead of the earrings, you can choose the set shown, or customize your own (valued at $30).  So...when you are bidding please indicate "Earrings" or "Tiles" - thanks!
BID for your choice of either of these items...
Watercolor ART Tile Earrings OR Tile Set

BIDDING starts at $15
Would you like to be the winning bidder?
In the event the bidding rises above valued amount of $30,
additional jewelry or tiles will be added to the winner's package :)

Leave a comment with TILES or EARRINGS, your bid amount AND Contact information.  There must be a way to contact you (if you're already a JLynnJewels follower, please check your email preferences...and if they are turned off in your blogger profile...please leave your email within the comment section). 

Note:  This auction is valid for all United States domestic addresses,
Canada, Greece, and the UK  (other destinations - please contact us prior to bidding to ensure we can ship to your country...)

Please keep in mind that ALL proceeds
 will be donated to "Artists Helping Artists

If you are the winning bidder...
you will receive an email from me confirming your information/choices
AND a payment invoice after the close of the auction from our Event Coordinator. Once payment confirmation is received,your item(s) will be on their way to you.

Many other Artisans are auctioning items to help out!
 Please visit these the other pages listed below and place your bid...

Heidi Post http://expostfactojewelry.blogspot.com/
Marie Cramp & Lori Anderson http://skyejewels.blogspot.com/
Barbara Bechtel http://secondsurf.com/
Erin Fickert-Rowland http://elysianstudiosart.com/
Keirsten Giles http://www.cerebraldilettante.blogspot.com/
Andrew Thornton http://andrew-thornton.blogspot.com/
Karen Totten http://starryroadstudio.blogspot.com/
Kristi Bowman-Gruel http://dreamsomedesigns.blogspot.com/
Nan Emmett http://spiritrattles.blogspot.com/
Maire Dodd http://mairedodd.blogspot.com/
Amanda Cargill Austin http://www.seashoreglassgirl.com/
Janice Everett http://jlynnjewels.blogspot.com/
Jennifer Justman  http://soulsfiredesigns.blogspot.com/
Rebecca Anderson http://songbeads.blogspot.com/
Shannon Iko Chomanczuk http://formysweetdaughter.blogspot.com/
Erin Prais-Hintz http://treasures-found.blogspot.com
Kerry Bogert http://kabsconcepts.blogspot.com/

Questions - feel free to contact me through any of our links listed in the above right hand corner or via Facebook at J-Lynn Jewels.  Please keep comment section on this post to bids only - thanks!  We appreciate your supporting "Artists helping Artists" - Happy Holidays!


  1. I'll open the bidding with $25.00. Those earrings are one of my favorite colors!

  2. I will start the bid of $15 on the art tile set.

  3. Terri from Beads2die4 was unable to post this evening and ask that we put in her bid for her - she would like to bid $20 on the Tiles.

  4. Hi there:
    I'd like to offer $30. for the tiles. What a great person you are for joining this effort!

  5. Hi I would like to offer $35.00 for the tile set!! Wonderful what you and the others are doing to help out a friend in the community.

  6. Congratulations to Off the Beadin' Path (winner of Watercolor ART Tile Earrings) and Penny (winner of ART tile Heart Set)

    Blogger is not allowing access to emails...so please send me your contact information so our event coordinator can send you your PayPal invoice. You can post your email here...or email me by noon today 12/12/11 at jlynnjewels@gmail.com

    Many thanks!

  7. Just to let you know, I am donating all proceeds of my Etsy shop (alienbeadings.etsy.com) to this cause. Please convo me if you would like to make an offer for anything in my shop that is different from the price (either higher or lower.)
    beader@alienbeadings.com or alienbeader@gmail.com.
    Thanks and blessings to all of you!


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