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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Just Breathe...or NOT???

Just Breathe...or Not???

Read on to find the meaning behind this bracelet...
as well as, the designer who created it for me...

For me, the saying "Just Breathe" is an indicator that we need to slow down and appreciate all that's good (especially during the holidays when our vision can sometimes get blurred with all the to-do's of shopping, baking, and other preparations...that we sometimes overlook all the truly important things - like the people in our lives).  Life is full of events that can take our breath away ~ ~ sometimes in a beautiful good way...and sometimes in a heartwrenching,  sad way - or sometimes in a "I am not looking forward to spending time in the dental chair tomorrow" type of way...

So as we head towards the end of 2011 - I wanted to say first off how thankful I am for every day I've had...my family, my friends, and all the new friends I've made along the way - as well as for EVERYTHING that's happened...because ALL of it was suppose to happen exactly as it did, in order to bring me closer to the place that I am meant to be.   "Wherever" that is - wherever the roads may lead - that's where I'll be!  Yes - I have goals, things I want to do - but if my path leads me down a different road...a path less traveled - and I need to make adjustments...well so be it.  I enjoy working hard...swimming upstream if that's what I need to do - but I'm also one for not taking things for granted...and for finding meaning in all the things that transpire in life.   I may have moments of sadness, confusion - but happiness for me - always prevails.  So...

Just Breathe...

You know...like so many others - and maybe...even you ~ "stuff" or as I call it "shtuff" (this is my mixed up word that I use when not-so-nice things happen - as in a certain four letter word lol).  EVERYONE - I don't care who you are - has "shtuff" that happens in their life.  Yes it does.  We get injured, we get emotionally hurt, we have people verbally attack us, we have people that we know and love die, or get a terminal illness, we lose our fur babies...the appliances go...the car breaks down...need I go on?  No - you get the picture.  At times like this, we can either whine, complain, or retaliate in kind (which mind you is something I do NOT recommend...) - or we can "Anty-Up" and keep moving forward in a positive direction.  I, for one - simply refuse to let the "shtuff" get me down - and I'm always in an "Anty-Up" frame of mind (although I admit that sometimes my family has to give me a kick in the butt to get it in gear...).

If I told you ALL the things that have made me cry, made me sick, made me lose sleep...made me forget important things...made me doubt myself...my abilities...If I told you the details of feeling like I was thrown under the tracks, having the life sucked out of me...having my heart ripped out, being stabbed in the back and simply all my worries ~ well...I think the read would be pretty darn boring!  Because you know what?  We ALL have these feelings at one point or another in our lives.  "SHTUFF" happens - and we have to deal with it.  Period - end of story.

So the "Just Breathe" bracelet???
Well that's what this post is all about...it's sharing a bit of one of the toughest times in my life to remind you all to keep the important things in mind...

At the end of summer, I had "plans" for a tremendous 4th quarter full of lots of fun things for my business.  Unfortunately, many of those things never made it to fruition.  You see, in late August we went through an Earthquake, Hurricane, some personal "Shtuff" - and by the end of September - just when I thought that things were turning around and life was returning to normal...my Sister (who had been sick for well over two years or more) - wound up in the Hospital ICU on life support.  During this time I found a lot of comfort...ways to ease my confusion, anger, sadness, and distance through the art of jewelry design.  I created many things - all highly personal and full of meaning.  This is one you may remember..."Emotional Tides" for the Sari Ribbon Challenge of b-Sue Boutique in October...you can read the blog post on this at:  http://jlynnjewels.blogspot.com/2011/10/sari-silk-ribbon-design-blog-hop.html

Emotional Tides

After I created this bracelet (and without a lot of details...) - my Sister was upgraded to a regular room.  And after a couple weeks...just when we thought that maybe she would be released soon...she took a turn for the worse, wound up back in ICU and on life support.  With no hope from the Doctor's...my Mother and I were called to make the trip up North to Maine, where we had to help her family make the difficult decision to allow my Sister to be set free.  The evening before I flew out - I realized I was in another challenge with Heather of Blissful Beads - and to be honest - I was going to bale out...but once again the beads in my hands brought such comfort...that I wound up staying up a lot later than I intended and created "Teardrops from Heaven" - I can't begin to explain the amount of comfort I got from these...in the design and then simply by wearing them during my trip and the many long hours and days in the hospital...
Teardrops from Heaven Earrings - read more about these at:

Jewelry designing is a form of self expression,
one that brings comfort and helps you to
 "Just Breathe..."

In the early morning hours of November 9th...we all were present to send my Sister off on her next journey.  The Doctor gave us all Rose quartz Hearts that we were told to hold in the palm of our hand, warm up and remember all the love and good things.  It was a blessing to no longer see her in pain and struggling - and it was peaceful...

Well - if I made you cry...made you think of the many things to be thankful for...for the people in your life...for the good things that have happened and have yet to happen - then they are good tears.  It is never too late...to touch hearts.... 

Speaking of which - my heart has been touched by many of my new friends on Facebook.  This year, I went from 26 fans on Facebook to well over 2000 fans.  It has been an amazing journey full or many blessings...including "meeting" people that I never would have met...and many reaching out to get to know me better and become such sweet, wonderful, supportive, loving, good friends.  Hopefully, one day I will get to meet some of them in person - but for now - we share electronically and through the mail and it is a VERY big blessing.

So the mystery designer?
Well, after I came home from Maine - when I was still coping with things - when I was hit with another round of "shtuff"...the "Just Breathe" bracelet came in the mail for me.  It was designed and created with lots of heartfelt emotions and love from my online friend Jennifer Justman of Souls Fire Designs (http://soulsfiredesigns.blogspot.com/) - who lives on the West coast.  When I saw her hand-drawn scroll decorated package - my heart just warmed up...and when I put this bracelet on - I swear it made me breathe easier...I think she knows exactly how it felt too - and that it symbolized that even when you feel battered and beat up - there is still so much beauty to be found if you just "breathe" - it's something that I will always treasure and even when I'm not wearing it while working in the studio...it is in view hanging off the light bar on my office table lamp.

So my wish for everyone as we count down the final days of 2011...is to be remember all the good things in your life...all the beautiful people...all the things that make you smile.  Remember...let all the other "shtuff" go...and "Just Breathe"...no matter what!



  1. I am so glad it helped, I don't know what I'd do without you in my life, Janice. I am grateful every day for you, my sweet friend. Love you so! <3 Jennifer

  2. Oh what a sweetie that Jennifer is! Very sweet thoughtful gift! You have been on a roller coaster Janice XOXOX I am so sorry I hope the new year gives you a chance to Breathe and catch up.

  3. Aww - I am just catching up with things after taking quite a few days to relax, breathe and simply enjoy life :) - Jennifer thanks again for the sweet gift and I am blessed to have you in my life too. And Patti - it has been a roller coaster but the ride has shown me so many positive things despite the heartache - so I say keep on rolling ;)


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