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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

SPRING has SPRUNG - have you got the fever?

I know...you were expecting a "FLOWER" picture from me
 for the first day of spring weren't you?
But instead you get FRESH FRUIT!
Yes - this was my yummy snack after dinner this evening (freshly cut by my daughter and her BF) - who also took time to wash their cars and mine today.  I'm not sure what got into them...but I like it lol.

I have to apologize for my tardiness in announcing our EMBOSSED WINNER from my last post.  As life happens - sometimes we don't always have as much control or time to do all that we have promised to do.  I've been trying to be more realistic in my time frames lol because you never know what life has in store for you...

Now this is a tad off-subject (well not really if you can make the connection like I did...) but everyone once in awhile you'll find that I blog just a wee bit about something personal that has touched my heart.  My daughter, who is a Senior this year (heading off to College in just five short months) has been dancing for over ten years.  She is part of an awesome pre-professional competitive company filled with High School Students that do pretty much all styles of dance and receive top awards for their hard work.  If you saw them perform you would swear they were a lot older...Well sometimes seeing is believing...so click on the picture below to view their HipHop piece...
Yes - hard to believe - young adults ranging in age from 14-18...amazing in their art...and doubly amazing at having a supportive attitude to one another (not to say they are lovey dovey all the time or that they never fight, or have an issue with one another...but they have learned to work together under the guidance of some terrific choreographers "On the DL" of the Rage Box Contemporary Dance Studio on FB).   They may not be technically perfect all the time - but they are always true to the art of dancing, the emotions, the meaning...the "Artistry" - and they believe in themselves and one another - and they have amazing work ethic and dedication that proves if you commit yourself totally to something you love - you will be successful in a number of ways...for their group efforts - yes they consistently receive Platinum first place awards, and recognized by the judges.  But on a personal level, I have to say it is SO inspiring to see their absolute joy in dancing and performing within the group - because they have bonded as young role models with like minds and spirits.  THAT alone without any other awards is the "point" of it all isn't it?

I've said before that a picture is worth a thousand words...and this one is too.  Crying while taking this photo...it is, as my friend said "A Moment..."

You see on Wednesday night of last week, during Company rehearsal, my daugther strained/tore her hamstring and unfortunately was out for the competition.  We are fortunate because things could have been a lot worse...and with Physical Therapy and being "smart" - the Doctor said there's a strong likelihood that she will be back dancing in 2-3 weeks - and hopefully in time to compete in one of the last competitions of the season.  This photo is their group getting together before their Lyrical number on Sunday...lots of things were said - but let's just leave it as "they are all for one, and one for all" and are, in their own ways, and as a group ~ "changing the game" :)

I share this with you because it's something that we as Artisans can relate to...
I for one have always felt the need to reach out to others that are like me and "bond" - it's pretty simple if you are committed to your art (no matter what your level)...and if you are true to you - as well as, true to your Art and that spirit and energy to create.  There will always be others that try to put you down...or try to turn people against you for a variety of reasons...but if you find those special people that are what I call true blue...well you need not look any further because you are "home" and surrounded by those that "connect" and thrive and feed off each others POSITIVE ENERGY - Changing the "games" so to speak...

So I hope that you take a little time to explore our closeknit but growing group - we love adding new people to our SANDBOX...(just click on Sandbox to read more about it - as well as enjoy the first "Jewel" of the month...Designer Jennifer Justman.  Until we can officially launch our creative and informational website - you can visit our pre-launch page at http://www.SandboxCreativity.com

ANNOUNCING...our SECOND "Jewel" of the month is someone very dear to me and a person I always love collaborating with...she is loyal and does an AMAZING job with not only her jewelry designs, but incorporating so many other Artisan components into them...care to guess?  You may just be right...look for that special article coming up early next week (or sooner)...

Doesn't matter what kind of designer you are - or what you create...because our Sandbox Creativity Challenges are simply an exercise in fun and sharing - it is not scary or some serious type of challenge... ;) - it is very informal and meant for the joy of creativity.  Want to participate next time?  It's simple - I'll post a picture...and you create something...I'll be supplying some fun little prizes...but if you'd ever like to sponsor a prize - give me a hollar!! 

PINK BLUSH (inspirational photo above) was our first one - so click on the picture and you'll be taken to our Facebook photo album!  We'd love to have you "VOTE" for those that participated in this round - simply decide on your favorite creation and COMMENT "My #1 FAVORITE" on ONE picture.

Drum Roll please...
as chosen by RANDOM.ORG list generator...

KRISTY of Kristy's Kreations!

 That's all for now...don't miss our next informal Designer Challenge "GROOVY GREENS" - upload your creation to our album by 4/14/12 :)

Have a wonderful rest of the week!


  1. Congratulations, Kristy!

    I'm so glad Jen is doing better.....ouch!
    Nice post, Janice! I enjoyed.

  2. Thanks Jules! Fingers crossed for Jen :)
    You know me - I can find the connections no matter what art form!

  3. YAY Me! So looking forward to getting my hands on those lovely tiles! I adore all of Janice's work and her tiles are just simply gorgeous and you can certainly tell all of the hard work (and many steps) that go into making them gorgeous. :)


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